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7.3 SecureScore™
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Get smart with Kuna. This DIY home security system is built around smart, stylish devices. The basic plan includes a live video feed in HD, smart detection, two-way talk, two-hour event look back, and more. While there’s no contracts or monthly fees, Kuna’s paid options allow you to tap into fancy AI technology and other premium features. And with a 60-day money-back guarantee…Kuna Matata. Dad jokes aside, see what the experts say in our Kuna review.

  • DIY install process
  • Basic features are free
  • Affordable monthly plans
  • 60-day money back guarantee

  • High upfront cost for equipment
  • Limited hardware choices
  • No contact sensors
  • Limited smart home functionality


Kuna’s home security service and hardware revolve around a preventative approach, designed to give customers peace of mind. The company started in 2012 and offered a range of easy to install home security devices.

You can use the hardware without paying a monthly fee. Kuna’s basic plan includes a live video feed in HD, smart detection, 3 video downloads per month, two-way talk and 2-hour event look back, among other features. The paid plan expands Kuna’s functionality through a powerful AI technology that offers intelligent, contextual notifications. You also get unlimited downloads and a longer time to look back at events.

Kuna’s equipment includes a smart security light and camera, a smart floodlight and camera, and a device that can connect to your existing light fixtures. You control the system through the Kuna app, which is user-friendly and gives you full control over your security wherever you are.

Features and Technology

Kuna AI

The hardware is relatively simple, but the AI technology is where it really shines. The system is able to identify different objects and only notify you when significant activity occurs. You won’t have your phone buzzing all day because a car passed by your house, for example. It’s also capable of identifying a single person compared to a group of people, marking unusual activity and other useful details. Only users with a paid plan have access to this feature.

Smart Home Integration

If you want to add Kuna security hardware into a home that already has smart technology, these devices integrate with Alexa, Google Assistant, and other popular smart home devices.

Kuna App Control

The Kuna App acts as your control panel for the home security system. You can react straight from the lock screen when your cameras detect problematic activity. The user-friendly interface allows you to quickly choose your actions, such as turning on the two-way intercom or contacting 911. You get an HD live stream view at any time too.

You have a few ways to communicate with the people near your Kuna devices. A standard push-to-talk feature is available, but you can also set up automated greetings, create pre-recorded messages and set off a 100 dBA siren.

The device automatically starts recording footage starting from 10 seconds before a registered disturbance. You receive a mobile notification when something of note happens.

The app uses a timeline style to present any events, with automatic creation of animated thumbnails. This design makes it quick and easy to scroll through and find anything that you’re looking for. You can also authorize family members to view the video streams and take action as necessary.

The app is supported on Android and iOS devices.

Ease of Use

You would be hard-pressed to find a home security system that’s easier to install and work with than Kuna. The devices have a straightforward installation process that you can easily do yourself, and the app walks you through the configuration process.

Customer Service

You have access to phone and email-based customer service for any assistance with your home security system. These options are fairly limited compared to other companies, but they only deal with security concerns, so the service quality is good.


Kuna is pricey to get started with, as you don’t get any devices included with the paid plan. Depending on how much equipment you need to cover your property adequately, you could be looking at hundreds or thousands of dollars to get started. You are protected by a 60-day money back guarantee if Kuna ends up not working for you.

On the plus side, you get a lot of features without needing to pay for a subscription. The long-term savings add up when you consider the total cost of ownership for other home security systems. You pay for what you want, rather than going all in with a setup that you may not utilize fully.

The free plan includes a live video feed, two-way talking, smart detection, two-hour event lookback, recorded messages, three video downloads per month, alarm sounding, animated thumbnails, device controls, manual recording and fast emergency services access.

Kuna offers three premium payment plans: Essential Security, Peace of Mind and Absolute Control.

Essential Security costs $7.49 per month, and you can reduce the cost to $4.99 if you pay annually. This package supports one Kuna camera, unlimited downloads, seven-day video look back, Kuna AI, lifetime theft protection and five percent off the purchase of Kuna hardware.

The Peace of Mind plan is $14.99 per month or $9.99 per month if you pay annually. You get everything with the lower tier plan, plus you can have four Kuna cameras, two-weeks of lookback and 10 percent off equipment purchases.

Absolute Control is $29.99 per month or $19.99 if paying annually. This plan is for homeowners who want eight Kuna cameras, an entire month of looking back at video footage and 15 percent off equipment purchases.

Kuna offers a 14-day trial of the mid-tier plan, Peace of Mind, to give you the opportunity to test out premium features.

If you end up paying annually to enjoy the cost savings but find that Kuna’s home security isn’t right for you, you can cancel whenever you want. The company prorates your payment and returns the rest to you. Should anyone steal your Kuna cameras and devices, they will deactivate the hardware and send you a free replacement.

Overall, Kuna offers a straightforward and transparent service that has a lot going for it with the free and premium plans. While the hardware cost is significant, you get a full feature set even before you explore premium options. This home security system works best for people who are looking for a no-frills option that looks natural with the rest of the house design.


Kuna does not include any hardware in the premium plans, although you do get a discount ranging from 5 percent to 15 percent depending on the tier you choose if any.

