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A Guide to Home-Proofing for Flu, Coronavirus and Other Illnesses

This guide explains why your home is an important front in the battle against germs and viruses, and covers best practices for cleaning everyday objects, keeping the home safe, and what to do before, after and during your family and guests visit. No matter how organized and health-conscious you are, it can be tricky to… View Article

Best & Worst Cities for Families

For any parent, deciding where to put down roots is a complex calculation. Do you need to live near your family? What about the school system? How long a commute to work can you stand? What can you afford for a housing payment? This challenging balancing act can have huge consequences — academic research has… View Article

Food Safety: How to Clean Up Your Act at Home

How often should you wash your hands when cooking? Which foods are dodgier than others? How many teaspoons equal a gram? No worries if you’re iffy on the answers. Food safety at home is a complex issue that touches on diverse areas and that requires different risk assessments. For example, children younger than 5, seniors… View Article

Medication Safety Tips: A Guide to Protecting Children

Many medications are literal lifesavers. They help people heal, and they reduce the symptoms of illnesses. They restore folks’ quality of life. However, they can pose their share of risks. For example, medication may be just as dangerous for children as antifreeze and cleaning products. In fact, Safe Kids Worldwide published a report in March… View Article

Where in the U.S. Are DUIs Most Common?

Today alone, nearly 30 people in the U.S. will be killed in traffic accidents caused by drinking and driving. That shakes out to one death every 48 minutes. While rates of deaths and arrests related to driving under the influence have fallen, driving while intoxicated still causes almost one-third of all traffic fatalities in the… View Article

Most & Least Safe Cities for College Students

For many young people, going off to college is the first time they taste real freedom. Especially for those who are moving out of their parents’ houses and living on their own, this newfound freedom is also tinged with a substantial dose of risk. That means taking on the financial risk of adulting for the… View Article

How Much Do You Make Compared to Other American Workers?

Don’t count other people’s money, so the advice goes. But that’s no fun. After all, if you don’t know how much money your neighbors make, how can you know whether you’re better than them or not? Joking aside, the truth is what Americans earn varies enormously depending on where they live, with some states boasting… View Article

How Common is Burglary in the U.S. Today?

Burglary, like most crimes, is becoming less common in the United States, according to figures released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In fact, the total number of burglaries dropped by nearly 40% between 1998 and 2017. The number of burglaries may be falling, but in 2017 alone the total value of what was stolen… View Article

Who Do You Trust More? Home Security Edition

There was a time when a “Beware of Dog” sign and the threat of a gun in the house were enough to feel protected. But as technology continues to advance, and devices become easier to hide, home security has turned digital. Doorbells with cameras have even become quite popular among American households, but does this… View Article

Best & Worst Places in America for Journalists

Low pay. Stressful work. Terrible schedules. People yelling “fake news!” at you — or worse. The modern American journalist has a largely thankless job, but it’s one that nonetheless is crucial to any functioning democracy. Outside of government, the press is the only industry specifically referenced in the Bill of Rights, and throughout our history,… View Article

Hate Crimes Rise 22% — That We Know Of

Despite a federal mandate to report incidents of hate crimes, the scope and shape of bias-motivated crime across the United States are foggy at best. Many states have failed to pass legislation making bias-motivated crimes a special class of offense, while many law enforcement agencies do not report to federal authorities details on hate crimes… View Article

A Family and Caregivers Guide to Home Safety for the Disabled

Many middle-aged Americans are members of what’s known as the “sandwich generation.” The sandwich generation is called that because its members must care for their aging parents while also raising children of their own. That’s challenging enough on its own, but it’s even more so when a parent or child is disabled. You want your… View Article

Guide to Staying Safe during Wildfires

The bad news is that wildfires can be incredibly destructive and deadly. The even worse news: They’re poised to wreak more havoc in the years to come. In fact, more than 4.5 million homes in the United States are at a high or extreme risk from those fires, according to a 2017 Verisk wildfire risk… View Article

Guide to Outdoor Safety and Health

If you love nature, you’re in good company. About half of Americans age 6 and older went outside for at least one activity in 2017, with jogging and running as the most popular ventures. Maybe that’s your thing—lacing up your sneakers and going for a run. Or perhaps you prefer hiking, biking, swimming or an… View Article

States With The Most Home Break-ins

It’s a sinking feeling; you pull up to your house and see the door is wide open or a window is broken out. You walk in to find your home ransacked, your possessions — the ones still there — strewn about and broken. Your glad your family is safe, but your sense of security is… View Article

Best States to Raise Children

For any parent, the safety of their children is their single biggest concern. People want their kids to live in places where they can lead long lives filled with health and happiness. And while each family’s choice about where to raise children is without a doubt based on dozens of individual factors specific to those… View Article

America’s Most Dangerous States

America’s crime rates have vastly improved in recent decades: The last quarter century witnessed unprecedented declines in both violent and property crimes. Yet, despite these positive developments, the general public remains deeply concerned about safety and criminality within their own communities. In fact, Americans consistently express that crime is increasing throughout the country, despite statistical… View Article

Food Safety

Have you ever looked at the suggested expiration date for food in your fridge and wondered, “What’s the worst that could happen?” Eating food that’s gone bad is no joke, and in some cases, the consequences can be severe. According to the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, 1 in 6 Americans get sick each… View Article

Germs in your Bathroom

For a place devoted to personal hygiene, the bathroom can get plenty unsanitary. From hair in the sink to toothpaste smeared on the counter, the aftermath of our grooming is often ugly. Because cleaning the bathroom isn’t exactly enjoyable, it can easily get kicked down the to-do list. In fact, a recent survey found scrubbing… View Article

