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Last Updated On: April 17, 2019
SecureScore™: 8.6 /10
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8.6 SecureScore™
Customer Service
Features & Services
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Protect a man’s identity, and he’ll be safe for a day. Teach a man to protect his own identity, and he’ll be safe for life. IDShield offers unlimited consultations to educate their customers on all things ID theft and fraud. You also get all the helpful features you’ve come to expect. IDShield offers limited plan options, but with 40+ years of experience and 1 million customers and counting, they’re a safe bet for identity protection. See what our experts say in our IDShield Review.

  • Reputation management
  • Comprehensive set of services
  • Proactive monitoring of black market sites and payday loan providers
  • Up to 10 minors are covered with Family Plan
  • Unlimited consultations with identity theft experts
  • Password manager

  • No retirement account monitoring
  • Limited plan options
  • No trial or risk-free option


IDShield starts in 1969 when the founder, Harland Stonecipher, wanted to make legal care was affordable and accessible to everyone. He established LegalShield and later expanded the available services to identity theft protection via IDShield.

The company has more than one million clients, and they focus on improving their clients’ lives by educating, protecting and serving them on identity theft matters. They offer 24/7 access to specialists capable of giving personalized, relevant assistance in any potential identity theft situation.

Features & Services

Identity Restoration

One of the most important services that an identity theft company can offer you is identity restoration. You shouldn’t have to suffer in your personal or professional life because of a criminal. You get a dedicated licensed private investigator who works on your case until your identity is in the same state that it was prior to the theft.

Here is everything that IDShield includes in their identity restoration service:

  • Reviews history, databases, logs and other relevant records
  • Handles notification and coordination with law enforcement agencies, creditors, financial institutions and collection agencies.
  • Goes up the ladder to the Federal Trade Commission, State Attorney General Office, Social Security Administration and Federal Reserve Bank to get your disputes seen and addressed.

Social Media Monitoring

Hackers and other criminals can get a lot of information about you from your social media profiles, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. IDShield keeps an eye on whether you’re sharing things that put you at risk of identity theft or reputational risk.

Privacy Monitoring

Another area that IDShield monitors is information that commonly comes up in fraud claims. They look for your name, birthday, social security number, changes of address, driver’s license number, passport number, and up to 10 phone numbers, email addresses or medical insurance ID numbers. They look at black market sites to determine whether this data is for sale to unscrupulous parties.

Security Monitoring

This identity theft service proactively monitors your information and lets you know about security alerts. They can watch up to 10 bank accounts, 10 retail credit cards, 10 debit cards and non-retail credit cards, court public records, credit report and your social security number. They also keep a close eye on whether someone opens payday loans in your name.

ID Shield App

The Android and iOS app put you one tap away from identity theft assistance from the experts at IDShield. You get real-time information on any alerts that come up, allowing you to quickly respond to problems. Your credit score is front and center on the app so you can easily reference it. Your IDShield case history is also handy in the event that you have to go through a restoration process. You can get as many consultations as you want with the licensed private investigators at IDShield. Identity theft is a complex process, so it’s natural to have a lot of questions that need to be answered.

IDShield Vault Password Manager

Want a way to proactively reduce your risk profile when it comes to data breaches and hacking? The IDShield Vault Password Manager protects your passwords with military grade encryption. The app creates complex passwords that make it difficult for hackers to brute force that information. You also don’t need to manually type in this information when you go to sites that you visit often. You also don’t need to input passwords on your other devices – IDShield Vault will update all of them for you.

Consultation Services

The IDShield licensed private investigators are happy to give you advice about common identity theft issues that you may encounter. They’ll cover topics such as the latest online scams, the impact of identity theft on your credit score, what to do if you lose your wallet, how to freeze your credit, and how to shop online safely. Consider them your trusted advisors in keeping your identity safe.

Lost/Stolen Wallet Assistance

IDShield will place 90-day fraud security alerts with the major credit reporting bureaus following you getting your wallet lost or stolen. If you prefer to do the fraud alert notifications yourself, they will give you a list of the relevant places to contact.


You get a number of alerts through IDShield. Every month you get identity theft updates that explain different aspects of how these crimes happen and what you should do if you end up being the victim of it. The service alerts you when major data breaches occur so you’re not left waiting for the company to reach out to you first. If you experience identity fraud, IDShield lets you know exactly how bad it is.

Address Change Verification

Don’t let a criminal redirect your mail without finding out about it. If a change of address form is filed for you, IDShield lets you know all about it.

Court Records Monitoring

Sometimes you don’t find out that your identity is stolen until someone uses it to commit a crime. IDShield searches through 350 million criminal records from the Administration of the Courts, Department of Corrections and more legal agencies to find matches for your personal information.

Credit Monitoring

You have constant credit monitoring so you know when something changes on your Experian report. For example, if someone uses your information to try to open an account, the first sign that something isn’t right is the inquiry that goes into your report. You may also see new accounts getting opened or collections showing up that aren’t valid. You also get a credit score update every month.

Payday Loan Monitoring

IDShield monitors 21,000 payday and rent-to-own lenders to pick up on any unauthorized activity using your personal information.

Child Monitoring

If you have the IDShield Family Plan, then you can use the service to track up to 8 minors’ social security numbers to ensure that they aren’t being used in an unauthorized manner.

Ease of Use

IDShield provides a seamless experience whether you’re using the app or the web interface. You can easily reach experts on the other end of the line and learn more about what puts you at risk for identity theft.

Customer Service

Time is of the essence when it comes to identity theft. You don’t want to wait on hold or sit around for a callback. IDShield uses licensed investigators who immediately start working on your case in the event that you suffer identity theft. The company spends up to $5 million on this process to ensure that you end up where you’re at before this situation occurred. You can reach the Member Services center 24/7, and Kroll’s licensed investigators also have the availability you need in an emergency.


You don’t get locked into a long-term contract and have the option to cancel at any time. You have two service tiers at IDShield.

Individual Plan

This plan covers one individual and offers a complete identity theft monitoring solution. You have access to unlimited consultations and a comprehensive restoration process with a $5 million service guarantee. You also get access to the IDShield Vault password manager. The Individual Plan is $9.95 per month.

Family Plan

This plan gives you identity theft protection for you, your partner and up to 8 children who are dependent on you. It also includes all of the features of the individual plan. The Family Plan is $24.95 per month.


IDShield puts its customers first and it shows. The unlimited consultations alone is an amazing feature, especially when you’re first starting to learn about identity theft. The monitoring services track many personal information sources to try to get ahead of someone stealing your information.

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