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simplisafe-vs-nestNote: Google has discontinued Nest Secure. So we recommend checking out our list of the best home security systems to explore your options.

No two alarm systems are the same. You need to learn as much about each one so you can make an informed decision. The following comparison between SimpliSafe and Nest shows what both systems has to offer and gives you exactly what you need to choose the best option for your home or business.

Overview: Nest vs SimpliSafe

Both Nest and SimpliSafe systems offer wireless alarms and video surveillance of your home and property. With the Nest system, as long as appliances have a “Nest compatible” logo, the system can turn them on and off. Both systems offer multiple devices over and above what is included in their basic packages.

  1. Both SimpliSafe and Nest are similar in price
  2. Neither company requires a lengthy contract
  3. Both offer DIY installation
  4. Both SimpliSafe and Nest offer protection against intruders
  5. Both systems offer indoor video cameras
  6. Both offer outdoor video and connection to smartphones and devices

Similarities: SimpliSafe vs Nest

Here is a quick list of the similarities these two systems have.

  • Wireless system
  • Offsite, 24/7 monitoring if desired
  • Month to month options available
  • Mobile friendly with the corresponding app
  • Indoor video surveillance
  • DIY Installation option
  • Both offer smoke and CO alarms

Differences: SimpliSafe vs Nest

Both Nest and SimpliSafe are similar in price, but SimpliSafe offers many more package options that are much cheaper than Nest's Basic package.

  • Nest links to Google Home
  • SimpliSafe offers many different packages and pricing options


SimpliSafe is able to detect the threat of water damage caused by both flooding and freezing. It also monitors for potential gas leaks, while Nest is capable of detecting the presence of smoke, fire, and CO.

Both security systems can connect with other smart devices throughout the home, either through a direct connection or through the use of mutually compatible devices.

Contracts and Pricing

While the equipment is paid for upfront, the option to purchase 24/7 monitoring packages is available with both companies.

  • Nest's packages start with the basic for $399 with ongoing service ranging from $19 a month (3-year contract required with Brinks) or $29 a month for month-to-month monitoring.
  • SimpliSafe packages start at $250 up to $480. Month-to-month monitoring can be purchased for as little as $14.99 a month.
  • Systems can be financed with payments of approximately $50 to $60 a month.
  • Neither systems require a contract, but do charge for cell service connection. Plans can be switched from month-to-month to 24/7 monitoring at any time.

SimpliSafe offers a more in-depth form of coverage, but Nest is close behind and offers similar types of technology. Each system offers a variety of devices over and above those used with their basic packages. Most devices are affordable, starting at approximately $19 and increasing in price as the features become more technologically advanced.

Both SimpliSafe and Nest offer 24/7 monitoring that can be purchased from month-to-month or with a multi-year contract. Customer service reps are on call to answer any questions the consumer may have. Technicians are also available if professional help is needed for an installation.


Equipment is wireless and delivered to the home. Devices are aesthetically pleasing and blend in easily with any type of décor. Packages include several different devices for both doors and windows, as well as a home base unit and key fobs for easy on/off operation. Devices are warrantied, but additional warranty options are available. Both companies offer a variety of additional devices at affordable prices. Both Similarities and Nest offer indoor/outdoor surveillance with the use of small, easily mounted cameras. This allows you to check on your home at any time, no matter where you are. Cameras can be strategically placed in areas where intruders are most likely to go.


Both SimpliSafe and Nest offer professional installation at an additional cost. When the system arrives, everything is included for do-it-yourself installation. Instructions for installation are provided and systems can be set up in less than an hour. DIY home security systems are ideal for renters because they can be dismantled and carried from place to place. If professional installation is requested, you will have to contact the company to set up an appointment for a technician to come to your home.

Emergency Connections

Wireless home security systems can make contact with emergency personnel through Wi-Fi, cell service or a connected landline. Both systems offer all three.

While landlines are easily damaged, the cell chip that is placed in the control panel or base is normally protected. Internet service can be disrupted by weather or damage to power lines. Both SimpliSafe and Nest offer landline options but require a cell connection if mobile alerts are turned on.

It's important to remember that cell backup may not be available in all services areas. Before purchasing any type of home security alarm system contact the company to determine whether or not your area has the type of coverage needed to support the system.

Summary: Nest vs SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe and Nest home security systems work well for both homeowners and renters. They are easy to install and offer a wide range of services and features to protect your home from theft, environmental hazards, and other issues that often occur within the home. Both offer a wide range of products and packages that are affordably priced that can be easily financed. Both companies are affordable and offer ideal features that many homeowners and renters are looking for. The choice of which one will work best in your home is up to you and will be based on your needs.

SimpliSafe offers five different security packages and a variety of other devices that can be added if you want to customize your system. With its easy DIY instructions, your unit can be up and running in less than an hour.

If you want simple and affordable home security and home automation, the Nest system can be a great option.

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