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Here, we outline for you the similarities and differences between ADT and Ring to make your experience choosing a home security system easy. ADT and Ring offer great home security systems. It's traditional meets modern when comparing these systems. One of them is bound to have something that works for you.

Overview: Ring vs ADT

ADT and Ring are pretty unique home security systems and are both very popular. Here are some of the quick questions and answers that make up these two home security companies.

  1. ADT offers all of your standard home security features in addition to the more advanced features, like mobile apps, cloud storage, etc. The more features you decide to add, the more the system costs you. Ring on the other hand, offers the latest technologies with cloud storage and other features that will cost you at most $10 per month after the equipment is initially purchased.
  2. ADT is like most home security systems and requires that you have a long-term contract for at least 3 years. Ring requires no such contract. You can choose to have their services for as little as $3 per month or $30 a year.
  3. ADT offers pretty standard pricing, starting at around $28.99 for its most basic package that does not include home automation capabilities. Ring has a starter kit for $199 and if you choose to subscribe, plans start at $3 per month and range up to $10 per month.
  4. ADT offers both hardwired or wireless home security systems while Ring offers only wireless. Ring also offers solar-generated equipment which is unique to the company.
  5. ADT requires professional installation at a one-time fee, while Ring's equipment can be easily installed by the consumer.

Similarities: ADT vs Ring

ADT and Ring are comparable in many areas. Each of these home security systems includes wireless technology, 24/7 monitoring, mobile apps, basic equipment and home automation.

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Wireless security systems
  • Mobile app availability
  • No activation fees

Differences: ADT vs Ring

ADT, established in 1874, is a household name known for complete home security services. On the other hand, Ring has only been around for 4 years and has been primarily known for its video doorbell until now. Ring's affordable package can seriously compete with ADT's long-standing, well-established presence in the home security market. Here are some of the main differences that distinguish these two home security systems.

  • Monitoring: ADT is 24/7 monitoring; Ring is optional
  • Installation: ADT is pro; Ring is DIY
  • Contracts: ADT requires a contract; Ring does not
  • Lowest Monthly Price: ADT is $28.99; Ring is $3 /month or $30 annually
  • Warranty:  ADT is extended limited warranty; Ring is 1 year
  • Return Policy: ADT is 6 months with conditions; Ring is 30 days with no conditions


Ring has a competitive advantage over ADT in regards to pricing of it's home security system. Ring has a starter kit for $199, and you can add equipment to that starter kit to have a more tailored level of security. You can also monitor your home using Ring's app. Starting at $3 per month, or $30 a year, you can receive Ring's Protect Basic plan. This plan provides video recording, video review and video sharing functionality. The Protect Plus plan goes for $10 per month, or $100 a year, which includes all that the Protect Basic benefits plus unlimited cameras, an extended warranty and exclusive discounts.

ADT plans start at $19.99 /month. They also offer a $36.99 /month plan and a $52.99 /month plan. All packages require a $125 upfront cost. Entry level plans do not include remote secure video or home automation capabilities.


In general, home security systems offer a lot of features. Both ADT and Ring offer advanced technology and features that make them very unique. The more features you desire in a home security system, the more expensive your monthly cost becomes.

Ring boasts that it has the first ever indoor/outdoor camera that features 1080p HD video, two-way audio, and motion detection. Ring offers cloud storage and 30-day continuous video recording, among other features, all for the same low price.  Ring also offers solar panel operated equipment and solar panel chargers, including a solar energy-saving Ring yard sign.

ADT has specialized cameras for inside or outside use. These cameras are motion activated and include 720p HD quality imaging, even in dark environments. ADT offers no solar panel capability. ADT also offers cloud storage and other similar capabilities to Ring, but consumers must purchase the higher priced package.

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Contracts & Warranties

A lot of consumers do not like contracts, but most home security systems require contracts. ADT requires a 3-year long-term contract that penalizes you with a hefty fine if you terminate the contract early.

Ring on the other hand, requires no contract. You can pay month-to-month or annually. Ring offers a warranty for one year on its equipment, but with their Protect Plus Plan, you can have that warranty extended.

Basic Equipment

Ring offers a starter kit for $199. You can add additional equipment after that if you would like more functionality. The starter kit for Ring includes a base station, keypad, contact sensor, motion detector and a Z-Wave extender. ADT’s basic equipment includes a wireless keypad, 4 door/window sensors and a security sign.


Ring is a DIY home security program, so installation is free, but requires your time. The company offers installation guides on its website for each piece of equipment to ensure installation is simple, even for the less tech-savvy consumer. ADT requires professional installation for it's home security equipment. Installation generally starts around $99.

Summary: Ring vs ADT

Both ADT and Ring make solid home security choices. Ring offers a simple DIY set up and low per monthly cost. ADT offers whole home security and the trust that comes with their reputable name.

ADT is a good choice if you are looking for a more sophisticated system. It is one of the more expensive systems and can only be installed professionally. ADT actually offers the Ring video doorbell as one of their products.

Ring, on the other hand, is designed for those who would rather do the work themselves. It's technologically advanced for the price and, in most cases, meets the expectations of those who choose to use it.

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FAQs About ADT and Ring Comparisons

Does Ring work with ADT?

Yes, you can connect your Ring Doorbell camera to your ADT home security system. To do so, you will need to download the Ring app and connect it to your ADT system.

Does ADT offer a doorbell camera?

Yes, ADT offers the ADT Pulse Doorbell Camera. In addition to this, you can add the Ring Doorbell to your ADT system for an alternative and more fully featured doorbell camera.

Will ADT install a Ring doorbell?

In some situations, your ADT installer may help you to set up your Ring doorbell camera to work with the system. However, the Ring doorbell is designed to be a DIY tool. That means you can add it yourself in most cases.

Which cameras are better, Ring or ADT?

Both offer high quality camera. Ring cameras provide 1080p HD video and motion detection. They also offer night vision. The ADT outdoor cameras offer 720p HD images and work well in the dark.

What is the cost of an ADT doorbell vs a Ring doorbell?

The ADT Pulse Doorbell is normally priced at $199. The Ring Doorbell is also priced at $199.

Is there a monthly fee for a Ring doorbell?

Yes, an optional monthly fee for Ring doorbells start at $3.00 per month.

How much is ADT monthly monitoring?

ADT monthly monitoring costs start at $28.95 a month for new customers. More advanced plans start at $52.99 a month.

Is ADT a DIY system like Ring is?

No, ADT security systems require professional installation, unlike Ring security products.

Are the Ring and ADT doorbells weatherproof?

Yes, both the Ring and ADT doorbells are designed to be weather resistant. They are not fully waterproof systems, though.