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Life Alert Medical Alert Ratings

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” Those iconic words made famous by Life Alert’s late 80’s commercial filled homes across America. And 30 years later, Life Alert is still going strong. The company offers DIY, maintenance-free equipment for seniors. Unfortunately, the features and options are limited, and the packages can cost a pretty penny. But still, Life Alert has saved nearly 500,000 seniors in the last decade alone. See what our experts say in our Life Alert review.

  • Maintenance free equipment
  • Well-established company
  • CSAA Five Diamond Certified response centers
  • UL Listed products
  • Nationwide offices

  • No automatic fall detection
  • Expensive compared to other medical alert systems
  • Limited feature set
  • Lack of pricing transparency


Life Alert is a household name, thanks to a long-running infomercial with the iconic line “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” They’ve been in the medical alert industry for over 30 years, established in 1987. Life Alert helps more than 150,000 seniors live more independent lives and stay in their own homes for longer.

They have over 600 employees with a headquarters in Encino, California. They have additional offices in New York, NY, East Brunswick, NJ, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Tampa FL and Miami FL. Life Alert has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and a 5-star rating on Consumer Affairs. Their response centers are CSAA Five Diamond Certified and the product is UL listed.

Life Alert receives approximately 2 million calls annually for assistance. More than 45,000 of these involve life-saving measures that prevent potentially catastrophic outcomes, and they’ve saved 400,000 people over the past decade. They offer several services designed to accommodate your lifestyle needs.

Features and Technology

One Button Operation

You don’t have to worry about any complicated controls. Just press the button and you start the process of getting help.

Family Notification

You can add a list of caregivers and family members to notify in the event of an alert. That way they know that something is going on and can coordinate with each other and the emergency medical professionals.

Life Alert App

You can also use Life Alert through your smartphone with the Life Alert app. It has the same one button interface that the devices do, which makes it simple to get assistance. It also has emergency signals, such as flashing your light so bystanders know that you need help.

Waterproof Devices

The Life Alert pendants go everywhere you do without worry about being in the shower or out in a sudden storm.

Personal Health Information

Sometimes it’s difficult for medical professionals to provide emergency care when they don’t know your health history, the medications that you take and pre-existing conditions. When you file this information with Life Alert, the responder conveys it to the emergency medics that arrive on the scene.

Ease of Use

While DIY installation is possible, in most cases Life Alert will come out and provide professional installation for their equipment. This service is available nationwide.

Customer Service

Life Alert shines when it comes to customer service, as they have a good ratio of emergency staff to their members. When you press your medical alert button, you receive a response from a highly trained specialist in 20 seconds or less.

The reviews of Life Alert customer service are generally good, with people appreciating the calm and professional staff members helping them through their emergencies. If you provide your health history to Life Alert, they can give this information to the paramedics so they know the possible treatment plans that are necessary for getting a person stabilized.


Life Alert is not transparent with its pricing, as their website does not offer this information and instead prompts you to call in. Sales representatives may offer varying prices based on the current promotions and other factors.

The typical Life Alert plan has a 36-month contract and a base monthly cost of $49.95. This service package covers the medical alert pendant and the emergency console. The company sometimes offers free equipment promotions, but you may be responsible for a setup and installation fee of $95 to $300.

If you want to add Help Buttons to your plan, you pay $69.95 per month. The Life Alert Mobile + GPS plan is $89.95 per month.

Life Alert does not charge shipping fees on their equipment. A free warranty is offered on all products. If a loved one dies when they are home alone and protected by Life Alert, the company provides a 100% refund and the contract is canceled without penalty. You can also cancel the contract if you need to move into a 24-hour care facility.

If you pay on an annual basis, you get one month free. The rate will not change for the contract length, but it may be adjusted after that period. If you want to add another person to your plan, it costs $10 per month.

Providing accurate information is our top priority and we make significant efforts to do so on our site. However, the companies covered on our site may occasionally change their packages, offerings and pricing and there may be a delay in us making those changes. If you notice any outdated or inaccurate information, please do let us know.


Medical Alert Pendant

This device is included with the base-level Life Alert plan. It’s completely waterproof and works up to 800 feet away from the signature main unit. You don’t have to worry about charging the battery, as it lasts up to 7 years. You can wear it like a necklace with a lanyard or have it on your wrist. When you need assistance, you just press the button to contact Life Alert. Replacing a lost pendant or getting another one costs $49.

Signature Main Unit

The signature main unit pairs with the medical alert pendant to give you coverage while you’re at your home. You can choose a landline or cellular unit so it works with nearly any house. If the power goes out, a 72-hour backup battery keeps you protected.

Life Alert Mobile

The mobile medical alert pendant by Life Alert is an all-in-one device that uses a cellular connection and GPS technology so you can get aid wherever you are. The batteries included in the device last for 10 years.

Add-On Equipment

Help Button

Many falls take place in the shower or bathroom, so Life Alert offers Help Buttons that attach to the wall throughout your house. Much like the medical pendant, you press the button to get help from the monitoring center. They are battery powered so you don’t have to connect them to an outlet and they use a cellular connection for communication. This device is waterproof and its battery lasts for 10 years.

Home Intrusion Life Alert

Life Alert also offers a home security product. This intrusion alert button directs you to the security dispatchers so you don’t need to get to your phone if someone is in your house. You can talk with them, and they can also attempt to deter the criminal by warning them off and telling them that they’re being recorded. The dispatcher connects with the police in your area and they stay on the line until help is there.


Life Alert is one of the best known medical alert companies due to their “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” commercials, but their product offerings are somewhat limited and the prices are on the higher side. However, they do have a quality response team that’s prepared to deal with every type of emergency.

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  1. Avatar B. Tuten says:

    I was planning to purchase a Life Alert system until I saw their latest TV ad. I understand marketing, but I will NOT purchase anything from a company basing sales on terrifying vulnerable people. SHAME on anyone, any company that would do this. Absolutely horrible. Would you want your family to be terrified into spending money on this? Other systems available and have much better reviews.

  2. Avatar A.b says:

    Im so glad i went with life alert im 25 years old i have the main home unit gps button and 2 shower buttons they saved my life more times then i can count they are not just for senior citizens totally worth the money

  3. Avatar james Howard says:

    Is Life Alert tax deductible?

    1. Avatar Editor says:

      Hi James,
      You’d have to ask your accountant that question. It’s possible, but it would depend on a few factors.

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