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Frontpoint home security could be one of the best solutions for protecting your home. This company’s security features provide for a wide range of benefits and it tends to be a very affordable option. For those who are looking for more advanced protection, Frontpoint offers that through upgraded technology and outstanding features such as remote control. And, the company’s easy to install system gives you 100 percent customization with both cellular and wireless connectivity.

Need Professional Home Monitoring and More?

For those who want a home security system that provides home monitoring, Frontpoint is the versatile system you are looking for in most cases. It’s wireless indoor and outdoor cameras can provide an opportunity for not just you to monitor what is happening around your home but also those professionals who can react faster than you.

Professional monitoring services from Frontpoint are designed to be an attractive option – they are available to you for most types of risks. Coupled with the best features, such as motion sensors, light sensors, and even glass break sensors, they can allow a third party, professional monitoring team to check on your home immediately. This can give you peace of mind when it comes to managing your property from a distance.

What Does Frontpoint Monitoring Offer?

Frontpoint’s monitoring service is a 24/7 service. That means you have a professional available at a moment’s notice to react when an alarm triggers or when you need help – such as by pushing a panic button. Here is a scenario of how 24/7 monitoring can help you. Imagine your child being home alone, and someone breaks the glass at the front of your home. An alarm triggers, you receive an alert on your mobile app, but you are at work 20 minutes away.

In this case, Frontpoint’s professional monitoring service can tap into the cameras to verify that a real threat exists. Then, they can call the authorities and have them there in moments to help protect your child. In the same amount of time that it takes you to pick up the phone to call your child, these professional monitoring services can have the police on the way.

Choosing the Right Frontpoint Monitoring for You

Frontpoint offers three levels of monitoring – Protection, Interactive and Ultimate. Here’s a breakdown of what they provide.

Frontpoint Security Monitoring PlanFrontpoint Security Monitoring Cost (Monthly)More Details
Protection$34.99See More
Interactive$44.99See More
Ultimate$49.99See More

Protection Plan

This level of service offers professionally monitored security for the home. It comes with 24/7 protection from a remote dispatch center. Those who work at the center have been certified and trained. The company is known for its fast reaction times.

This level of monitoring also provides for 100 percent wireless and cellular connectivity. Because it offers dual-path technology like this, you know you have protection even if someone cuts the power lines. They are still able to have protection. It provides an automated system check. It is also expandable, which means you can transport your protection if you are moving. Additionally, with this service, you can assign specific codes to people who are able to interact with the system.

Interactive Plan

The step-up from Protection is the Frontpoint Interactive plan. It provides you with more control over your home even if you are not there. It includes all of the features of the Protection plan. It also offers a few additional features.

Crash and smash protection is an excellent option because it allows the system to send a signal of an intruder even if they smash the Frontpoint control panel. It features geo-location services which links to your smartphone to help you know if someone in your family is not where they should be.

The remote access components are ideal here. With Interactive, you get mobile alerts and notifications by text and email. You also have the ability to arm and disarm the system from your app. And, it allows you to see the sensor history, which means any instances that the sensors are triggered, it records and allows you to verify.

Ultimate Plan

The highest level of protection includes all of the features of the Interactive plan as well as a few higher-level protections. Live video streaming allows you to live stream from your camera through your app at any time. It also provides you with a complete history of your images and video at your home. It sends you motion-triggered alerts with embedded video clips or images of what is happening so you can react faster.

Other features include night vision and light control to ensure the best level of viewing. It also features smart lock control so you can open doors without a key.

The Protection Plan is $34.99 per month, the Interactive plan is $44.99 per month, and the Ultimate plan is $49.99 per month. For those who want outstanding coverage and protection, Frontpoint monitoring is perhaps the best investment for you. It ensures you get the most out of your system.