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SecureScore™: 7.3 /10
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7.3 SecureScore™
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How We Review
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CPI Security Ratings

CPI Security gives you customized security and smart home systems designed to provide you with exactly what you need to live a comfortable and safe life. You’re paying for the customized experience but it’s well worth it.

  • Equipment packages customized to your needs
  • Professional technicians handle the installation and answer all your questions
  • Customer-minded company supplies excellent service

  • More expensive than out of the box options
  • May take time to learn advanced functionality


CPI has more than 25 years in offering customized security packages to its customers. It uses a tech-forward approach to give you the latest innovations and best technology around, along with personalized service that leaves a lasting impression. CPI is based in the southeast and operates a UL listed monitoring station.

The company works in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, Alabama, and Florida.

Features & Technology

Get Responses in Seconds

You don’t have to wait around during an emergency. CPI Security’s monitoring center gets back to you within seconds of receiving an alert from your home.

Video Verification

CPI verifies the emergency via the video feed and can identify the intruders and send that information to the authorities.

Real-Time Video Stream or Recorded Videos

You can watch your security cameras in real-time or review the clips later on with the recordings.

InTouch App

Take control of your home security system with the full-featured and easy to use application. You can use it to view your videos, connect to your video doorbell, and check notifications. You can also unlock and lock your doors, turn on the light and adjust your thermostat. You can access these controls via your mobile devices or a computer.

Environmental Monitoring

Get alerts if any water, fire or carbon monoxide are detected.

No False Alarm Guarantee

Since CPI uses your video and audio stream to check-in on what’s happening during an alarm, you don’t have to worry about false alarms.

Voice Control

If you have an Amazon Alexa device or a Sonos One, you can use voice commands with your integrated home security system.

Smart Home Scents

You can create an integrated scene that changes the configuration of your home with a single button. For example, a home from work scene will adjust the thermostat to your preferred settings, turn on the lights and unlock the door for you.

HD Quality Video

You won’t miss any details with HD video quality and pinch and zoom functionality.

Night Vision Recording

You stay protected at night with the low light recording feature.

Store Videos Up to 30 Days

Use CPI’s Stream Video Recorder to keep a lasting record of your security camera clips.

Ease of Use

CPI Security sends certified professionals to your home for the installation, and they supply plenty of instructions on how to use your new equipment. If you choose a lot of smart home automation equipment, your learning curve will be higher than the base security package. They leave you with all the resources you need to get the most out of your new smart home, however.

Customer Service

CPI Security employs installation and service technicians that are all in-house, have gone through an extensive training course and are Installation Quality Certified. When you need help, you’re getting a response from the regional monitoring center rather than a place that’s halfway across the globe. The company’s help center provides many resources for walking you through your system, and the customer support staff are always happy to help you.


Packages start at $29.99 per month but that price varies based on the customized equipment you select. You can enter into a 39 month or 60-month monitoring agreement, or you can choose a month to month plan if you’re willing to pay for the security equipment upfront. If you choose the long-term plans, you don’t pay any interest on the equipment costs. These plans are subject to credit approval.

If you already have a security system in place, CPI can use the pre-wired contacts in your new system. You can get a Service Plus Program to have replacement parts and the installation of those parts covered.


CPI Security supplies customized packages for its customers, so your pricing and what’s included is based on that agreement. The company does have pre-made promotional packages to get you started. For example, a common offering includes an InTouch Doorbell Camera, Touchscreen Door Lock, and an InTouch Interior Camera.

The InTouch Edge package includes the InTouch Doorbell Camera, InTouch Outdoor Camera, Touchscreen keyless door lock, four-door and window sensors, control panel, the motion detector sensor, and the Fire Communicator.

The InTouch Essentials Plus gives you the InTouch Doorbell Camera, four-door and window sensors, a motion detector, the control panel, and the Fire Communicator.

