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One of the first things we noticed about Zander Insurance was that it has the endorsement of finance guru Dave Ramsey. We weren’t about to take anyone’s word for it, though (not even Dave Ramsey’s), so we tested Zander Insurance out for ourselves. We found that the company serves up impressive identity theft protection with a healthy side of educational resources.

We like that Zander is a family-owned business with affordable plans. We wish that there was a better mobile app included in the deal, though, and that Zander’s monitoring options offered more coverage. But as The Rolling Stones always say, you can’t always get what you want!1 If you’re looking for ID theft protection, then there’s a chance Zander will work for you. But first, our testing of the service revealed some things you need to know about it — both good and bad. Don’t worry, we’re going to share it all with you right here in our in-depth Zander review.

  • All Types of Identity Theft Covered
  • Personal Identity Information Monitoring
  • Social Security Number Monitoring
  • Change of Address Monitoring
  • Court Records Monitoring
  • Customer Support and Recovery Services (24/7/365)
  • Data Breach Updates
  • $1 Million Stolen Funds and Expense Reimbursement
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Free Child Identity Theft Information Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Detection and Change Alerts Via Email
  • 100% Recovery Success Rate
  • Unlimited Recovery Services

  • Credit Report Monitoring Not Available
  • Have to Monitor Your Credit Reports Yourself
  • Email Alerts Only (no text alert option available)

You already know that privacy threats are lurking around every corner. Every time you get online or pay for something with your credit card, you’re at risk. That’s why we highly recommend that you monitor your personal information and stay on the alert for any suspicious activity. Easier said than done, right?

The thing is, tracking all of your personal information is a full-time job. That’s why we also recommend putting an identity theft monitoring service in your corner. We found Zander Insurance to be a little different from the competition in some (surprisingly) important ways. So let’s find out what the company is all about, and whether or not it’s a good fit for you.

Did You Know: Over 3 million identity theft and fraud cases were reported in 2018 alone.2

What is Zander Insurance?

Zander Insurance offers identity theft detection and recovery. In our experience, most of these services tackle the same general tasks. They take your identifying information (like your social security number) and keep an eye out for warning signs of identity theft (like a loan taken out in your name). And they’ll send you alerts to let you know if/when suspicious activity occurs. So far, Zander checks all the boxes.

We also expect identity monitoring systems to offer us something if we end up being victimized by an identity crime. We’ve found that services typically offer support and guidance during the recovery process. We’ve also come to expect insurance coverage for identity crime-related losses.

So what about Zander Insurance? Well, the company has all of these important points pretty well covered. However, we definitely sense more of a focus on the insurance side with this service, while they’re a little less robust on the identity theft monitoring side of things.

Sure, we enjoyed some monitoring with Zander, along with alert and recovery services. But we think the monitoring options are limited compared to what the competition offers. For instance, we were surprised that Zander Insurance didn’t include credit monitoring, which is a central part of identity monitoring. That said, the insurance coverage you’ll get from Zander Insurance is on-point. Focusing on insurance over monitoring isn’t necessarily a bad thing — it’s just a different approach, and it’s reflected in the low prices that really impressed us.

We should talk about Dave Ramsey, too. You probably know him as a personal finance guru — he’s got a popular radio show and he has penned a bunch of books, among other things.3 Ramsey also happens to be a fan of Zander Insurance (or at least a fan of the checks they send him for repping their brand). You’ll find his face all over the Zander website,4 and he has endorsed the service on his radio show, too. We think that makes sense, given the low price and the emphasis on insurance coverage.

Did You Know: In addition to ID theft insurance, Zander offers Life, Disability, Home, Auto, Health, Long-Term Care, and Business insurance.

You’ll also find other insurance policies available on Zander Insurance’s website. But for the purpose of really digging into the ID monitoring service, we’ll go ahead and ignore the auto policies and other types of insurance plans. Just keep in mind that Zander Insurance is the whole company, not just the identity theft protection we’ll be talking about here.

Services and Features

As mentioned, we found that insurance is Zander Insurance’s main focus (hence the name!). But we did get monitoring services included in the deal, so we’ll dive into those here. We also had access to recovery services to go with the insurance payout in the event of an identity crime, which we liked and think you’ll like, too.


Zander Insurance promised us “full-service restoration” if we were ever victimized by an identity crime. We found that “full-service restoration” basically means that Zander’s specialists will take over the annoying chores that follow any identity crime. If you’re ever victimized by a crime like this, it can be overwhelming. You’ll have to run around canceling credit cards and freezing your credit and so on in order to keep the crooks from doing more damage. Thankfully, full-service restoration was available to take care of all of this for us if our identity was stolen.

Our Zander insurance policy was there to cover us for all kinds of losses — from stolen funds to attorney fees, and so on. Zander Insurance isn’t the only identity theft company with insurance coverage, but we liked how their policy stacks up against the competition. Of course, you should always read the fine print for yourself, but we think Zander might be a good fit for folks looking for an insurance-focused ID theft protection plan.

Monitoring and Alerts

We liked what Zander offered in terms of monitoring, but we wish the service was more powerful all around. However, we think that this service makes a lot of sense if you’re looking for low-cost insurance without all of the monitoring and alert features that other (usually more expensive) services have. We’ll talk a bit more about that in our section on pricing. For now, though, let’s talk a little about the monitoring that Zander Insurance does include.

Zander Account Monitoring

Zander Account Monitoring

We were very happy to see that Zander Insurance would monitor our social security number. Your social security number is probably your single most important piece of private information, so this is a big deal. We wish that credit monitoring had been included, though. Other than tracking your social security number, credit monitoring is arguably the most important part of identity monitoring, so we had to ding Zander on this one. You’ll want to look elsewhere for monitoring, but if your main concern is insurance, this isn’t a deal-breaker.

