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Professional home monitoring? Now that’s a wise choice. Or even a Wyze one, if you decide to go with the Seattle-based company that brought you the exceptional lineup of Wyze security cameras.

Today we’re going to unpack the Wyze Home Monitoring kit — both literally and figuratively — and understand what makes it tick. You’ll learn how to use rules and modes to keep your home secure and protect yourself from unseen dangers. We’re also going to take a look at how they stack up against their competitors like Ring and SimpliSafe. So let’s get to it!

Pro Tip: Right now, you can save 50 percent on select equipment when you purchase an annual plan, and you’ll get a Wyze Sense Hub for free.

Wyze Sense Bundle

Wyze Sense Bundle

Wyze Home Monitoring Pros and Cons

  • Wyze devices are low-cost and easy to use
  • Installation is very easy, with strong adhesive backings and lightweight components
  • Professional monitoring costs only $9.99 per month when paid annually
  • Fast response times from the monitoring center
  • Wyze offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee

  • Professional monitoring is only available with the purchase of a home monitoring kit
  • Professional monitoring kits do not include Wyze Cams
  • Wyze’s third-generation cameras are more expensive than the originals
  • Smart home integrations are limited
  • Wyze has no cellular backup, so the system won’t work in a power outage

What’s in the Box

Wyze Home Monitoring Bundle

Wyze Home Monitoring Bundle

To get things rolling, I purchased a Wyze Home Monitoring Bundle. This included a Wyze Sense Hub, a motion sensor, a keypad, and a hub to connect everything to the Wyze app. It also included some window stickers to let everyone know my home is monitored – a nice touch when you’re thinking about theft deterrents.

Pro Tip: Since the time of this writing, Wyze has taken a more customizable approach to their monitoring options. Instead of offering kits, you’ll select your plan and pick out the exact pieces of equipment you need. You can install up to 100 sensors on one license and take all of your equipment with you if you move.

Not every kit is going to include this equipment, so if you need something else or would like to exclude some items, just head over to the Wyze website. They make it super easy to customize things.

Did You Know: You can use Wyze Home Monitoring without paying any monthly fees, but keep in mind it’ll be a self-monitored system with no professional emergency response.

Setting Up the System in the Wyze App

You won’t need much of a learning curve for Wyze’s app; it’s just as intuitive as most security mobile apps out there, like Ring and Blink. The Wyze app is where I set up all of the components of the core starter kit, including both entry sensors, the motion sensor, keypad, Wyze Sense Hub, and the Wyze Cam V3, as you can see in this app screenshot:

Wyze Sense App

Wyze Sense App Screenshot

Each pairing took me about ten minutes from start to finish, save for two exceptions — the Wyze app and the Wyze Cam both needed firmware updates. This didn’t take too long, though; maybe five minutes each. All said and done, it took me about 45 minutes to get everything up and running. Keep in mind, though, if you purchase more sensors or monitors, your mileage might vary.

Fun fact: Wyze’s first-generation security system was called Wyze Sense. Its second-generation system (V2) is now called Wyze Home Monitoring, but still includes Wyze Sense equipment.

So what’s the bottom line, here? If you’re looking for home security equipment that’s easy to use and won’t take all day to set up, there’s not much you’re going to dislike about Wyze. The experience isn’t flawless, but it’s pretty top-notch if you ask us.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to compare DIY-forward security brands, make sure you pop over to our SimpliSafe review, too. They take a similar approach to home security as Wyze, and their prices aren’t half bad, either.

Now that we’ve talked about the setup, let’s talk about how well their home monitoring services performed.

My Experience With Wyze Home Monitoring

Wyze Sense Home Monitoring

Wyze Sense Home Monitoring Screenshot

I spent three full days testing Wyze Home Monitoring and getting into the finer details of installation, setup, and everyday use. None of it was difficult – that’s sort of Wyze’s thing – but there are a few things you should know before you try Wyze yourself.

To start things off, I’ll discuss the components of the Wyze Home Monitoring kit, as well as how and where I used them in my 1,900-square-foot home.

Wyze Sense Keypad

Wyze Sense Keypad

Wyze Sense Keypad

I placed the Wyze Sense keypad right next to the door that leads to my garage, which is where I enter and exit most frequently. That way, it was easy to arm and disarm the Wyze Sense system when someone walked into or out of the house. Believe it or not, this entering and exiting happens quite often around here, as my other job is to serve as head chauffeur to two sporty, active 12-year-olds.

