Best Home Security Systems in Las Vegas, NV

If you are a Vegas resident and are looking for a home security system, you have come to the right place! Check out our list of the best home security systems in Las Vegas.

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For strong local customer service and a range of options, turn to ADT. Authorized ADT dealers in Las Vegas know your neighborhood and can create a custom security solution for your home. Choose from several price points and package options.

System Features

  • Wireless or hardwired
  • Pro or DIY installation
  • Intrusion protection
  • SMART emergency response
  • Home automation

Best For:

  • Renters
  • Homeowners
  • Techies
  • Elderly
  • Rural


Frontpoint will keep your home or apartment and car protected from car thieves and burglars in Vegas. They sell competitively priced outdoor and indoor wireless security equipment including garage sensors and cameras. Renter-friendly installation gives Frontpoint an edge in Vegas...

System Features

  • 100% Wireless
  • LTE Cellular Connection With Wi-Fi Backup
  • DIY Installation
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Custom Scenes
  • Indoor and Outdoor Cameras
  • Environmental Protection
  • Remote Controls

Best For:

  • Renters
  • Homeowners
  • Techies
  • Military
  • DIY


With Vivint’s high-end smart security equipment, you can easily beat the Vegas heat and protect your home from rising property crime rates. The Vivint App gives you complete control over your home’s thermostat, smart lock, lights, security cameras and control...

System Features

  • Wireless & Cellular
  • Professional Installation
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Environmental Protection
  • Remote Control

Best For:

  • Homeowners
  • Pet Owners
  • Techies
  • Travelers
  • Elderly

Top 3 Highest Reviewed Las Vegas
Home Security Systems

  1. ADT – ADT can monitor your home using your current security system or the one it installs. Choose from a variety of installation options and services.
  2. Frontpoint – Frontpoint is a DIY home security system that keeps you safe and in control of your home. It’s well liked for its high-quality customer service and creative product line.
  3. Vivint – Vivint uses a higher-end “smart security” system to safeguard against intruders, prevent environmental damage, and make life more convenient.
Travis Goodreau Best Home Security Systems in Las Vegas, NV If you are a Vegas resident and are looking for a home security system, you have come to the right place! Check out our list of the best home security systems in Las Vegas.

Despite efforts from local police, property crime incidents in Las Vegas are on the rise.  Don’t let this deter you from staying in or moving to this major resort city. A home security system can help protect your home and family so that you can all enjoy everything Vegas has to offer.

However, not all home security systems are alike. You need a system that fits your home, your budget, and your needs. In Vegas, you’ll find DIY and high-end monitoring security systems and services. Plus, there’s the option of smart home hub capabilities.

1. ADT

ADT Security has a longstanding reputation as the largest home security provider in the United States and Canada. Why does their size matter? It’s worth noting because studies have shown that a recognized home security logo on your house can prevent up to 60% of break-ins. Brand recognition along with their wide range of services and customization options make them a top choice for many Las Vegas homeowners. Already have your own equipment? You can even use their monitoring services for as little as $20 per month.

When comparing home security systems, you’ll quickly realize that ADT offers a lot. Their five security plans range from $36.99 to $52.99 per month. All packages include at least the following equipment: a control panel, a keychain remote, three entry sensors, one infrared motion sensor, a high-decibel siren, a backup battery, a yard sign, and window decals.

It’s important to note that the lower tier Essentials and Essentials Plus plans only use landlines to send alerts. They provide essential protection with burglar alarm systems but without cameras. With landline use on the decline in Las Vegas, these lower tier, more affordable plan options aren’t available for a large number of residents.

For comparison, ADT’s highest tier plan, Premium Protection with ADT Plus, works with cameras and other add-on equipment. Residents living in North Vegas, where burglary is common, would benefit most from the use of ADT security cameras. Just seeing a camera outside or inside your home can scare off a potential burglar. Their top tier plan also supports home automation like centralized control for lighting and thermostats. You can disarm your system, turn off lights, change the thermostat, and access cameras all on your smart phone. This plan along with their Total Protection and Total Protection Plus plans use Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity.

