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Between these two security systems, our favorite is SimpliSafe.

SecureScore™: 9.3/10

SimpliSafe and Xfinity are two very well-known home security companies. Both offer high-quality equipment and effective service on a variety of levels. While Xfinity offers the convenience of bundling home security, cable, telephone, and internet, it also has the worst customer service record hands-down of any company in the industry.

Overview: SimpliSafe vs Xfinity

SimpliSafe and Xfinity both offer technologically advanced equipment that can be used with other platforms. Both are rated high in terms of efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to preventing break-ins and deterring unwanted guests on your property.

  • Xfinity requires a two-year contract with high penalties for early termination
  • SimpliSafe is installed by the customer
  • 24/professional monitoring
  • Multiple package options
  • SimpliSafe is much more transparent in terms of billing and fees

Similarities: Xfinity vs SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe and Xfinity offer high-resolution indoor/outdoor video surveillance and motion sensors. Both offer 100% wireless devices that are capable of functioning on cellular service. Each offers multiple packages and monitoring options that allow you to choose the set up that works best for you.

  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Indoor/outdoor video cameras
  • Cellular alerts
  • Remote operation through mobile apps
  • Environmental protection

Differences: Xfinity vs SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe and Xfinity are similar in the types and quality of the equipment they offer to their clients. The biggest differences can be found in their customer service departments and their pricing. SimpliSafe is extremely transparent in terms of pricing where Xfinity's bills may fluctuate from month to month without explanation.

  • Xfinity is rated as poor in terms of customer serviceable
  • SimpliSafe doesn't offer home automation options
  • Xfinity requires professional installation
  • SimpliSafe does not require a contract of any kind
  • SimpliSafe can be self-monitored


SimpliSafe is one of the simplest of the advanced home security systems. It offers environmental detection devices, entry sensors, a keychain remote, and glass break sensors. It also offers indoor/outdoor video surveillance and 24/7 monitoring that is both effective and affordable.

Xfinity offers many technologically advanced features, plus gives customers the option of bundling everything at one time including internet, cable, phone, and home security. The Xfinity system is also compatible with several other brands that allow for full home automation. They offer indoor/outdoor surveillance, entry sensors, environmental protection, as well as many other commonly offered features.


SimpliSafe does not require a contract or service agreement.

Xfinity requires a two-year contract and charges expensive fees if you try and terminate your service before your contract ends.


SimpliSafe offers several equipment packages that range in price from $230 to $500. The 24/7 professional monitoring packages they offer cost $15 a month for the Standard plan and $25 for the Interactive plan. Both require a start-up fee of $244.

If you choose to have the Xfinity system professionally installed, there is a $99 fee. The amount you owe up front will be determined by the package you choose and whether or not you opt for the professional installation. Packages start at $29.95 per month and get higher as more equipment is added. The prices increase per month after the first year of service. Discounts are available if you choose to bundle your services.


SimpliSafe's basic package includes the base station, a keypad, one motion sensor, and one entry sensor. Additional equipment can be added as desired.

One of Xfinity's more basic packages includes a touchscreen controller, a motion sensor, three entry sensors, a wireless keypad, two indoor/outdoor cameras, a smart thermostat, and two light controls. Other pieces of equipment can be purchased and added to the package as desired.


SimpliSafe is installed and set up by the customer. The entire system can be installed and operational in less than an hour.

Xfinity offers both do-it-yourself and professional installation. If professional installation is chosen, there is a $99 fee.

Emergency Connection

SimpliSafe offers a cellular connectivity, enabling the system to notify both you and local authorities in case of an emergency. You and those on your contact list will receive text or email alerts as specified. The system will send an alert to local law enforcement so that units can be dispatched to your home.

Xfinity also notifies both you and those on your list of contacts. You will be notified by the method chosen, either email or text. Alerts will also be sent to the monitoring center so that local EMS can be dispatched to your area.

Summary: SimpliSafe vs Xfinity

SimpliSafe is an excellent choice if you want simple service with technologically advanced equipment. The price is affordable and you won't be locked into a long-term contract.

If you want a technologically advanced system that you can bundle with your other home services, Xfinity is the best choice. It adds convenience, but it comes at a price.

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