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Last Updated On: April 17, 2019
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What Sets Kuna Apart

The Kuna home security system and its sister product Maximus are the same equipment with a different name; however, they don’t offer any home automation features. But, what they do offer, can be easily integrated with smart home devices like Alexa and Google Assistant. In addition, they also offer an AI feature that’s very interesting. These systems are DIY installations, but, they are not wireless. However, they are app-based only home security platforms, meaning you can’t access them any other way than through their app.

Kuna Home Security has the option of being self-monitored or you can opt for a subscription-based monitoring service from one of their three subscription packages. They offer a 14-day trial, 60-day returns with a money-back guarantee, free shipping, a one year warranty, and a discount on their services if you pay annually versus monthly. You can also cancel at any time without penalty. However, Kuna systems are only available in the U.S. and Canada.

Key Features

The best features of this system

  • Intrusion Protection
  • Wi-Fi and 3G Cell Alerts
  • Two-Way Talk
  • Remote Control
  • Live Video Feed
  • DIY Installation

Kuna Price & Packages

Insider Tips: The Kuna Home Security system comes with three different subscription packages that range in price from $4.99 per month to $19.99 per month if you pay annually. They don’t sell equipment packages, but they do sell home security lights ($179 each) that will replace your existing porch lights, as well as some additional features such as a surveillance kit ($149.99 each), camera floodlight ($249 each), companion lights ($99 each), and smart sockets ($49 each).

Kuna offers free shipping, a 14-day free trial, 60-day money-back return policy, and you can cancel your subscription service at any time without penalty. In addition, they will give you a 33% discount if you pay for your subscription annually versus monthly. However, they only offer their services in the U.S. and Canada.

Kuna AI is their artificial intelligence feature that can think for itself. It can recognize faces, objects, and vehicles and alert you to an event so you can respond accordingly. This feature is able to tell if the source of motion is a person or a car, the area, and how many people are in view and this software keeps getting better over time the more it learns.

Kuna Light and Camera Costs

Kuna ProductBrandProduct TypeCost
Smart Security LightMaximusSecurity Camera$199
Camera FloodlightMaximusSecurity Camera$249
Companion LightMaximusSecurity Light$99
Toucan Surveillance KitToucanSecurity Camera$179

Current Deal

Kuna Home Security offers a 33% discount on plans if you pay annually.

Essential Security


+ Upfront Costs*

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  • 7-Day Look Back
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Lifetime Theft Protection
  • Kuna AI
  • 5% Off Future Purchases
  • Custom

    Peace Of Mind


    + Upfront Costs*

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    • 14-Day Look Back
    • Unlimited Downloads
    • Lifetime Theft Protection
    • Kuna AI
    • 10% Off Future Purchases
    • Custom

      Absolute Control


      + Upfront Costs*

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      • 30-Day Look Back
      • Unlimited Downloads
      • Lifetime Theft Protection
      • Kuna AI
      • 15% Off Future Purchases
      • Custom

        About Kuna Security

        Kuna products are also marketed as Maximus. They are the same products just different names. This home security company works a little differently than others in the industry as they only provide a few products; however, the products they offer are easy to install and are very popular for the most part. Additionally, their subscription services are per item which is also different than others in the industry. There are three different subscription packages available with varying degrees of per item coverage and you will receive a discount if you pay for them annually versus monthly. They also give you a 14-day trial period, have a 60-day money-back return policy, and a one year warranty on their equipment. Check out the full review of Kuna here.

        Mobile Alerts

        Kuna is an app-based security platform that will send alerts to your phone or tablet when activity is detected.

        24/7 Monitoring
        24/7 MONITORING

        Kuna offers three monitoring plans with varying degrees of per item coverage.

        Power Outage Protection

        The equipment for Kuna does require some wiring. But the installation process, for the most part, is an easy one. They also have options for using a smart socket adapter for some of the equipment.

        Surveillance Cameras

        This company offers the Toucan Surveillance Kit that retrofits to their camera lights using a USB cord.

        DIY Installation

        The Kuna Home Security system is a DIY installation and there are no professional installation services offered.

        Voice Response

        The Kuna system offers automated greetings and two-way talk so you can interact with visitors remotely.

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        1. says:

          Not happy. Kuna notifications can’t be adjusted to ignore vehicles unless I buy there AI package which I am not going to do. You can turn it by disabling notifications but what good is that if you can’t be notified someone approaching your house. Good product except you can’t use it properly unless you subscribe to their service. It cost enough so you should be able to control notification properly.

        2. Normand Dupuis says:

          I live in Canada. What are your monthly rates in Canada after the 6 months. I purchased the maximus camera floodlight at Costco



          1. Editor says:

            Hi Normand,

            We’d recommend reaching out to Kuna directly for specific pricing info in Canada after 6 months.

        3. Miss kay says:

          I’m using kuna security light in Ghana west Africa can i still subscribe to the monthly packages.

          1. Editor says:

            Hi Miss Kay,
            The packages are only available in the U.S. and Canada.

        4. Tena Gaines says:

          where are the bad reports. I know that every product that ask for feedback, have replies that are good and bad. It is alright to listen them both and let the customer choice for themselves. So far I am please with the item.

        5. Joey DeBlanc says:

          I have had a set of these lights for just about two years. I have the one with the camer and a companion light. The “smart” features on both lights have both quit working and Kuna said sorry, but they only have a one year warranty. I will not replace them with a Kuna product. It’s sad too, because I really loved the product, until now.

        6. Darin says:

          I do not see any way to recommend these. I initially bought three security lights and one companion light. When the floodlight became available I bought one of those also. Over a period of about 18 months the companion light broke and was replaced under warranty, one of the security lights quit linking with my router, and the lens in the flood light clouded over and was not useful. I ended up selling the house with the two working security lights installed and cancelled my subscription.

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