To use ADT, you’ll have to sign a three-year contract and agree to professional installation. Installation is free, but you do need to set aside time for a technician visit. ADT also authorizes independent dealers. What does this mean for you? It means that customer service can vary based on location. In Vegas, there are several ADT authorized dealers. These dealers know your neighborhood and can help you choose the right plan and equipment for your home.

ADT’s services extend beyond the home too, catering to Las Vegas’ growing senior population. They offer add-on medical bracelets with GPS tracking. This is a great option for seniors or those with serious medical conditions. It makes it easy for emergency personnel or household members to locate the person in need.

Overall, ADT has great name recognition and a wide range of options for Las Vegas residents. It’s also easy to find local help. In a lot of cases, a home security system is only as good as the service behind it, which is a big reason why ADT is our top choice for the Vegas market. For homeowners on a budget however, ADT can get pricy unless you have a landline, and in Vegas, odds are that you don’t.

2. Frontpoint

Frontpoint has stellar 24-hour customer service and an innovative product line. Unlike many of their competitors, they use highly competitive pricing. This means customers with higher credit scores can snag the best deals. To qualify for their lowest pricing, you need to be a homeowner, have a 600+ credit score, and sign a three-year-contract. If that’s you, going with Frontpoint is a smart move.

Frontpoint is also a great choice for car owners. Given the influx of tourists each year, auto theft rates are historically high in Vegas. You might think of back alleys or busy parking lots as the place for car hijacking, but a lot of times, it happens right in the owner’s driveway. Frontpoint has add-on outdoor cameras and garage door sensors that can help deter and catch potential thieves.

Other Frontpoint equipment includes a touchscreen control panel, peel-and-stick door and window sensors, a keychain remote, motion sensors, and a smoke/heat sensor. The plan you choose determines what equipment you’ll get, but you can always add on additional pieces. You’ll choose between two equipment bundles and three monitoring plans. Plans range from $34.99 to $49.99 per month.

Make note that Frontpoint does require a long-term contract. Homeowners must sign on for three years and renters can only sign on for one. Since their contract is shorter, renters aren’t eligible for the equipment bundles or steep credit score discounts. If you’re hesitant, take comfort in knowing that you can try Frontpoint out risk-free for 30 days.

With Frontpoint, you also don’t have to worry about technicians entering your home. Their home security system takes just 30 minutes to install yourself. Not only is this cost-effective, but it also means you can install Frontpoint on a whim. This makes Frontpoint a great option for neighborhoods like Cultural Corridor and Downtown East where property crime is more densely concentrated. Plus, they even offer overnight or two-day shipping, so you don’t have to delay your desire to make your home or apartment more secure.

Frontpoint is convenient and sells a lot of top-notch security equipment. However, you likely won’t be able to get their lowest prices. In 2018, 48% of Las Vegas residents lived in a rented apartment or home. This number is only expected to increase in the coming years. This is a big reason why we’ve ranked Frontpoint at No. 2. Although they do offer competitive pricing, the best prices aren’t available to renters. If you do own your own home, Frontpoint is worth checking out.

3. Vivint

Vivint caters to those with medium and higher budgets for home security. Their push for home automation helps justify the added cost. With their top two plans, you can arm your system, turn down your lights, and lock the door with just your voice. You can even create the illusion that you’re home by speaking to those on your doorstep remotely through the app.

Vivint advertises three different monitoring plans. All three include a Vivint Smart Hub seven-inch touchscreen control panel, entryway sensors, one or more motion detectors, and one or more environmental sensors. Top plans come with video cameras and home automation add-ons like smart locks, smart thermostats, and doorbell cameras.

You can control all of Vivint’s home automation features like AC, lamps, smart locks, and small appliances with your Amazon Echo or with the Vivint mobile phone app. This includes the Vivint Element thermostat. Simply open up the app for complete control over your home’s AC system. In Vegas, where 74 days per year reach 100°F, this add-on is priceless. Forget to lower your AC when you leave the house? No problem! Vivint will let you know, and you can adjust the thermostat right from your phone to help cut back on your energy bill.