Important Safety Rules To Teach Your Children

The fact is, every responsible parent is concerned about their children’s safety. At the same time, it is important for kids to socialize at a young age and be able to have a certain level of freedom to grow and develop independence. It’s all about finding a healthy balance, which can be tough. While ideal,… View Article

A Guide to Home Safety: Identifying and Preventing Hazards

For most, the word “home” conjures up feelings of safety, warmth, and security. After spending heaps of time, money, and efforts into buying or renting a home, people are often too exhausted to even begin thinking about how to prevent hazards or accidents. The truth is, most mishaps at home can be easily prevented, which… View Article

The Ultimate Guide to Baby & Childproofing Your Home

Getting ready for a baby’s arrival involves a lot more than just buying a crib, stroller, and boxes of diapers. While newborns don’t start moving right away, it’s smart to take the necessary precautions to make your residence a safe one for them. Starting early will make things easier when your child becomes mobile. Keep… View Article

Residential Fire Prevention and Safety Guide

Time is of essence when it comes to fires at home. In just two short minutes, a fire can become life-threatening. In five minutes, an entire home can be engulfed in flames! With that said, it’s important for residents and families to become familiar with how fire works, the main causes of home fires, and… View Article

Secrets in the Home

Sharing a home can expedite intimacy: Nothing says transparency like folding your partner’s underwear. But even among cohabiting couples, there’s significant disagreement about how much to disclose to each other. In one camp, we find the “reveal, don’t conceal” theorists, who feel partners should share as much as possible. Others believe, however, they can spare… View Article

Rewrite the Rules

Across the American political spectrum, no documents are more revered than the Constitution and Bill of Rights. No child goes without studying their importance in school, and politicians of every stripe repeatedly invoke their principles. But despite the hallowed place these amendments enjoy in our culture, our objections and interpretations are another matter altogether. When… View Article

Locking Your Doors

Property crime offenses have been on the decline for the past 10 years, but a burglary still occurs every 20 seconds. While break-ins may seem random, there are certain things burglars look for – including an unlocked door. After knocking on the front door to check if residents are home, a simple turn of the… View Article

A Nation of Neighbors

Love them or hate them, you’re stuck with your neighbors … until a for-sale sign pops up, of course. Knowing the people who live nearby can ensure the safety of your home – an extra pair of eyes on your house while you’re away doesn’t hurt – but being a nice neighbor is also just… View Article

Down the Drain Guide

Having to call a plumber to take a look at your toilet or drain because they have been clogged can be embarrassing and quite a hassle. Even though it may seem like common sense what can and can’t be flushed and put down the drain, this is a topic that is often overlooked or taken… View Article

Stealing Strangers’ Stuff

In 2014, the FBI reported a robbery every 1.6 minutes in the U.S., a burglary every 18.2 seconds, and a larceny-theft (like pickpocketing or purse snatching) every 5.4 seconds. This means there were more than three burglaries every minute, 198 every hour, and 4,608 every day…

Downloading Anxiety

Like some of the stories they present, there is much debate over the role the media play in American lives and politics. President Donald Trump believes that some of the biggest news outlets are fake news. Other sources say the role of investigative journalism has never been more important than it is today.

How Protected Are You?

We all wish for a safer community and are fortunate to have people who are willing to fight crime. In fact, law enforcement agencies must continuously strategize and stay on top of current trends, local issues, and new methods to ensure the safety of communities.

Privacy And Technology

Most people know by now social media isn’t free – it’s paid for with the collection of its users’ sometimes-sensitive information. Your GPS system keeps track of your movements, and your smart TV or webcam can watch you.

Gun Laws and Deaths

Firearm legislation is a much discussed issue these days, and there are many opinions that surround it. Statistics can even be unpacked to adhere to certain viewpoints on the topic.

Most Dangerous School Zones

Violent crime in the U.S. is up by almost 4 percent, according to the latest data from the FBI. Continue reading to see what we uncovered about the most dangerous school areas in America.

Community Safety Guide

There are many ways you can be a vigilant citizen and keep your family, your neighbors, and yourself safe. We have compiled different pieces of insight from experts in the field to shed light on the subject:

Is it Worth Dying For

We asked people what security measures they would put in place to protect themselves and which items in their home they would be willing to die for to protect.

Kids Safety in the Digital Age

With kids growing up in a digital age, it can be a challenge for modern parents to monitor their activity on the Internet without becoming overly protective…

Hate on Social Media

The way we communicate is evolving. As we enter an increasingly more digital world, communication through social media has become more important than ever.

Criminal Confessions

When most of us think of criminals, we often imagine faceless individuals unlike ourselves, a vague group committing destructive acts against society, and often not facing justice for their actions. But we don’t usually think of criminals as the everyday people around us.

You Might be a Stalker

We wondered what kinds of stalkerish behavior people are inclined to commit – as well as what actions people think are entirely beyond the pale – so we asked 2,000 men and women to share their deepest and darkest stalking moments.

Emergency Prep Guide

It’s not everyday that we think about preparing our homes for emergencies, because who wants to think about the worst happening? However, every now and then, there will be moments when the worst does happen — and we’ll wish we were more prepared.

A Comprehensive Guide to Securing Your Home

Home security is an important topic to address because burglaries happen on a regular basis due to neglect from homeowners and renters. To prevent break-ins, people have to become familiar with ways on protecting their homes and be aware of the tips on how to deal and report a crime to the police if they… View Article

Kids Safety Guide

Our children are our most prized treasures. They are the human beings who embody all of our hopes and dreams for the future. We invest in them with our finances, shower them with our attention, and hold them close in hopes to protect them from harm’s way.