I created a PIN during setup – no, I’m not going to tell you mine – and the rest was just peeling off the adhesive, powering on the keypad, and placing it on the wall.

Wyze Sense Hub

Wyze Sense Hub

Wyze Sense Hub

This is the brains of the system, and essential for connecting sensors to the Wyze app. In only a few minutes, the Wyze Sense Hub connected to my home Wi-Fi (you can also use Ethernet). I placed the hub near my existing Wi-Fi router, in a common area in my house, to get optimal coverage. Like most home security systems, the hub has a siren, ready to ward off anyone who enters your home uninvited. You can even set the siren volume to low, medium, or high, which I thought was a nice touch.

Wyze Sense Entry Sensors

Wyze Sense Entry Sensors

Wyze Sense Entry Sensors

I attached the two entry sensors that came with the Wyze Sense kit on my front and back doors. This helped me make sure one of those active preteens didn’t accidentally leave a door open, which could leave the house vulnerable to intruders. More importantly, these sensors can alert you to a break-in or burglary, whether you’re at home or away on vacation.

You’ve got a couple of choices when it comes to installing entry sensors. However, for the sensors to work correctly, you’ll need to make sure both pieces of the sensor are within an inch apart when you close the door.

Wyze Sense Motion Sensor

Wyze Sense Motion Sensor

Wyze Sense Motion Sensor

Wyze Sense’s motion sensor detects motion up to 25 feet away and has a 120-degree field of view. Unlike Wyze’s cameras, the motion sensor only detects people, not pets. Knowing this, I decided to place the motion sensor high on my living room wall and let it track all the humans in the house. And it performed as expected.

By and large, installing the Wyze Sense kit was a breeze, and even on par with top DIY home security brands like SimpliSafe and Ring Alarm.

Of course, it’s nice being able to keep tabs on the typical happenings around the house; that’s true with any security system. But the real question is, does Wyze protect you adequately from burglars, package thieves, and other real-time threats?

For me, this question goes back to peace of mind. I already knew Wyze was a reliable camera brand. With the new home monitoring kit, I had another layer of protection at my disposal, and I felt confident knowing it would kick in exactly when I needed it. Peace of mind? Wyze checked that box for me, too.

Activating Professional Monitoring

As I mentioned above, Wyze is a DIY security brand. You’re not going to run into big headaches setting up professional monitoring, especially now that Wyze lets you connect to the third-party monitoring center directly. Previously, with V1 Wyze Sense equipment, I could only access Noonlight through IFTTT (If This Then That) to get my system professionally monitored.2 Moreover, I couldn’t use the V1 Wyze Sense kit without purchasing a Wyze Cam, but that’s no longer necessary.

Take caution here, though: In the unboxing stage, I had trouble finding the activation code to access Wyze’s monitoring. That’s the first step to setting up the system, and without that code, I found myself … stuck.

But alas, all it took was a quick box inspection. I found the redemption code at the bottom of the Wyze starter kit box. That’s the code I used to add six months of professional monitoring to my account, which was included when I bought the Wyze sense kit. So make sure you look under that box – or, if you haven’t deleted your email receipt yet, you can find the code there, too.

Schedules and Rules

Wyze Sense Schedules and Rules Screenshot

Wyze Sense Schedules and Rules Screenshot

With my system online, I set up a few “rules” and customized which notifications I wanted to receive in the Wyze app. For example, I set up a “rule” to arm the front door after 11 p.m. and before 7 a.m. every Monday through Friday, so if someone tried to break in, an alarm would sound, and the monitoring center would be notified.

I also set rules for away mode, which was useful for times when I knew the house would be unoccupied for several hours at a time. Luckily, no such burglar approached during my tests. But I still wanted to see how Wyze would respond to a threat as I continued testing the system. Here’s what happened when I accidentally triggered the alarm from my front door sensor in my initial tests:

Wyze Sense Text Message ScreenshotWyze Sense Text Message Screenshot

Keep in mind here that the entire process – from the time the alarm went off to the time “Karen” canceled my (false) alarm – took no more than a minute. Response times can be critical in a real emergency, so knowing Wyze can act fast was extremely reassuring for me. Thanks, Karen!