Add-on Equipment

Maximus Camera Floodlight – $249

This home security camera and floodlight can cover a lot of ground on the exterior of your home. It records in 1080p video and has motion sensing with a 270-degree detection angle and a 70-foot range. The lights are 2,400-lumen, which provides more than enough illumination to clearly record any disturbances in the covered area. The view itself is 155 degrees and wide-angle. You can zoom in the camera to get a closer look at the situation. The weatherproofing protects it against the elements, including humidity.

Maximus Smart Security Light – $179

This device acts as an all-in-one light, camera, and intercom system. You can pick from several styles to match your home’s design. Standard, contemporary and traditional options help this equipment stay hidden in plain sight. You can add companion lights for $99 each and sync the light schedules via Bluetooth. It’s weatherproof and uses your home’s Wi-Fi signal to offer you better range than a doorbell camera.

Toucan Surveillance Kit -$149

This home security camera is easy to install, as it fits into the Smart Socket accessory ($49) via USB. You can turn your light fixtures into unobtrusive security cameras. You can also control any Smart Socket via the Kuna app, which allows you to set up smart lights throughout the house.


Kuna is an excellent home security option for people that prefer contract-free systems and don’t mind paying for the equipment upfront. The available equipment covers standard home security needs and the premium plan delivers a useful AI feature that cuts down on false alarms and other frustrations. Kuna is limited in options, but what it does have available is done very well.

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  1. Avatar Chris Henley says:

    I purchased Kuna on June 13, 2017 (actually purchased three) and setup was easy. Worked great until I changed my WiFi SSID and that was it. Turns out the device uses the Bluetooth to connect first time to set up the WiFi connection. To my surprise, the Bluetooth stopped working and I was not able to communicate to the light to get the Wifi setup. Now I just have a really expensive light. Not sure when the Bluetooth stopped working but the warranty only covers the first 12 months. So I needed to make this discovery in the first twelve months or that was it. Called support and was told, “sorry, you are past the twelve months and there is nothing we can do”. Really disappointed with the product and the support. I recommend the Ring at this point.

    1. Avatar SafeHome says:

      Thanks for the comment Chris. We’ll take note of this.

      1. Avatar Torres says:

        I am experiencing the exact same thing. Very disappointing… Ive have been very happy with this product up until this point.

    2. Avatar John Smith says:

      I am just experiencing the same thing. Nothing they can do unless you sign up for their monthly plan then pay $16 for shipping on top of that. Ridiculous…

  2. Avatar Bob Bachler says:

    I am going through the same thing as comment above and on same time line as ownership bought in late 2016 was told same thing 5/7/19 The same script. change the Wi-fi

  3. Avatar Brett Anderson says:

    Not worth it.

    You need to pay a monthly subscription to access anything. You have no option for local storage of footage (absolutely asinine).

    Camera is embedded too deep in the fixture. With my light less than 3ft from the side of my door, I can enter and exit the door with the camera never seeing me. Cannot rotate the “eyeball” enough to cover the actual door.

    Not at all compatible with any home automation systems either.

    Mounting screws are not central on the back plate, so if you are replacing an existing light, you will find the light mounts low and is not aesthetically pleasing if there is existing trim work.

    Strongly suggest you pass.

    1. Avatar Norka Ramos says:

      I agreed with you

  4. Avatar Kurt Miller says:

    I’ve been a very satisfied Kuna client for years. I’ve switched wifi numerous times, but I discovered years ago to separate my 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz signals into different wifi names so I can pick and choose. The Kuna works best with the 2.4Ghz, and if you chose that one specifically, most of your issues are solved. Hope this helps.

  5. Avatar Gia says:

    Purchased Kuna about a year ago and its never had a single issue, if anything its giving us to many notifications it detects. Excellent investment to protect who comes to the door.

  6. Avatar Lee says:

    The good – The camera is not noticeable, and once on your network, the app makes monitoring very easy. It’s a very reliable way to monitor what’s going on around your home.

    The bad –
    It’s expensive… a little “too” expensive for the things it does not offer…. like, they NEED to offer streaming (and break in) to a smart TV, or to Firestick, so that when an event is triggered, say “someone” at the front door, that should be seen on THE most watched item of any house… the TV. Also, there should be better integration with Alexa or Smartthings.

  7. Avatar Terry M Agnew says:

    I had the same issue with one of my cameras but i had purchased warranty through Amazon and they sent me another camera ASAP no questions ask. My gripe is after the first year of use i noticed that all of my cameras at the same time; sensitivity went from 20-30 feet to 3 feet and are still the same to date. I am very disappointed with this companies rouge practices to adjust my cameras to save server space that i pay for yearly..Yes I think that they are doing it because they can’t deliver the same quality of service to all customers and not prevent overload to their servers that store video. What is it to them what clips i want to save and how hot i want my sensitivity adjusted? After all I’m paying a pretty penny yearly for a piss poor service….Angrily T. Agnew

  8. Avatar Paul says:

    I have had the smart security light for 1.5 years. One morning I got the solid red light of death and that was it. I suspect a bad firmware update may have bricked the device. There is no way to reverse it. Maximus offered to replace it even though it was out of warranty. I was very pleased about this but now I’m getting the runaround with cut and paste responses in emails. Customer service line is overseas and agents are hard to understand.

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