Zander Insurance - Compromised Data Alert

Zander Insurance – Compromised Data Alert

We were happy with the rest of Zander Insurance’s monitoring services. Our account let us monitor up to ten bank accounts, our driver’s license, our passport, and up to ten retail or membership cards (like a Costco membership, for instance).

Zander Insurance also offers Social Security Number (SSN) monitoring and a decent selection of other monitoring services. If you’re a healthcare worker, you’ll be happy to know that you can also monitor your medical ID number. All in all, we were fairly impressed with the coverage. If it weren’t for the lack of credit monitoring, we would’ve really liked the service. Also note that while we were able to get alerts through our email, we couldn’t get them through Zander’s app.

Other Features

We’ve come to expect monitoring, alerts, and recovery services from these kinds of companies. We’re always happy to find more stuff included, though, and we were pleased that Zander Insurance had a few goodies tucked away. We think you will be, too.

Zander Insurance Education Center

Zander Insurance Education Center

One feature we liked was the “wallet protection” service. This let us input some basic information about our credit cards and other important things in our wallet, and it would let us cancel everything in one fell swoop if our wallet ended up in the wrong hands.

FYI: If your wallet is stolen, you might have to change your door locks! Especially if you keep a key in your wallet along with your ID, as it has your home address on it.

We really liked the “Education Center,” too. While logged in, we could access tons of tips and how-tos designed to help us spot scams and prevent identity theft. The Education Center also let us know how we could check our credit ourselves since our subscription didn’t handle that part for us. We’re pretty well-versed in this stuff and think that you should be, too. So we were glad that the Education Center was there as a resource. If you choose Zander Insurance, be sure to check out this feature.

Plans and Pricing

If there’s one thing we liked most about this service, it was the pricing. We found Zander to be a great way to pick up some serious insurance protection for relatively little cash. No wonder famously-frugal Dave Ramsey is into this service.

Let’s take a look at what’s offered by Zander Insurance’s plans.

Individual plan:

  • 24/7/365 customer service
  • Social Security number monitoring
  • Change-of-address monitoring
  • Personal information monitoring (including driver’s license monitoring, medical ID monitoring, and more)
  • Financial accounts monitoring
  • Full-service identity restoration
  • $1 million in insurance coverage for identity theft losses
  • Lost wallet protection

Family plan:

  • All of the above, plus monitoring for your children (up to 18 years of age)

We had the option of paying for either of these plans on a monthly basis or annually. As you’ll see, the annual plan saves you a little bit of money compared to the monthly version.

  • Individual plan: $6.75 per month OR $75 per year
  • Family plan: $12.90 per month OR $145 per year

In our view, these are amazing prices. We’re used to seeing costs of $20 per month and up for some of these services, so we’re big fans of the low prices that you see here. But there’s a clear trade-off. You won’t be getting the credit monitoring that most other services offer, but you’ll be paying less, and you’ll still be covered by the insurance and recovery features that we were impressed with.

User Experience with Zander

We’ve talked about what Zander gave us in our subscription. Now let’s talk about how it felt to use all of those features.

First, we found it easy to sign up for Zander Insurance and to log into our new account. We liked the web app, which was sleek and full of most of the features we’ve come to expect from these services. Our main page showed us alerts and a list of all of our monitoring information. Clicking on other tabs, we could check out the recovery services, lost wallet services, and the Education Center.

We also performed a deep-dive exploration of Zander’s mobile app. Though from the start we had a little trouble finding the right app. We scrolled past one that was for Zander’s other insurance products, then downloaded the Zander app with “ID Theft” in the name. However, that one turned out to be only for group benefit programs. So keep that in mind! Thankfully, we found the right app in the end.

Zander Insurance Mobile App Search

Zander Insurance Mobile App Search

With the Zander ID Theft Protection app, we could read our messages, check out our account and subscription details, and access other services on a tab called “More.” Overall, we found the app to be fairly basic compared to what we’re used to seeing. We think you’ll find that it gets the job done, but the user experience is nothing to write home about. One thing we did like, though, is that we could set up the app to log us in using Apple’s Face ID.5

Zander Insurance Mobile App Messages

Zander Insurance Mobile App Messages

We didn’t have a ton of reasons to keep checking on our account, though. Without credit scores to look at, we think you’ll generally treat Zander as more of a “set it and forget it” sort of identity theft protection measure. We think you can expect to be pretty hands-off, which means a pretty low-profile, no-frills user experience.

Our Final Thoughts

We think that Zander Insurance is a good fit for some people. But how much you’ll like it will depend on what you’re looking for. You see, this isn’t a service that is necessarily better or worse than its competitors — it’s just different. In our view, this is a service that focuses on ID theft recovery and does it pretty well at a very low price.

If you want extensive monitoring services, then we think you’re going to want to look elsewhere. We certainly didn’t find Zander’s monitoring as impressive as some of its competitors. Our main gripe is the lack of credit monitoring, which is actually really important for early detection of identity theft and fraud.

With that said, you might have some other way to check your credit. You can do it once a year for free, though we recommend you keep it monitored a bit more closely than that. If you don’t feel that you need any credit monitoring from Zander Insurance, then we think you’ll like it. It has all the recovery services and insurance coverage you’ll need, and it’s very affordable. Also, you will get some monitoring out of it, including the vital social security number monitoring.

In our view, Zander Insurance offers a really good deal on insurance coverage and recovery services for identity theft. It’s a simple “set it and forget it” measure that ensures you have a safety net if something terrible happens to your identity. So at least for insurance and recovery services, we do recommend Zander Insurance.

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