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The Frontpoint home security and home automation equipment is some of the best out there. In our Frontpoint review, we found they were a reliable, high-quality solution for folks looking to protect themselves and their loved ones.

That said, as one of the most sought-after options in home security, Frontpoint can be a little pricey. So it makes sense that people will be looking for Frontpoint Black Friday sales and deals to keep their homes secure without having to spend a bundle. Thankfully, we’re going to share everything you need to know about Frontpoint’s holiday sales.

Pro Tip: Frontpoint is a DIY system, meaning you’ll be installing it yourself. The process is simple, but if you run into roadblocks, their customer support is extremely helpful. Don’t hesitate to give them a call if you get stuck.

Which Frontpoint Black Friday Deals Are Likely?

Competition in the home security industry is strong, which is good for consumers looking for the best prices. Specifically, it means that almost everyone will be offering Black Friday discounts to keep up with the competition, which translates to savings for you.

Frontpoint Equipment

Frontpoint Equipment

We can look back to the last few years to see the types of special offers the company offered. Previous Frontpoint Black Friday deals included:

  • 20 percent off entire purchase price
  • $65 dollars off purchase
  • 50 percent off entire order
  • $50 off select hardware
  • Free security camera with purchase
  • Free shipping

This can give us some insight into the special savings options they may offer this year. With Frontpoint, the main discount tends to be a percentage off, particularly if you’re a new customer purchasing a new system.

The company also releases promo codes and special promotions throughout the year, but they swing pretty wildly. Most of the time, though, it’s a percentage off your purchase price or a fixed dollar amount off.

What About Frontpoint’s Cyber Monday Deals?

You can also save big with Frontpoint’s Cyber Monday deals. The Monday after Thanksgiving is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year, and Frontpoint’s security systems are primarily sold online. You can do the math. Here’s a hint, though — you’re going to end up saving a ton of money.

Frontpoint Keypad Control Panel

Frontpoint Keypad Control Panel

How Can I Find the Best Price on Frontpoint Security?

Frontpoint offers some of the most advanced technology in the home security world, so it’s certainly worth spending some time finding a good price on this system.

Pro Tip: Frontpoint is one of our favorite home security systems, but they aren’t the only game in town. Check out our guide to the 10 best home security systems of 2024 to see if there might be a better fit for your needs.

That said, be mindful that you don’t have to wait until Black Friday to get started. Frontpoint offers discounts and promotions very frequently, including percentages off hardware and services as well as free components.

It’s also important to get an idea of which system and service plan is right for your needs. Go ahead and check out the options, and get a price determined. Also be sure to check back with us every week or so to find out which new Frontpoint discounts may be available to you.