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Year after year, LifeLock has been one of our top ten picks in identity theft protection. 2024 is no different. LifeLock still offers one of the most well-rounded ID monitoring services on the market, with a wide range of identity theft and cybersecurity protections, outstanding customer service, and a restitution package that covers you for up to $1 million in stolen funds and legal fees should you fall victim.

Beside that, every LifeLock ID plan also comes with Norton 360 malware protection and a virtual private network (VPN) to keep the scammers at bay.

Considering all that security, LifeLock’s three premium plans — Select, Advantage, and Ultimate Plus — start at a mere $9.99 per month. If you think that’s a great deal, you can usually find even better savings on Cyber Monday, which falls on the Monday after Black Friday.

Norton LifeLock - Welcome to Norton

LifeLock plans come with Norton 360, premium malware protection for your whole family.

What Are LifeLock Cyber Monday Deals Going to Be This Year?

That’s the exciting part. No one knows exactly what to expect from Cyber Monday deals — not even the experts! In fact, the best LifeLock Cyber Monday deals may be a secret all the way up until the weekend after LifeLock’s Black Friday discounts go live. Suspense, right?

Like every player on the ID theft protection scene, LifeLock would rather know what the competition is offering before they show their cards. Considering how intense the competition has been this year with ID fraud hitting new and disturbing “highs,” I’d say that approach makes sense.

On the other hand, as much as we like surprises, getting ready for Cyber Monday is the key to cashing in on the best deals. Our favorite way to do that? Taking a look at what special discounts LifeLock offered on past Cyber Mondays.

FYI: Just who has been spending the most on Black Friday over the past few years? The answer isn’t baby boomers or Gen Xers. It’s actually millennials, according to the Washington Post.1

What Cyber Monday Deals Has LifeLock Run in the Past?

In the past, we’ve seen LifeLock hand out 10 percent discounts to all new customers on all its plans ($9.99, $19.99, or $29.99 depending on the plan you choose). While this might not seem like a huge bargain, 10-percent off a premium LifeLock plan that costs $29.99 per month actually adds up to a savings of nearly $40 over the year. Not bad.

LifeLock has also been known to offer Cyber Monday discount codes, promo codes, and coupons to sweeten the deal. And here’s another trick of the trade. Sometimes LifeLock scatters those codes throughout the year. If you’re looking to score some pre-Cyber Monday savings, we collect all LifeLock’s deals and discounts as they drop, year-round.

LifeLock Dark Web Monitoring

LifeLock’s dark web monitoring feature alerts you if hackers have exposed your personal data

How Do I Find the Best LifeLock Cyber Monday Deals?

Identity theft and credit fraud are on the rise, which means more people are in the market for identity theft protection services than ever before. This is good news and bad news.

It’s good news because increased competition forces providers to keep developing better products. It also drives down prices, especially on big sale days like Cyber Monday.

But it’s “bad” news in the sense that those deals go fast. So, if you want to save big this Cyber Monday, you’ll need a game plan, especially if LifeLock products are on your wish list. Here are three tips to give you a headstart.

  • Make your Cyber Monday wish list as soon as possible, and always include a plan B in case your favorite protection plan sells out fast. If you’re not sure which plan is the right one for you, we’ve tested all of LifeLock’s premium ID theft protection plans.
  • Check this page often! This is no joke. We’ll have news of the latest LifeLock Cyber Monday discounts and promo codes as they roll out, so there’s no reason to wear yourself out searching elsewhere.
  • Shop the sale as early as possible. When the big day comes, don’t put off your purchase. The best identity theft protection deals are sure to go fast on Cyber Monday.

Did You Know? U.S. shoppers on the hunt for big Black Friday and Cyber Monday bargains are responsible for 21.2 percent of all Black Friday searches. Germans, who came in second place, still lag pretty far behind at 12.9 percent.2

How to Stay Up to Date on LifeLock Cyber Monday Deals

We’ve already said this, but we’ll say it again because it’s important. LifeLock might keep us in the dark about its best deals until the weekend before Cyber Monday. In the meantime, we recommend bookmarking this page and checking back here frequently. We comb the web every day in search of the lowest prices and best deals on LifeLock products leading up to Cyber Monday, so stopping back here often is the best (and easiest) way to save.

How to Save on LifeLock Today

Quality identity theft protection isn’t something you should compromise on, not even for the sake of some extra savings. If you’re concerned about your household’s cyber security, and you don’t want to wait until Cyber Monday rolls around, you can save on LifeLock plans throughout the year. In fact, recently we’ve seen discounts of up to 50% on all LifeLock plans.