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Note: Google has discontinued Nest Secure. So we recommend checking out our list of the best home security systems to explore your options.

If you're looking for the best possible home security company for your needs you will first need to determine what your needs are, then take a look at other available options you might not have considered. Then you can narrow down your choices by studying reviews and online comparisons of each.

Overview: Nest vs Vivint

Vivint and Nest (whose parent company is Google) are both nationally, well-known home security companies. Vivint is a 100% wireless installation and Nest's system is almost completely wireless except for the wired Guard hub that must be placed on a flat surface near the door you use most often.

  1. Vivint requires professional installation, but there's no charge for that service. The Nest system is a quick and easy DIY installation.
  2. Vivint offers both indoor and outdoor cameras; however, the Nest Secure starter kit doesn't offer any security cameras at all. So if you want security cameras, you will need to purchase the Nest Cam video cameras separately.
  3. Vivint offers a lifetime warranty and the Nest Secure has a limited two-year warranty.
  4. Vivint is more affordable than Nest Secure and has quite a few more included features than Nest. In addition, Vivint will professionally install your system for free.
  5. Vivint requires a 4-, to 5-year contract. If you choose to have your Nest system monitored they do have a month-to-month or a three-year contract available.

Similarities: Vivint vs Nest

There are a few similarities between Vivint and Nest. However, Vivint is a more traditional home security company, whereas the Nest offerings are more of a buy the basic package (which is quite expensive) then add on additional features you like, each for an additional cost on top of what you already paid for the basic Nest Secure.

  • Both offer remote access via a mobile app.
  • Vivint and Nest both offer indoor/outdoor security cameras; however, Nest's security cameras are sold separately and not included in any one package, they are an add-on.
  • Both companies offer monitoring services with varying contracts and prices.
  • Both offer intelligent sensors and a wide variety of smart home automation features.
  • Both will send an alert to your phone if motion is detected.

Differences: Vivint vs Nest

If you like the thought of buying a home security package, then Vivint might be a better choice. However, if you would prefer to pay for a basic package then add on the options you want, then Nest might be a better fit; however, you will ultimately pay more overall by doing so. There are also some differences in the contract requirements depending on which company you choose.

  • Vivint requires you to sign a 4-, to 5-year contract, whereas Nest offers a 3-year contract or you can choose their month-to-month option.
  • Vivint's security system requires professional installation, whereas Nest's Secure system is completely a DIY installation.
  • Vivint offers a lifetime warranty and Nest Secure only offers a limited 2-year warranty.
  • Overall the Nest system is much more expensive than other products on the market. And, if you decide to add anything else, or opt for monitoring, your overall costs will skyrocket.


Vivint home security packages include cellular and landline options with their service. They also offer indoor and outdoor security cameras, a doorbell camera with a two-way voice feature, remote mobile access, many home automation features, and some environmental disaster protection features as well.

Nest Secure (which is their basic package) comes with a multi-function Nest Guard hub that integrates a siren, motion sensor, and a keypad, as well as two Nest Detect motion detectors and two Nest Tag key fobs for easy activation. However, as we mentioned above, this is for the Nest Secure system which can be expanded with other Nest features, such as a Nest Cam which are the indoor/outdoor cameras or a cellular backup plan which requires a monitoring subscription, etc.


Vivint offers 4-, and 5-year nationwide contracts.

Nest Secure doesn't require a contract unless you opt for professional monitoring services. The monitoring contracts are either a month-to-month option or a 3-year monitoring commitment.


Vivint pricing is a little more clear-cut because they offer package pricing, which starts at $29.99 per month and their camera functionality option starting at $39.99 per month plus $5/mo. per camera. The Vivint system also comes with a mobile app and free installation. Additionally, they also have 0% financing options as well, if you qualify. Some restrictions apply.

Nest Secure (which is their basic, no-frills starter package) is $399. However, you can add-on just about any other feature you want for an additional cost per item. For example, extra key fobs are $25 each and the Nest Cam outdoor cameras start at $199. They also offer a cellular option which requires a monitoring subscription that starts at $24.99 per month. These prices are different from Nest's Aware subscription which starts at $10 per month for a basic, limited plan.


The Vivint equipment is wireless and installed for free. You also have a cellular or landline option, Vivint Smart Hub control panels with a 7″ touchscreen, a variety of security features which include a doorbell camera, remote door locks and garage door controls, thermostat controls, high definition indoor video recordings and outdoor video surveillance.

Nest equipment is also wireless except for the Nest Guard control hub, but the rest of the package is a wireless installation. The Nest Secure system also includes two motion detectors, two key fobs, and a keypad panel. And, as we mentioned above, Nest offers a wide variety of features you can add-on for an additional cost.


Vivint's home security system requires professional installation; however, they don't charge for that service. In addition, they don't offer any DIY installation options.

Nest Secure is a complete DIY installation; however, they include a very thorough step-by-step guide via the Nest app that walks you through the entire installation process and more. And the paring process is simple and easy to use as well.

Emergency Connections

Vivint's home security system comes with cellular connectivity and two-way voice communication features through the touchscreen panel and the doorbell as well. They also have a voice recognition feature for your security and convenience.

Nest doesn't offer any type of emergency connections except for the Nest doorbell which does include a two-way communications feature.

Summary: Nest vs Vivint

With so many choices out there it's going to take some time to narrow down your options. Vivint's home security system is top-notch and they have a solid reputation in the industry. And although their prices are a bit high, they do offer a wide variety of home security and home automation features for a comparatively lower cost than Nest. Additionally, they also provide your options in packages, whereas with Nest you have to wade through each individual option, gather the different prices and potential contract requirements for each, then try to make some sense of it all.

However, with that being said, Nest does offer top-quality hardware with plenty of room for the integration of their other products as well. So decide which products you need and which ones you don't. Then you can perform some side-by-side comparisons and read their respective reviews. This will make it easier to decide which home security company and products are right for you.

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