Given the higher cost, Vivint offers two Vivint Flex Pay financing plans. These monthly plans make it so that you can eventually own the security equipment. Homeowners and renters are eligible for the plans. You’ll also need a credit score of at least 600. A large number of people in Vegas will qualify for Vivint’s financing plans since Vegas is one of the U.S. cities with the highest credit scores. Residents have an average credit score of 714, so Vivint has an edge as far as price goes. If you don’t have a strong credit history or don’t want to own the equipment, don’t count out Vivint. You can just go with their lower-cost monitoring-only contract. Monitoring costs $20 to $60 per month.

No matter how you pay for it, you’ll need to sign on for a four or five year contract. To break the contract, you can either pay the balance in full or transfer your contract to another homeowner.  Already have a contract with another home security company? Vivint salespersons can offer a buyout to cover up to 12 months of your old contract.

Unlike some of the other home security options in Las Vegas, Vivint isn’t fully DIY. You can install the basic package yourself, but with the higher tiers, you’ll need to pay for installation. This isn’t as inconvenient as it sounds though. Vivint is known to have special offers that waive the $250 installation fee.

In a nutshell, Vivint offers innovative equipment and home automation services that keep up with modern technology. If you’re all about home automation and have a qualifying credit score, Vivint is a safe bet. If customer service is a priority, you may want to look elsewhere. Vivint’s local Las Vegas reviews aren’t the best. That’s a big reason for their No. 3 ranking.

Other Local Las Vegas Home Security Systems

National home security systems are tried and true, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re any better than a local company. In fact, local companies know your neighborhood and can relate to your specific security concerns. Using Google and Yelp reviews, we’ve narrowed down some of the best local home security companies in Vegas. Compare them to ADT, Frontpoint, and Vivint to see what security system is right for your home.

  • Synergy Security & Solar
  • Brantley Security Systems
  • In The Sky
  • Safe and Secure Alarms and Video
  • A&B Security Group Inc.
  • Sting Alarm

The Need for Home Security in Las Vegas, Nevada

Crime Rates in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, America’s tourism capital, has a concerning crime problem. From violent crime to property crime, the rates in Las Vegas are far above the national average. This should raise your alarms if you live in Vegas. Neighborhoods like Cultural Corridor, Downtown East, and UMC have some of the highest property crime rates, so if you live there, some sort of home security system is a must-have.

Compared to other U.S. cities, general Las Vegas crime rates are high, but they have also shown improvement over the years. This is thanks to efforts made by the city and the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. A strong police presence has helped to reduce reported violent crime by 31.6% from 2016 to 2017. However, despite their best efforts, rape offenses and property crimes like arson, larceny, burglary, and motor vehicle theft are still fairly commonplace in Vegas. Unfortunately, most of these take place within the home.

Las Vegas is an exciting place to live so don’t let this crime data deter you. Home security systems can help to keep yourself, your family and your property safe. Plus, Las Vegas has a number of other local resources devoted to resident safety.

Home Security Monitoring Services in the Las Vegas, Nevada Area

No matter where you live, you want your family and home to be safe when you lock the doors at night or go out of town. Home security services help to provide that peace of mind, but they don’t work alone. These services depend on community resources like emergency responders and city safety initiatives. In Las Vegas, a city with a high crime rate, those resources are even more important.

Las Vegas Emergency Response Data

Las Vegas is equipped to deal with any emergency that arises. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) employs more than 3,500 full-time police and corrections officers and 191 dispatchers. The police force includes S.W.A.T team members, a K-9 unit, detectives, mounted patrol, and a CSI team. Department bureaus include Abuse/Neglect, Communications, Crime Scene Investigations, Evidence Vault, Forensic Laboratory, Gangs/Vice Bureau, Homeland Security Division, Homicide, Internet Crimes Against Children, Major Violator Section, Sexual Assault Cold Case Unit, and Traffic Bureau.

