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Between these two security systems, our favorite is ADT.

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ADT has been around for many years and has a solid reputation for being one of the best home security companies in the business. Cox Homelife is a branch of Cox Communications and has been in business since 2011. The company offers quality equipment and affordable packages, but has received poor customer service reviews.

Overview: Cox Homelife vs ADT

Both companies are competitively priced for the packages and services offered. The big difference involves service area. ADT offers nationwide service and Cox Homelife is only in 12 states at this time. This plays a huge role in maintaining an existing contract or trying to cancel service.

  1. Cox Homelife is only available in AR, AZ, CA, CT, IA, KS, NE, NV, OH, OK, RI, and VA
  2. ADT offers a video doorbell with two-way communication
  3. Cox offers a free quote and home consultation
  4. A 6-month money back guarantee is standard with ADT

Similarities: ADT vs Cox Homelife

ADT and Cox Homelife offer a variety of packages that include 24/7 monitoring, a mobile app feature, environmental hazard detection, and video surveillance. Their contract terms and installation requirements are also similar.

  • Long-term contracts
  • Professional installation
  • Mobile app feature
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Indoor/outdoor video surveillance

Differences: ADT vs Cox Homelife

ADT and Cox Homelife are comparable in many ways. When it comes to the quality of their service and the total area in which they offer their services they are widely different. ADT offers nationwide coverage, while Cox Homelife only offers service in 12 states. ADT's customer service rating is also much higher than Cox.

  • ADT offers a landline connection option
  • Cox Homelife allows monitoring from their website, smartphone, or tablet
  • Cox Homelife allows you to bundle the home security system with a phone, television, and internet package
  • ADT offers a money back guarantee if the equipment is returned in six months
  • Below average customer service rating


ADT offers a variety of features with each package it offers. They include home automation, medical alert/GPS pendant, indoor/outdoor video surveillance, and environmental hazard sensors that identify several potential issues involving moisture, temperature, and carbon monoxide levels.

Cox Homelife offers motion sensors that are pet-friendly, indoor/outdoor video surveillance, both text and email notifications, home automation, and environmental hazard protection. Their mobile app is easy to use and can be accessed on either a smartphone or a tablet.


ADT requires a 3-year commitment. Once the contract is in place, if you decide to move the ADT system goes along with you. The company offers nationwide coverage and will relocate your equipment and allow you to resume your contract once you are in your new home. ADT's contract comes with a six-month, money back guarantee.

Cox Homelife requires a long-term contract. They only allow a 3-day window for cancellation. If you move out of their 12-state service area, you will have to pay heavy fines and fees to cancel your contract.


ADT offers three main packages, each of which requires an upfront payment of $125. Prices for the packages range from $29 a month to $56 a month, depending on the equipment and type of service desired. All three packages include 24/7 monitoring.

Cox Homelife charges a $99 installation and activation fee. Monthly payments are $29.99 for the Essential package and $39.99 for the Preferred package. There is also a $4 per month rental fee for the equipment and $14.99 a month cloud storage if you choose the Preferred package.


ADT packages including several pieces of basic equipment. They include the control panel (touchscreen or pushbutton), keychain remote, one motion sensor, three entry sensors, siren, backup battery, and signage.

Cox Homelife packages come with a Cox Homelife wireless router, one motion detector, two door/window sensors, and signage. The $4 per month rental fee is to cover the use of the touchscreen control panel which is not included as part of the equipment package.


Both companies require professional installation. Cox Homelife offers a free consultation so homeowners can determine exactly what level of security they need.

Emergency Connections

ADT offers landline, cellular, and Wi-Fi connectivity which allows for a reliable response if an alarm is triggered. Both contacts on the homeowner's list and the local authorities are notified in the event of an emergency.

Cox Homelife has the capability of a landline option if the homeowner has Cox Communications phone service. They also offer internet connectivity as long as the homeowner subscribes to the Cox Communication internet service. Cellular service is also an option.

Summary: Cox Homelife vs ADT

If you want the security of a highly rated company that offers state of the art technology and sophistication, ADT is a good choice. Aside from being higher priced than other basic home security system, the product is worth the price.

Cox Homelife is a good choice for individuals who live in one of their 12 service areas and don't plan on moving. The packages Cox offers include a variety of features that make them worth the price, as long as you don't have to deal with customer service.

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