Wyze Home Monitoring: Packages, Plans and Costs

Wyze is a highly affordable home security system, but how does it stack up in overall value?

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Wyze takes an affordable, entry-level approach to home security. The brand, best known for its low-cost Wyze Cam, recently rolled out its first professionally monitored home security kit, Wyze Home Monitoring. I tested the new system thoroughly in my Wyze Sense review; today, let’s focus on how much Wyze is really going to cost you. Sure, the word “affordable” gets tossed around pretty often in this industry, but what does that really mean for Wyze?

Wyze Home Monitoring Bundle

Wyze Home Monitoring Bundle

Read on to find out how Wyze compares to other security brands like Blink, Ring, and SimpliSafe, so you can determine if Wyze is the right security system for you. Let’s get started!

Wyze Key Features

  • Wireless, peel-and-stick equipment
  • DIY installation
  • Compact, lightweight components
  • No contracts
  • Super-low equipment and monitoring costs
  • Works with Alexa

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Wyze Pricing: An Overview

The Wyze Home Monitoring core security kit costs $59.98, almost three times the price of the original Wyze Sense (V1) security kit. But with the latest version, you get three sensors, a keypad, a hub, and professional monitoring with Noonlight1 for an extra $5 per month.

Wyze Home Monitoring Packaging

Wyze Home Monitoring Packaging

While progress is always nice to see in security brands, it’s worth noting that Wyze has also increased some of its equipment costs since it released the first Wyze Cam for $19.99 back in 2017. The camera, built by ex-Amazon employees,2 is still the brand’s top seller. In the years since, the Seattle-based startup expanded its inventory, adding smart locks, smart plugs, smart lighting, upgraded Wyze Cams, and Wyze Sense security equipment. The original Wyze Cam was discontinued, and the third-generation Wyze Cam now costs almost twice as much.

Did You Know? Wyze Home Monitoring Bundles include Wyze Sense V2 equipment and work with the Wyze Cam V3. If you have old (V1) Wyze equipment, however, it won’t work with the Home Monitoring Bundle.

The Wyze Home Monitoring Bundle, released in 2021, is just about the cheapest security package you can get these days. I paid about $60 for the entry-level kit, which is significantly lower than most other brands’ packages.

With Ring Alarm, for example, you’ll pay about $199 for equipment, and monitoring costs are $10 per month. Similarly, with SimpliSafe, expect to pay about $200 upfront for equipment and as low as $14.99 per month for monitoring.

Again, these are still highly reasonable prices to pay for home security, especially when you consider the costs of a package from the likes of Vivint or ADT; the latter brand, for example, could end up costing $60 or more for monitoring alone. Both brands also require professional installation, another cost you don’t have to worry about with Wyze.

FYI: Even Vivint’s costs can get pretty steep if you want your entire house covered. It’s easy to spend several hundred dollars or more on Vivint equipment when all is said and done, and that’s not including their base monitoring fee of $39.99. Then again, Vivint targets a completely different market with their impressive smart home security packages. So if you want cheap and easy, go with Wyze. But if you want the best, Vivint it is.

Compared to other DIY systems, though, Wyze does bear some striking similarities to Ring Alarm and SimpliSafe, like peel-and-stick equipment and low-cost monitoring. But again, neither system is quite as cheap as Wyze. Learn more in our full Ring Alarm pricing rundown and our SimpliSafe cost guide.

Here’s what you can expect to pay for Wyze Home Monitoring:

Snapshot of Wyze Home Monitoring Prices

Wyze Components Cost
Leak Sensors, set of 3 plus probe $29.98
Leak Sensor Probes, set of 2 $14.98
Climate Sensor, set of 3 $24.98
Entry Sensors, set of 3 $24.98
Motion Sensor (1) $29.98
Keypad $24.98
Wyze Cam v3 $35.98
Home Monitoring Bundle (3 sensors, keypad, hub) $59.98 (with $4.99/month monitoring)

Wyze Cams: Options and Costs

Wyze Cam v3

Wyze Cam v3

Wyze Cams are not included in the Wyze Home Monitoring bundle, but for the system to do its best work, I recommend getting at least one. Go to my full Wyze Cam pricing guide for more information, but for now, here’s the latest on what Wyze offers in terms of cameras:

Wyze Camera Options

Camera Features Price
Wyze Cam V3 1080p HD, indoor/outdoor, color night vision, plug-in power $35.98
Wyze Cam Pan 1080p HD, pan-tilt, motion tracking, plug-in power $37.98
Wyze Cam Outdoor 1080p HD, IP65-rated outdoor cover, battery power $59.98
Wyze Cam Black (v2) 1080p HD, indoor, infrared night vision, plug-in power $32.98
Wyze Cam Spotlight Bundle 1080p HD, outdoor with spotlight, color night vision, plug-in power $49.96

The Wyze Cam v3, Wyze’s most popular camera, has person, pet, and vehicle detection, which the original V1 Wyze Cams didn’t have. It’s also built for both indoor and outdoor use, whereas with the original, I had to buy a separate outdoor protection cover to install it outside.

To put Wyze in perspective, the Wyze Cam’s $36 price tag is about a third of the cost of a Blink Outdoor camera (read more in our full Blink camera pricing and packages guide).