You’ll find LVMPD stations and officers spread across the Las Vegas and Clark County area. Locate your neighborhood police station here. The entire force serves roughly 1.5 million Las Vegas residents and 42 million tourists each year. The high number of tourists and well-known reputation of Las Vegas makes the officers’ work even more crucial.

With such a large service area, it’s no surprise that the department handles more than four million service and 911 calls each year. The LVMPD has a self-reported average response time of 6 minutes for priority calls like robberies in progress or shootings. This is much better than the national average police response time of 11 minutes. Should you ever need the police to come to your home, be assured that they’ll make it there swiftly.

Firefighters have a strong presence in Las Vegas too. The Las Vegas Fire & Rescue (LVFR) operates 20 fire stations, 20 paramedic engine companies, six ladder truck companies, and 22 ambulances. They can also handle bomb, chemical, building collapse, and hazmat situations. LVFR serves 610,000 residents and a few million visitors each year. Whether you’re dealing with a collapsed roof, arson incident, or carbon monoxide situation, the Las Vegas fire department is there to help. For updates on the LVFR, visit the county’s news release page here.

False Alarm Policy in Vegas

Home security systems protect your home from burglaries, weather-related incidents, and home fires. Unfortunately, you will need more than just an automatic alarm system to get help from the Las Vegas Fire Department or Las Vegas Metro Police Department.

Many cities have a fee-based false alarm policy. Your alarm goes off for no apparent threat, police and/or firefighters respond to this false alarm, and you must pay a fine. Las Vegas follows a different model. The LVPMD and LVFD do not respond to fire or burglar alarms triggered by a home security system. Instead, they require a ‘verified response’. This means verbal verification from the homeowner, a home security company after they examine video surveillance, or a guard dispatched to your home by a home security company.

ADT and Frontpoint both have a guard dispatch service. These companies can send an armed guard to your home to check out the situation and dispatch police if needed. Given the unusual false alarm policy in Vegas, those guard services are invaluable, especially if you travel a lot. Although Vivint does not offer this service, they can listen for signs of intrusion using your control panel.

Las Vegas’ fire alarm policy has not been widely received by national authorities on home safety, but it seems to be working. Since implementing the policy, Vegas firefighters have reported no problems. They have promptly responded to real fires and are saving valuable resources that were once wasted by responding to false alarms.

Las Vegas Safety Resources

Outside of its emergency response departments, the city of Las Vegas employs other methods to keep residents, workers, and tourists safe.

On the Alert System

To help with environmental protection and safety, Las Vegas utilizes an On the Alert System. This opt-in system will email, call, and/or text you when an emergency, like a bad storm, is reported near your home address. You’ll know what’s going on so that you can make informed decisions about your family’s safety. If you live in an area with frequent alerts, you may want to consider adding water sensors to your home security plan.

During registration, you’ll provide a telephone number and an address. Calls may contain anything from storm warnings to evacuation instructions and all of them will be relevant to your area. Emergency management, law enforcement, and fire departments in Clark County all have access to the Southern Nevada On the Alert System. If your line is busy when a call comes in, the system will call back in five minutes. This ensures that landline users won’t miss out on important information.

To opt in to the system, visit the registration page here. You can opt out at any time and choose to opt in again at any time.

Neighborhood Watch

Crime Prevention Specialists in the LVMPD help to organize Neighborhood Watch groups. This program encourages neighbors to work together and with local police to create safer neighborhoods. Residents look out for one another and report suspicious activity to the police. Since Vegas law enforcement and fire departments require a verified response, Neighborhood Watch groups are essential. It’s great to know that your neighbors are looking out for you, especially if your security system doesn’t have outdoor or garage sensors or cameras.

Want to join a Neighborhood Watch group? Call the Area Command that provides a police presence in your neighborhood and ask for the Crime Prevention Specialist. You can also find your Crime Prevention Specialist’s name and contact information here. They can help you join an existing group or create a new one. Most groups host regular neighborhood patrol meetings to discuss local crime and exchange ideas about crime reduction.

