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Identity theft is a growing concern. In 2020, there were 4.8 million reports of identity theft and fraud reports to the Federal Trade Commission, up a staggering 45 percent from the 3.3 million in 2019.

To stay protected, many smart consumers are looking to identity theft protection services to keep them safe. But with so many on the market, it’s difficult to discern which are worth your time and money.

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To keep things simple, a lot of folks go with names they trust. Or — even better — two names they trust. Norton and LifeLock recently banded together to bring the best decades of cybersecurity experience together with identity theft protection. Under one banner, NortonLifeLock offers some of the most powerful protections on the market.

Norton LifeLock - Welcome to Norton

Norton LifeLock – Welcome to Norton

But those protections come at a premium. Unfortunately, NortonLifeLock is also one of the most expensive services in the industry. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to make it more affordable.

To talk specifically about the deals, discounts, and sales on NortonLifeLock, though, you first need to have a handle on their regular pricing structure. So let’s take a quick look at LifeLock’s plans and prices.

General Cost Breakdown of NortonLifeLock

NortonLifeLock has three tiers of service: Standard, Advantage, and Ultimate Plus. To learn more about the ins and outs of each service plan, you can check out our NortonLifeLock review, but for our purposes here, you just need to understand that each package can be purchased as an annual subscription or on a month-to-month basis.

If you go annual, you’re automatically going to save up to 35-percent over the month-to-month cost, and your first payment will also be a little cheaper than the renewal rate. You can get some more in-depth information about their pricing structure in our NortonLifeLock costs guide, but here’s a quick breakdown:

NortonLifeLock Plans and Pricing

LifeLock Plans Standard Advantage Ultimate Plus
Annual Rate $83.88 $155.88 $239.88
Annual Rate After First Year $124.99 $239.99 $339.99
Month-to-Month Rate $7.99 $15.99 $23.99
Month-to-Month After First Year $11.99 $22.99 $34.99

While you might get a bit of sticker shock when you’re looking at the annual rates, if you think of it in terms of what you’re paying monthly, you’re still saving money in the end.

For example, if you select the Ultimate Plus plan after the first year you’ll pay $339.99 per year. If you spread that out over 12 months, though, you’ll realize you’re actually only paying $28.33 per month — a savings of over six dollars over the month-to-month price, or $72 over the course of the year. When you think about it this way, if you’re going to use LifeLock in the long term, you should definitely pay annually.

That said, it might be a little uncomfortable signing on for an entire year with a service you’ve never used before, but note that Norton’s annual subscription plans have 60-day, money-back guarantees to help assuage any fear of commitment.

And remember, you really get what you pay for with NortonLifeLock. Even with their most basic service package, Select, you’ll get credit bureau monitoring, Social Security number protection, and VPN access.

And with their Advantage tier, you can start adding on things like instant credit locks, phone takeover monitoring, and crime-in-your-name alerts. With their Ultimate plan, you’ll get retirement account takeover alerts, home title monitoring, and up to $1 million in stolen funds reimbursement.

NortonLifeLock is one of the most well-rounded, robust services out there.

Norton LifeLock Device Security

Norton LifeLock Device Security

NortonLifeLock Sales and Deals

That said, Norton LifeLock’s prices are far from static. Occasionally you can find some pretty significant discounts to secure a top-shelf service for bargain bin prices. Some of these deals occur fairly regularly, and some happen at random. The key is to stay alert and make your move when the time is right.

Discount Days for NortonLifeLock

There are three obvious times when you can take advantage of some pretty significant discounts for NortonLifeLock: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Prime Day.

Did You Know? The first Cyber Monday was November 28, 2005.

Black Friday is always the Friday following Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday is the following week. Traditionally speaking, Black Friday is usually reserved for physical, big-ticket, in-person shopping. And on Cyber Monday you’ll find better deals on items you order online. In recent years though, the two have sort of blended together to create a long weekend of savings in physical and digital spaces.

While there’s no hard and fast rule to this, historically speaking, some of NortonLifeLock’s best deals of the year occur during this window. Usually starting up a few days before Black Friday and running through the weekend of Cyber Monday, you’ll see some pretty deep discounts — sometimes up to over 50-percent off. If you can lock in those prices in late November, you’ll be sitting pretty for the rest of the year.

To get an idea of the savings in store, here are some past NortonLifeLock Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals:

  • NortonLifeLock Select annual subscription for $99.88 — a $50.11 discount
  • NortonLifeLock Advantage annual subscription for $179.88 — a $70.11 discount
  • NortonLifeLock Ultimate annual subscription for $251.88 — a $98.11 discount

Also worth noting: Norton’s software is available on Amazon, and as such, is subject to Prime Day discounts as well. If you can purchase their services through Amazon during this 24-hour period, you’re going to save big.

Did You Know? Amazon is always a little vague when they talk about the exact date of Prime Day, but the company almost always celebrates Prime Day close to July 15, the anniversary of the very first Prime Day event.

These aren’t the only times NortonLifeLock goes on sale, though. Traditional holidays usually come with savings, too.

Seasonal and Holiday Deals

Most identity theft services offer some sort of discounts around major holidays. Sometimes it’s a Valentine's Day special, or maybe it’s a Memorial Day summer-of-savings event. But you can almost always expect a deal around any major holiday.

NortonLifeLock, for instance, usually does special promotions during the Christmas season and several holidays throughout the year. If you’re looking for a deal, you might consider waiting until the next time you’re off work — you might be surprised at how much you can save.

Military Discount

In addition to offering deals for civilians throughout the year, NortonLifeLock always takes care of veterans and active military. If you’ve served or are currently in the service and want to protect your identity, you’re in luck. Their military special will get you a free 30-day trial as well as 15 percent off for the duration of your membership.

Did You Know? Servicemen and women are primary targets for identity thieves. There are lots of services out there that tailor their services for our armed forces, though. Check out our guide to the best identity theft protections for the military to learn more.

LifeLock Coupon Codes

There are also several online coupon code repositories that are worth checking out before you finalize your purchase. Services like Retail Me Not and sometimes store promotional coupon codes that will save you a few bucks at checkout.

Final Thoughts on NortonLifeLock Deals

NortonLifeLock is one of the most powerful identity theft protection services on the market today, but it’s also one of the pricier services. While their regular prices are by no means unreasonable, NortonLifeLock offers quite a few ways to save.

By shopping at the right time and taking advantage of online deals, smart shoppers can secure NortonLifeLock’s protections for a fraction of the cost. All it takes is a little patience and a sense of timing.

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