Wyze Add-Ons and Accessories

Every brand has its own unique features. Aside from cameras and security kits, Wyze also has a lineup of innovative, out-of-the-box smart home products3, some of which can be controlled remotely with the Wyze app. I’ll explore a few standout features of the Wyze Home Monitoring kit in a bit, but for now, here’s a breakdown of Wyze’s connected home products, which include noise-canceling headphones, a robot vacuum, and even a smart sprinkler system:

Snapshot of Wyze Accessories

Wyze Product Price
Wyze Light Strip $25.99
Wyze Light Strip Pro $30.99
Wyze Cordless Vacuum $119.99
Wyze Robot Vacuum $267.98
Wyze Noise-Canceling Headphones $69.98
Wyze Earbuds Pro $59.99
Wyze Watch $19.99
Wyze Lock $107.98
Wyze Night Light $19.99
Wyze Color Bulb (2-pack) $28.98
Wyze Sprinkler Controller $57.98
Wyze Scale $34.98

Wyze Home Monitoring: A Look at Features

Wyze Home Monitoring Keypad

Wyze Home Monitoring Keypad

All this talk of affordability and convenience might sound enticing. But before you buy a Wyze security kit, you’ll want to be familiar with its most important features. Now, remember you get what you pay for: Wyze is somewhat slim pickings when it comes to features and tech. See below for what they do offer.

Wyze Home Monitoring Features and Tech

Motion Alerts

Wyze Home Monitoring will send you alerts via the Wyze app when its sensors detect motion. You can use the Wyze app to disarm and arm your system, and you can customize alerts to avoid excessive or unnecessary notifications.

DIY Installation

Wyze’s installation is DIY. Equipment has strong adhesives for easy mounting, and each component takes between five-10 minutes to install and pair with your Wyze app. You won’t need drills or ladders here. Overall, this is one of the easiest systems to install and use every day.

Smart Home Options

Wyze Home Monitoring works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. It has a built-in Alexa skill in the Wyze app, making it easy to sync up Wyze to an Echo Show or Echo Dot. From there, you can tell Alexa to pull up your Wyze Cam live feed. Wyze’s Alexa skill includes real-time voice alerts for person detection, so Alexa will say, “Person detected at front door.”

Voice Response
Wireless Equipment

Wyze Sense components run on batteries, so you don’t have to route cables or worry about proximity to power outlets. Battery life is estimated at 12-18 months with average use. The only exception is the Wyze Cam, which is plug-in only.

Professional Monitoring

Wyze offers low-cost professional monitoring through Noonlight with the purchase of a Wyze core starter kit. If the alarm is triggered, Noonlight will send you a text message asking you if the alarm is a real emergency. If it is, you’ll enter your pre-programmed “safe word” and Noonlight will contact the proper authorities on your behalf.

Wyze’s Best Deals and Sales

Wyze equipment is inexpensive under normal circumstances, so looking for even cheaper prices on Wyze can be a challenge. But if you’re moderately frugal, you’ll love what Wyze has in store around the holidays in terms of markdowns.

If you’re looking to save on Wyze year-round, I found a number of coupon codes on the web,4 though not all of them are likely to work. Beyond that, it’s hard to predict which sales will occur at which time. Security companies tend to be tight-lipped on sales and promotions until they actually happen.

Pro Tip: Keep checking back here for the latest Wyze deals, or hop over to our full guide to Wyze’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for the latest discounts.

Recap: Is There Value in a Wyze Security System?

Wyze is not your grandmother’s security system, that’s for sure. You won’t get the same durability, equipment quality, or advanced features as the Vivints and ADTs of the industry. However, Wyze still remains a strong pick for the fully DIY, wholly uncomplicated home security experience it brings to users.

Is a Wyze Home Monitoring system going to get you the same level of protection from “bad guys” as the above-mentioned Vivint and ADT? No. That’s partly because those brands have in-house professional monitoring centers with live agents at the ready in case something goes wrong. But if you’re looking for home security on a tight budget, you’re probably not looking too closely at those brands anyway, right?

With Wyze, you get what you pay for – an effective security starter kit, a low-cost monitoring option, and reliable home security for budget-conscious homeowners and renters.

Wyze FAQs

  • What is Wyze Home Monitoring?

    Wyze Home Monitoring is a security system that comes with professional monitoring for $5 per month. A basic Wyze Home Monitoring kit includes two entry sensors, one motion sensor, a keypad, a Wyze Sense hub, and two Wyze window decals.

  • Is Wyze easy to install?

    Wyze Home Monitoring is very easy to install, with wireless equipment that sticks to surfaces without damaging walls or ripping off paint. Each component takes about 10 minutes to pair with the Wyze app, and the system is easy to move if you need to.

  • Is professional monitoring required?

    No. You can use Wyze Sense equipment as a system without signing up for professional monitoring, but you’ll have to self-monitor since you won’t be connected to a monitoring center.

  • Does Wyze require a contract?

    No. You can cancel Wyze professional monitoring anytime, with no penalties. If you purchased an annual plan with a core starter kit, however, you do have to return the kit within 30 days of cancellation to avoid fees.

  • How do Wyze sensors work?

    Wyze entry sensors use magnets to determine whether the door (or window, if you choose) is open or closed. The motion sensors use infrared light to track human forms.

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