Educational Material

The LVMPD’s website features plenty of information about crime prevention. All of it is specific to life in Las Vegas. You’ll find helpful tips on home security, burglary prevention, and vacation safety. Use the information found there to keep your family and home safe and to help you decide on the best home security system features for your area.

ReportIt Citizen Property Inventory System

Local police in Vegas recommend that you use the ReportIt Citizen Property Inventory System run by LeadsOnline. This initiative encourages residents to register any new purchases and other valuable items online. Police use the system to help find your stuff in case of a burglary. The website stores item descriptions, serial numbers, pictures, and scans of receipts. All of this information helps with identification in case you misplace an item or it’s stolen. You can also use the information if you ever need to report stolen or damaged items to your insurance company. Creating an account and using LeadsOnline is also 100% secure and free. Click here to learn more and to register.

Additional Las Vegas Security & Safety Resources

We have researched the police stations in Las Vegas, Nevada, and found the locations and phone numbers of the stations. The police stations identified include Main Station, Bolden Area Command, Enterprise Area Command, South Central Area Command, Convention Center, Area Command, Northeast Area Command, Southeast Area Command, McCarren Airport Bureau, Downtown Command Area, Northwest Area Command, and Spring Valley Area Command. In addition, we also looked at information regarding community watch programs which revealed that the Las Vegas’ police department did not publish the number of neighborhood watch program within their oversight. However, we found that there are about 553 community watch programs across Nevada. We were also able to find out that the average police emergency call response time in Las Vegas is 6.4 minutes.

Police Station Locations

Main Station
400 S. Martin L. King Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89106


Bolden Area Command
1851 Stella Lake Street
Las Vegas, Nevada 89106
This station opened in 2002.


Enterprise Area Command
6975 West Windmill Lane
Las Vegas, Nevada 89113
The Enterprise Area Command location opened in 2008.


South Central Area Command
4860 S. Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
This station opened in 2002. Its area of patrol includes McCarran International Airport.


Convention Center Area Command
750 Sierra Vista Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89169
The station opened in 2008. Its patrol includes the Las Vegas Strip corridor.


Northeast Area Command
3750 Cecile Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 89115


Southeast Area Command
3675 East Harmon Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 89121
The station opened in 2002.


McCarren Airport Bureau
Airport Bureau
5757 Wayne Newton Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89111
There are patrols located in Terminals 1 and 3 of the airport.


Downtown Command Area
621 North 9th Street
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101


Northwest Area Command
9850 West Cheyenne Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 89129
The station opened in 2008.


Spring Valley Area Command
8445 Eldora Street
Las Vegas, Nevada 89117
This station is the newest of the Las Vegas stations, opening in 2016.

Response Times

According to the LVPD annual report, the average response time for emergency calls to the department is 6.4 minutes. This time was included as it was the most recent available information which we were able to find within the limit of our research. Also, information specific to response time for home invasion was not found.

Neighborhood Watch

Throughout Nevada, there are 553 neighborhood watch programs, the third highest in the nation in relation to population. The Las Vegas police department does not provide a figure for how many neighborhood watch programs are in its area of oversight. An attempt was made to search for and count the number of neighborhood watch programs from the National Neighborhood Watch Programs website, but the results returned when filtered still included the entire nation and the website would not filter by city or zip code. A third attempt was made to find a count utilizing The National Neighborhood Watch Institute. However, this yielded no figures for Las Vegas. Las Vegas news station websites and reports were also checked in hopes that these would report figures for the city or allow a way to calculate the total number of community watch groups in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, this method did not reveal any such figures aside from the state-wide number mentioned above.

Las Vegas Property Crime and Burglary Data

Year Property Crime Burglary
2017 47,896 13,102
2016 46,000 12,500
2015 46,791 14,876
2014 44,754 14,150
2013 47,968 14,785
2012 46,427 14,220
2011 41,426 12,662
2010 43,219 13,824
2009 47,668 13,512
2008 53,160 14,902
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