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It’s no secret that Life Alert is a pioneer in medical alert systems. The dependable brand has been around for over 30+ years, helping seniors age with confidence and peace of mind. Although we like their service, we think Life Alert has plenty of room for improvement. For instance, their high prices and long-term contracts can be hard to stomach.

So if you’re considering the alert systems available from Life Alert, you may want to explore your options before making a final decision. Don’t worry, we’ve made it easy to learn about the best Life Alert alternatives. And we think you’ll really like our top picks. Let’s jump right in!

Medical Guardian

With more reasonable prices, flexible agreements, and a wide selection of devices for almost every lifestyle, it’s pretty easy to see why Medical Guardian is one of the top medical alert companies out there. We like that their devices and plans are fully customizable with plenty of add-ons. They also offer varying plan lengths to keep things flexible. And we’ve really grown fond of the well-designed wearables that keep seniors safe in their homes and on-the-go.

Of course, no system is perfect, not even Medical Guardian. They still have some outdated devices mixed in with their new-and-improved systems. But we think it’s an all-around affordable and reliable brand with lots to offer.

  • Portable; multiple ways to wear
  • TMA Five Diamond Certified monitoring based in the U.S.
  • GPS-ready and water-resistant
  • At-home and on-the-go solution in one
  • Customer portal for activity tracking and communication

  • Somewhat high equipment fees
  • Response times could be more consistent
  • Fall detection is an add-on feature with extra fees
  • Bright light can be disruptive at night
  • Long charging time

There are advantages and disadvantages with every medical alert company. But with Medical Guardian, we really appreciate their wide range of modern, fun-to-wear devices. We just wish they gave discounts for quarterly packages in addition to annual agreements. However, they still offer lower prices than Life Alert, which is why we think Medical Guardian is a good alternative.

MGClassic from Medical Guardian

MGClassic from Medical Guardian

Key Features

  • Varying payment options for many budgets
  • Six devices to accommodate different lifestyles
  • Award-winning service and quality

Snapshot of Pricing For Medical Guardian’s In-Home and GPS Units

In-Home Units MGClassic MGHome Cellular Family Guardian
Monthly $29.95 per month $34.95 per month $79.95 per month
Quarterly $89.85 per quarter $104.85 per quarter $239.85 per quarter
Bi-Annual $179.70 per 6 months $209.70 per 6 months $479.70 per 6 months
Annual $329.45 per year $384.45 per year $879.45 per year
Auto-Fall Detection Add On Additional $10 per month per wearable Additional $10 per month per wearable Additional $10 per month per wearable
Mobile Units Freedom Guardian Mobile Guardian Active Guardian Mini Guardian
Monthly $44.95 per month (Plus $179.95 one-time equipment cost) $44.95 per month $44.95 per month $39.95 per month
Quarterly $134.85 per quarter $149.85 per quarter $134.85 per quarter $119.85 per quarter
Annual $494.45 per year $549.45 per year $494.45 per year $439.45 per year
Auto-Fall Detection Add On Not Available Additional $10 per month per wearable Additional $10 per month per wearable Additional $10 per month per wearable

With the Medical Guardian annual payment plan, each device comes with a free lockbox so emergency services can gain access to your home in an emergency without damaging doors or windows. Another thing we like about this brand is that no matter the length of your agreement, you can cancel Medical Guardian anytime and get a refund for any prepaid services. It’s the little things!

Why Choose Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian is the epitome of flexibility. You can choose from in-home units for seniors who only need the basics, or fully-integrated systems for those who wish to stay updated on their loved one’s health and activity levels throughout the day.

For active seniors, Medical Guardian has cool wearable watches with GPS and Wi-Fi functions. And if add-ons like automatic fall detection are important to you, keep in mind Life Alert doesn’t offer a fall detection option, but Medical Guardian does. It’s also a more affordable alternative, with plans starting under $30 per month.

Fast Facts

  • Since 2005, Medical Guardian has repeatedly ranked #1 for being leaders in cutting-edge medical alert devices and providing quality service to customers.
  • Medical Guardian dispatch centers hold the TMA Five-Diamond Certification which signifies that their operators have received intensive training.
  • Medical Guardian has five core values as outlined on their website: Customers Above all Else, Innovation as our Motivation, Passion for Purpose, Building Meaningful Relationships, and Excellence in Results

Summary of Medical Guardian

With great prices and a diverse selection of devices, Medical Guardian will work for almost everyone and every budget, bringing peace of mind to you and your family.

Bay Alarm Medical

In our opinion, using Bay Alarm Medical alert systems never gets old. In fact, all the best features and benefits offered by today’s top alert systems come together with Bay Alarm Medical. This company has easy-to-understand pricing, plans that are fully customizable, and dependable services. And much like Life Alert, they’ve been doing it for decades!

So if you’re looking for a reliable substitute for Life Alert, we recommend putting this brand at the top of your list. In our experience, Bay Alarm Medical ranks up there with Medical Guardian.

  • Impressive response time with emergency response center
  • Above-average range on at-home systems
  • No activation fee
  • Newly updated on-the-go necklace
  • Sleek appearance of smartwatch
  • Dual system offers extra layer of protection
  • Extra features on smartwatch, like step tracker

  • Equipment fee added on some systems
  • Battery life only 6 to 18 hours on the smartwatch
  • Long wait time with customer service

We love that Bay Alarm Medical includes a 30-day risk-free trial and clear, direct pricing. Also, they always let us know about additional costs or one-time charges, just so there’s no surprises (we appreciate the transparency – something you won’t get with Life Alert). One thing to keep in mind, though, is their online ordering can go down from time to time. But unlike Life Alert that does everything by phone, online shopping is available with Bay Alarm Medical.