Add-On Equipment

Here is the equipment that you can select from for your CPI Security package.

inTouch 180 Indoor Camera

Get a wide-angle view of each room with this 180-degree camera. It features a 6.8 megapixel camera and 1080p resolution. Infrared night vision allows you to stay protected day or night, with a 15 foot night vision range. Two-way calling lets you communicate with people in the room and digital pan, tilt and zoom gets you close to the action. It also supports Bluetooth music streaming, which is a great value-added feature. You can also use this device to have video calls with mobile devices.

inTouch HD Indoor Camera

If you just want a straightforward indoor home security camera, the InTouch HD model is a smart choice. It keeps the 1080P resolution and infrared night vision features of the other model, and gives you pinch and zoom capabilities. The night vision range is 15 feet, which is large enough to cover most types of rooms. You can also use it with a stream video recorder if you have a more extensive security setup in your home.

inTouch HD Outdoor Camera

Get eyes outside with this device. It has the same specifications as the indoor camera, with the obvious addition of weatherproofing. You have a 40-foot night vision viewing range.

inTouch HD Doorbell Camera

Know exactly what’s going on at your front door with this video doorbell. You can see whether UPS really tried to deliver a package, catch people as they try to break in, and greet friends and family. It has 1080p HD video and night vision. You get a 180-degree view and it supports pinching and zooming in on the video. The motion sensors pick up when someone comes to the door. You need to use the wiring from a hardwired doorbell for this device.

Stream Video Recorder

Do you like to keep recordings of your security footage? This stream video recorder can store up to 30 days’ worth of video. It supports 8 CPI Security cameras and can go up to 2 TB in storage.

Glass Break Sensors

Glass breaking has a distinctive sound, and this type of sensor notices it. It will trigger an alarm if this occurs.

Door/Window Sensors

These sensors active alarms if a door or window is opened while the security system is armed. If the system is unarmed, then you receive a notification chime.

Fire Communicator

This smoke alarm connects to CPI’s central station for monitoring. If it detects smoke, then they contact the fire department to handle the emergency.

CO Detector

Carbon monoxide is incredibly dangerous when it accumulates in elevated levels inside your home, so this detector will let you know if that happens.

Water Sensor

Find out if water damage is happening in your home. You typically set these up where flooding or a water leak may occur.

Key Remote

Use this remote to easily arm and disarm your system as you go in and out of your home. It also has a panic button if you have an emergency.

Light Control

Use Smart Plugs to turn your lights on and off via the app.

Garage Door Control

You can remotely control your garage door with this kit. It’s integrated with your home security system and you use an app to open or close it.

inTouch Thermostat

Reduce your energy usage and create a consistently comfortable environment through automating your thermostat. It supports custom scheduling, will alert you if temperatures are outside of expected ranges, and you can automate functions based on the temperature.

Touchscreen Door Lock

Go keyless with this sophisticated smart door lock. It uses a motorized deadbolt to control the lock from your app or touchscreen codes. You also get alerts, so you know exactly who’s coming into your home.


CPI Security thinks out of the box by delivering a home security and smart home system that’s uniquely tailored to your lifestyle. You might be paying more for an out of the box system, but you’re getting a long-term investment for your quality of life and peace of mind.

Reviewed By
Travis Goodreau
Safety and Security Advisor
Travis is a retired Burglary Detective, having tallied 5,000+ burglary and theft cases throughout his career. He also served as an Arson Investigator, where he cracked the case of a serial arsonist, and made the arrest and prosecuted the would-be bomber of ABC-7 Studio in LA. We couldn’t be happier to have him as a Safety and Security Advisor. Learn more about Travis here
Written By
Andrew Garcia
Lead Security Editor
As Lead Security Editor, Andrew strategically guides SafeHome and the resources we publish. He holds a BA in business, and has 10+ years of experience in content development. Today, Andrew edits and publishes articles, guides, and other resources to meet our rigorous standards. Learn more about Andrew here

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