Wyze Home Monitoring and Alexa

While Wyze products have tons of great qualities, Wyze Home Monitoring might not be the system for you if you’re a hard-core smart home enthusiast. If you’re a fan of security systems that work with Alexa, you may be pleased with the Wyze skill in the Alexa app. You can tell Alexa to show your cameras’ livestreams, and you can ask her if your front door is open. If you added a Wyze smart light bulb to your purchase, you can tell Alexa to turn on your lights when you wake up in the morning.

If you’re not sure which voice commands you can use, the Alexa app comes in handy with tips for how to use Wyze with an Alexa device. But keep in mind you will have to spend some time linking the two accounts together. This is in addition to connecting each Wyze device individually to the app before you can use voice commands to control the Wyze system. It took me about 20 minutes to get everything linked up, and that was just for the core starter kit.

FYI: If I’d bought more equipment and add-ons to the system, I’d be adding more setup time, which sort of cancels out the extra convenience of using voice commands, to be honest. But don’t worry; Wyze makes up for that with a new person detection feature. If you have the V3 Wyze Cam like I do, you can get real-time voice alerts from Alexa, like “Person detected in living room cam!”

In the long run, it’s fairly easy to use an Echo Show or another Alexa-enabled smart speaker to control Wyze devices around the house, but limitations abound. Alexa won’t contact the monitoring center on your behalf in case of an emergency, and it won’t give you battery life updates for Wyze’s sensors.

By and large, using Wyze with smart home speakers is helpful, but it’s not going to provide much in the way of emergency response. For that, a fully monitored system might be a better fit. Check out our review of Vivint, one of the smartest security systems we’ve tested.

Wyze Cam V3

Wyze Sense Wyze Cam V3

Wyze Sense Wyze Cam V3

The Wyze Cam v3 isn’t a core component of the Wyze Sense starter kit, but I purchased one as an add-on. The third-generation, 1080p HD, plug-in camera came with some sweet upgrades over the original (V1) Wyze Cam. This includes things like a Starlight sensor for even sharper video quality, as well as more motion detection options. (Note: person, pet, and vehicle detection are available, too). The two features combine to record sharper images than V1, which you can learn more about in our full Wyze Cam review.

The new V3 cam also came prepared for the outdoors, with IP65-rated protection from water and dust. The original V1 Wyze Cams had no such weather protection, so again, you’re looking at a more flexible camera that works both indoors or outdoors. Do keep in mind, though, that the Wyze Cam is still plug-in only, with no battery backup.

Wyze Sense Camera View

Wyze Sense Camera View

I used the Wyze Cam for various functions around the house, like making sure the kids started their homework as soon as they arrived home from school (and not a minute later!). I loved that when I set the camera to detect people only, Wyze drew a green rectangle to “tag” people in the frame, like my spouse in the background of the image above. This smart detection can help to isolate and notify you of a threat.

Since it’s protected for outdoor use, Wyze Cam also came in handy for me as a discrete set of eyes on my wrap-around porch. OK, I admit, it was actually a plan I hatched to catch my neighbor’s cat in the act of eating my fresh-grown tomatoes off the vine. My plan derailed, but the camera still worked well and even continued to record through an overnight rainstorm without missing a beat.

Throughout the testing period, the camera delivered colorful recordings in 1080p HD, even at night (though things got a little blurry from time to time, but I blamed my occasionally slow Wi-Fi and not the camera itself). Watch my clip below for a pleasant moonlight view:

Later on, when I set the camera to detect pets as well as people, the Wyze Cam helped me make sure our two puppies’ food and water bowls were full while I worked just a room away, as you can see in this video:

A Look at Wyze Pricing

There’s no two ways around this — Wyze has recently increased some of their prices. When they first came out, the first iteration of the Wyze Cam retailed for $19.99. The current version costs $35.98, and the pro model runs $53.99. There have been some significant increases in the technology Wyze is packing into these little cameras, but you always hate to see prices creep up as a brand becomes more popular.

This puts Wyze Cam V3 in the same pricing ballpark as the Blink Mini, another affordable (and similarly styled) security camera that you can read all about in our in-depth Blink Mini review, as well as our Blink camera pricing breakdown.

The good news? Despite the upgrades and equipment price hikes, Wyze’s Cam Plus video storage costs have remained staggeringly low at $1.99 per camera per month. Check Wyze’s camera pricing page for more cost considerations.