Bay Alarm Medical Equipment

Bay Alarm Medical Equipment

Key Features

  • Focus on seniors and families
  • Straightforward pricing plans and packages
  • Automatic fall detection available

Snapshot of Pricing For Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems

In-Home Medical Alert 4G LTE GPS Help Button In-Car Medical Alert
Standard Protection $19.95 per month $24.95 per month Requires one-time equipment purchase of $79. $29.95 per month
Preferred Protection $24.95 per month $29.95 per month Requires one-time equipment purchase of $79. n/a
Premium Protection $29.95 per month $39.95 per month Requires one-time equipment purchase of $79. n/a

Note that each new subscription comes with a Vial of Life, which allows you to store your complete medical information (allergies, medications, etc.) in your home for emergency personnel to reference during an emergency. We suppose it’s the next best thing to the free lock box offered by Medical Guardian.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are bundle packages available from Bay Alarm Medical. So if you need several devices or services, you’ll be in good hands with Bay. You can also call customer service directly and create your own package. Overall, we like the flexibility that this brand offers.

Why Choose Bay Alarm Medical

First off, Bay Alarm Medical is 3-4x more affordable than Life Alert. So if you’re on a budget, we think you’ll like this option. With a 30-day free trial, and easy-to-use products, Bay Alarm Medical is great for those who need to take care of the seniors in their family without the hassle of scale pricing, changing rates, or long term contracts (remember, Life Alert requires a three-year contract). There’s also an app to check your Bay Alarm Medical account. It’s all quite straightforward from what we’ve seen. Read our full Bay Alarm Medical analysis for more info.

Fast Facts

  • Bay Alarm Medical abides by the C.A.R.E. system. To show Compassion, Accountability, Respect, and Ethics both on and off the phone.
  • Throughout the year, Bay Alarm Medical serves the community with donations and charity drives to various local and national non–profit organizations.
  • Bay Alarm Medical has been working for senior’s independence for over 70 years.

Summary of Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical is the embodiment of “what you see is what you get.” They’re transparent with pricing and fees, only charging by the month rather than locking you into long term contracts. They also work to make seniors happy, even if it's a little thing like offering Bella charms to make wearables fashionable and fun to wear.


Not sure if your loved one has a landline or not? No problem, as MobileHelp runs entirely on reliable cellular connections. This alternative to Life Alert offers devices for in-home and on-the-go, and they have great package deals if you need to get coverage for an additional senior. Keep in mind that MobileHelp has several add-ons that can add up in cost. But thankfully, they are upfront and direct about costs and fees, and their alert systems are backed by a 30-day risk-free trial. Not bad at all!

With a company that operates entirely on mobile, it makes sense that MobileHelp has some of the more advanced tech in the industry. And the company goes above-and-beyond in plenty of ways. For instance, the MobileHelp Touch device offers fun features like managing medications, a picture gallery, cognitive games, and messaging (but it’ll cost you!). We think MobileHelp is a solid Life Alert alternative, especially for tech-savvy seniors or folks who are willing to learn something new.

MobileHelp Duo

MobileHelp Duo

Key Features

  • Mobile-only systems, no landline alerts
  • Integrated with modern technology
  • Compatible with automatic fall detection

Snapshot of Pricing For MobileHelp’s In-Home and GPS Units

In Home Units MobileHelp Classic MobileHelp Touch MobileHelp Wired Home MobileHelp Solo
Monthly $19.95 per month Not available $24.95 per month $37.95 per month
Quarterly $90.61 per quarter Not available $74.85 per quarter $104.85 per quarter
Bi-Annual $164.72 per 6 months $299.70 per 6 months $137.70 per 6 months $197.70 per 6 months
Annually $239.40 per year $599.40 per year $275.40 per year $395.40 per year
Additional Wall Buttons $2.95 per month $2.95 per month $2.95 per month $2.95 per month
Auto-Fall Detection Add On $10 per month $10 per month $10 per month $10 per month

One thing that impressed us about MobileHelp is that there are several packages available that mix and match offers. This means that most people will find a device that works for them, regardless of their lifestyle and preferences. Also, as a nice little bonus feature, MobileHelp integrates medication reminders into their systems so that you or your loved one are less likely to miss a dose. All things considered, it’s a pretty good stand-in for Life Alert, especially if you’re looking for more flexibility. You can read more about this alert system in our MobileHelp review.

Why Choose MobileHelp

MobileHelp is best for folks who don’t have a landline, or for those with younger grandparents or parents who might appreciate the high-tech (but easy-to-use) equipment. Of course, basic medical alert systems are available as well. If you have multiple family members to care for, the best value will be found in MobileHelp’s bundled packages.

Fast Facts

  • MobileHelp developed and distributed the first fully-integrated medical alert system with GSM/GPS technology.
  • According to their website, MobileHelp wants to “be someone’s hero, every day.”
  • MobileHelp answers a call for help every 7.5 minutes.

Summary of MobileHelp

As a company that deals 100% in mobile monitoring, MobileHelp uses technology in a simple way to make aging easier and safer for seniors and their loved ones. They offer both basic and more advanced equipment as well as the MobileHelp Connect site that includes activity tracking, proactive health management, and a way to check in on your loved ones without calling them daily.

So there you have it — our list of the best Life Alert alternatives. Whether you choose Medical Guardian, Bay Alarm Medical, or MobileHelp, we’re pretty sure you’ll save some money and enjoy reliable 24/7 coverage. While Life Alert is a great brand that has built a solid reputation (a full-on legacy!) over the years, we think you should consider your alternatives before hopping on the Life Alert train (because those tickets aren’t cheap!).

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