Rob Gabriele

If you are a business owner, it's your responsibility to protect your business, team, customers, and inventory. And the only way you can effectively do that is to install a top-quality alarm system that suits your particular business needs.

We have spent countless hours researching alarm systems for businesses to help you get past all the noise by providing you with side-by-side comparisons, highlighting the most important details, and even the pros and cons of each brand. Having this information will help you make an educated decision about which brand is best suited for your business. Here is an overview of the Ring Alarm for business.

Why Ring Alarm for Business?

As you probably already know, Ring Alarm started as just a video doorbell which became extremely popular in a record amount of time. From there, Ring Alarm has grown into one of the most popular alarm systems on the market today here and around the world. In fact, the inventor describes it as having caller-ID for your front door. The main goal of the Ring inventor was to reduce crimes in neighborhoods. And now, Ring has grown into an entire easy to install DIY alarm system that can also be used to protect your business as well.

Does Ring Alarm Have Business Specific Alarm Systems?

Unfortunately, Ring doesn't offer an alarm system that has been specifically designed for businesses as yet. However, the equipment they have can easily be used to protect your home, as well as your business. One thing to keep in mind here, though, is that Ring's security system kits are mostly designed with residential settings in mind, so you'll likely need to build your system from scratch. And one more thing: While Ring now professionally monitors commercially zoned properties for security threats, they are yet to get their license to professionally monitor for fire and carbon monoxide. That means that even if you have Ring smoke and CO listeners installed, you'll need to self-monitor via the Ring companion app.

Ring Alarm Options for Business Owners

The Ring Alarm options for business owners are the same as they are for residential alarm systems. This is because Ring doesn't offer dedicated business alarm systems. However, Ring is a great option for business owners on a budget. This is because you don't have to pay an alarm company to install complicated wiring and alarm systems as you can easily install the Ring system and monitor it yourself using the companion mobile app. And if activity is detected, the Ring Alarm system will send an alert directly to your mobile device so you can respond accordingly.

The Ring equipment works well with other Ring devices and are perfect for protecting your business. They have the Ring security floodlights, spotlights, and environmental disaster protections for things like smoke, carbon monoxide, water (flood and freeze sensors), and more.

Ring also offers a variety of smart features that would be great for your business. Products such as smart deadbolts, electronic touchpad deadbolts, and more with Z-Wave capabilities.

Features and Benefits of a Ring Alarm for Businesses

Ring Alarm has so many options and features that it would be impossible to list them all here. So we will just mention those that would be most beneficial for business use.

Ring offers several Ring Alarm security kits, with the five-piece kit being the smallest and most affordable at $159.99. That being said, most small businesses would benefit from the upgraded Ring Alarm Pro, which has a base station that doubles as a Wi-Fi router. The router feature is powered by eero, a well-known, secure router manufacturer. The eight-piece Ring Alarm Pro kit comes with a base station, keypad, motion sensor, range extender, and four door/window sensors. It costs only $299.99, so not bad. There's a larger, 14-piece kit for bigger establishments that includes a base station, two keypads, two motion sensors, eight door/window sensors and one range extender. This one costs $379.99.

Additionally, Ring offers a wide variety of add-on equipment as well, so you can easily buy extra components to fit your specific business needs. All you have to do from there is plug in your base station, connect the components, and control everything using the keypad and/or the Ring app. Then Ring will send you an alert when any of the sensors are triggered.

The Ring system also comes with a 24-hour battery backup to keep your business protected even if the power goes out. They also offer an optional cellular backup to keep your business covered if your system ever goes offline. And, all the Ring equipment comes with a one-year warranty.

Additionally, if you want to fully protect your business, you can add-on the environmental protection devices as well. You can purchase flood and freeze sensors for a relatively low cost of $35/ea. to protect your business from flooding and freezing pipes which will result in lowering your risk of downtime, insurance costs and repairs, as well as ruining any of your sensitive equipment and data. The same goes for the smoke and CO detectors that can also be purchased for $35/ea.

Another great feature Ring has that would be a great asset to any business is their panic button, and they are also $35/ea. This feature while it won't connect to a monitoring center, your employees can push the panic button in the event of an emergency to alert others to call for help or to vacate the building. Ring also has a dome siren that is armed with flashing LED lights and a 105-decibel speaker that will amplify your Ring Alarm's siren.

And last but not least, if you have a business, you will probably need to install security cameras to protect your business, employees, customers, and to protect yourself from liability. Ring has several security camera options that come in the form of a Spotlight Cam and a Floodlight Cam, as well as a solar option if that interests you.