With all of Wyze’s changes over the years, you might be wondering just how affordable a Wyze Home Monitoring kit is compared to its competitors. We’ve got lots of details in our full Wyze Sense pricing page, but for now, here’s what you can expect to pay for Wyze Home Monitoring:

Wyze Home Monitoring Costs

Product Price
Wyze Sense Entry Sensor 3-pack $23.99
Wyze Sense Leak Sensor Probe 3-sensors, 1 probe $33.99
Wyze Sense Climate Sensor 3-pack $23.99
Wyze Sense Keypad $18.99
Wyze Sense Motion Sensor $8.99

Wyze Accessories and Add-ons

The Seattle-based Wyze has become quite popular with renters looking to secure their apartments and is a big draw for pet owners (like While cameras are Wyze’s bread and butter, the brand has added some interesting and unconventional accessories to its lineup over the years, like robot vacuums, sprinkler systems, and even remote-control cars. Some, not all, of these accessories can be controlled using the Wyze app.

Snapshot of Wyze Accessories

Product Description Price
Wyze Plug Outdoor Smart plug $11.99
Wyze Watch Smart/fitness watch $33.99
Wyze Robot Vacuum Room-mapping floor vacuum $293.99
Wyze Thermostat Smart thermostat $73.99
Wyze Headphones Noise-canceling headphones $89.99
Wyze Cam V3 1080p HD camera with color night vision $35.98

A Look at Wyze Monitoring Costs

Wyze’s monitoring works differently than traditional security systems with in-house professional monitoring services. Wyze’s monitoring is significantly cheaper than those traditional brands, especially ADT, which charges up to $60 per month. With Wyze, you’re getting a third-party monitoring center, Noonlight, at the low price of $9.99 per month with the purchase of a Wyze Home Monitoring starter kit. That’s Wyze’s only option to access professional monitoring. If these monitoring options seem too restrictive for you, pop over to our full ADT analysis page or read our Brinks review. Both brands have several monitoring options.

That said, it’s hard to compare dedicated professional monitoring to a third-party monitoring service. With Noonlight, you’re communicating through SMS texts with no guarantee you’re dealing with a real human. That’s one reason Wyze’s monitoring is so much cheaper than those traditional brands; those companies have live monitoring centers with real people guarding your property.

FYI:Choosing home security equipment comes down to your needs and preferences, but monitoring will usually be a fixed cost once you decide on your provider. With that in mind, Wyze’s professional monitoring — at just $9.99 per month — is just about the lowest we’ve seen.

Final Thoughts on Wyze

While it doesn’t have the same time-honored reputation as classic security systems like ADT, Alder, and Frontpoint, Wyze is gaining ground in the home security industry as a leading budget brand.

For basic intruder protection, Wyze Home Monitoring is a solid pick. Equipment is lightweight and very easy to install with peel-and-stick backings. You can add more Wyze Cams, like the Wyze Cam Pan (with 360-degree views, to boot) and Wyze Cam Black, to your system, as well as a flurry of Wyze accessories and add-ons such as smart plugs, a smart floor lamp, and even a remote-control car.

Clearly, this brand has something different to bring to the table, and as a working mom, I couldn’t help feeling a little giddy that all of this equipment was so inexpensive. That said, I soundly recommend Wyze Home Monitoring as a great choice for the budget-conscious.

Wyze Home Monitoring FAQs

What is included in the Wyze Home Monitoring kit?

The Wyze core starter kit comes with a Wyze Sense hub, a keypad, two entry sensors, and one motion sensor. Cameras are not included.

Is Wyze owned by Amazon?

No, Wyze is an independent security brand and is not owned by Amazon. The company’s founders did meet while working at Amazon, though.

Does Wyze have person detection?

Yes. With both the Wyze Home Monitoring kit and the Wyze Cam V3, you can set Wyze to detect people, vehicles, or just all motion.

How easy is Wyze installation?

Wyze Home Monitoring is very easy to install. Its sensors are battery-powered, wireless, and come with adhesives, so all you have to do is peel and stick the equipment wherever you’d like. Wyze Cams, however, are wired and require access to a power outlet.

Can I use Wyze Home Monitoring without Wi-Fi?

Yes, but it’ll become a local alarm system, and you won’t have access to push notifications, professional monitoring, or two-way audio.

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