Medical alert jewelry evolved over the past several years. There are options beyond traditional medical alert bracelets, including medical alert rings.

What is a medical alert ring? Are there disadvantages to medical alert rings? Receive answers to these questions, and learn about alternatives to medical alert rings.

What is a Medical Alert Ring?

A medical alert ring is a ring worn by an individual that wants to communicate information about a medical disorder, allergy, or medical directive. The person wearing the ring sometimes orders it from the manufacturer or retailer in their exact ring size. Some individuals purchase it at a big box store or online.

Medical alert rings typically indicate the specific medical condition or allergy that the person has, or a medical directive.

Is a medical alert ring beneficial, or are there disadvantages that potentially outweigh any benefits?

Disadvantages of Medical Alert Rings

There is a possibility that first responders will not notice a medical alert ring because of its small size.

James Careless, EMS World contributor, wrote that it is ‘rare' to have protocols in the U.S. that directs first responders to look for medical alert wearable products. He cited comments from the medical director for the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Division of EMS, who explained that when EMS arrive at a scene, they manage the critical issues of airway, breathing, and circulation first.

Do you want medics to immediately initiate lifesaving care, or potentially waste time searching for a small medical alert ring?

There are limitations to how much information fits on the ring, particularly if you have more than one medical disorder, allergy, or medical directive.

The availability of medical alert rings leads to the possibility that it does not feature generally accepted standards for medical alert jewelry. There are websites that sell medical alert rings with limited pre-engraved information. Some online auction sites, and resale sites even advertise ‘used' medical alert rings.

There is the possibility that medical alert ring information is not up-to-date. Are you going to purchase a new ring every time you receive a new medical diagnosis?

Alternatives to Medical Alert Rings

There are alternatives to medical alert rings that provide a variety of important features. Experience a sense of relief, knowing that you have medical assistance available when you need it.

Bay Alarm Medical

Choose from a variety of medical alert systems from Bay Alarm Medical. Simply press the button, and speak to a live operator 24 hours a day. The operator, when necessary, contacts your family, friends, or local emergency services.

Select an in-home unit if you stay close to home, and want a system with two-way communication that features a built-in, high-output speaker, and 32-hour battery life.

Add 4G-LTE to your in-home system if you do not have a landline for a small cost. Receive the waterproof help button, in your choice of pendant or wristband, with a range of up to 1000 feet, at no additional charge. Add fall detection, and wall buttons at a nominal charge.

The mobile option features 4G-LTE technology. Press the button, and the live operator voice comes through the speaker to provide the necessary assistance. It features GPS tracking, charging pod, and up to 72 hours on a single charge.

Some users choose the Bundle and Go option, offered at a savings over the individual products cost.


Summon emergency help with a simple push of the button on your MobileHelp medical alert system. Choose an in-home system, and receive complete protection with no hidden fees or long-term contracts. MobileHelp Classic provides in-home cellular emergency medical protection. There is also a wired home system option.

Choose MobileHelp Duo even if you do not have a landline phone. It features one help button, and two-way communication. Receive the emergency help you need, at home, and on the go.

There are other versatile options available for customers that prefer on the go or high tech options such as the MobileHelp Smart watch.

Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian offers your choice of in-home or on the go medical alert options. Select the in-home Classic Guardian, and receive a base station that connects to your landline telephone, and features a wearable medical alert help button with a range of up to 1300 feet. Pressing the help button connects you to the 24-hour monitoring center.

The Home Guardian works with a cellular connection, and your wearable help button with a range of 600 feet from the base station. Upgrade your protection with a fall alert pendant, wall-mounted buttons, or other options.

The Mobile Guardian features built-in GPS technology that helps protect you at home or away from your home. Press the wearable emergency button for connection to the 24-hour monitoring center through a nationwide cellular network. Receive your choice of a neck pendant or wristband, and a charging cradle.

The Active Guardian operates with both GPS and WI-FI technology, and features advanced protections.

Choose the Freedom Guardian and receive your hi-tech medical alert Smartwatch from Medical Guardian.

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