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ADT is perhaps one of the most recognizable of all home security companies. Long before the demand for home automation and home video cameras, ADT was providing security services using traditional sensors on doors and windows. Today, it is one of the most diverse companies offering a wide range of features and technology to help it virtually lead the pack. When you purchase ADT home security solutions, you gain access to home automation features, either wireless or hardwired options, and an easy-to-use mobile system. The home monitoring feature is an exceptional option as well.

What Is ADT Home Monitoring?

Home monitoring services can provide an extra layer of protection. They give you the ability to have a professional, experienced, and even certified team monitoring who is triggering sensors at your home. ADT monitoring services are powerful – there is always a team that is capable of reacting within seconds when your sensors alert them to a problem. That can give you peace of mind. In the time it takes you to respond to the message on your app, they are able to see what is happening and call the authorities if needed.

What Does ADT Monitoring Offer?

ADT has long offered this type of professional monitoring service, prior to when cameras were used outside of homes. From their early versions where they could communicate with your over the phone to today’s most up to date versions that provide for HD-quality video, this is a system you can rely on.

The company offers monitoring service in three packages. Choose the one that is right for you based o the equipment you plan to invest in and your overall goals. In addition, ADT allows consumers who have their own equipment to purchase just the monitoring service. If that is your case, you can expect to pay $19.99 a month for just monitoring.

Most people will benefit from spending slightly more. You get to choose from three plan options to fit your goals, the Traditional, Control, and Video packages.

ADT Monitoring Plans ADT Monitoring Cost (Monthly) More Detail
Traditional $28.95 See More
Control $36.99 See More
Video $52.99 See More

Traditional Monitoring

This is the basic plan and, for some, it may be enough. There is a $125 upfront fee that pays for your equipment. This provides you with a wireless keypad entry. The monitoring service is done over a cellular connection – that’s vital. It means that if someone were to try to cut your communication lines, the system can still operate. This package also includes four sensors for your door and windows. It provides for protection for most environmental risks, too, such as flooding, carbon monoxide, and fires.

Additional features with the Traditional package include an ADT Go Family Locator App that lets you track where your family is, and 6-month money back guarantee (which is not often available in this industry.) For this service, you can expect to pay $28.99 per month after the initial equipment fee.

Control Monitoring

A step up is the Control monitoring package. It offers everything from the traditional monitoring package and much more. This includes providing you with remote access to your system. You can arm and disarm your system from your app. This lets you turn on the system, for example, when you are not at home. If you forget to turn on your alarm system, you can log in, switch it on, and do not worry about it again.

It also provides you with the ability to get alerts when a sensor triggers. The system will send you an email and a text alert (depending on your preference). This gives you immediate access to what is happening in real time at your home. You can log in and see what is occurring.

Also with the Control monitoring comes home automation access. Many people are seeing the value of adding home automation and with this service, it is easily controlled. You can use it to control your home’s lights, locks, and the smart thermostat if you invest in it.

This package costs $36.99 per month. You also have the $125 upfront equipment fee to pay here.

Video Monitoring

Perhaps the most advanced option is the Video monitoring service. It gives you everything from the Control monitoring package, as well as Remove Secure Video. The key benefit here is that it allows you to gain access to live video from your home. You can also get this live video from any smart device. You can also look back through stored video and clips from sensors that have been triggered. For those who want more control, this is the best option.

For the Video monitoring package, you will pay the $125 upfront for equipment plus $52.99 for live monitoring.

In all cases, ADT home monitoring is a must-have. It provides for the best level of protection and insight into what is happening around your home when you are not there to make sure your home is safe.