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The comparison between SimpliSafe vs Netgear Arlo Pro is a simple one. While SimpliSafe offers more in the way of a complete home security system, the Netgear Arlo Pro is a sophisticated camera system that offers both motion and sound activation, as well as a two-way audio system. The Arlo cameras can be used both inside or out and run on rechargeable battery packs. The Arlo integrates easily with other home security systems, but costs almost as much as the complete SimpliSafe system.

Overview: Arlo vs SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe and Netgear Arlo Pro offer state of the art camera/video surveillance that can be used effectively as part of a home security system. While SimpliSafe is a complete security system in itself, the Arlo system mainly serves as a surveillance system that includes an alarm and a two-way communication connection with the cameras. Although Arlo doesn't use a keypad per se, it does require the use of a hub.

  1. Arlo offers month to month cloud storage plans to store video and sound recordings
  2. SimpliSafe is a complete home security system
  3. Neither system requires lengthy contracts
  4. SimpliSafe offers 24/7 monitoring and an affordable basic package that includes everything need to set up the system
  5. Both systems can be installed by the homeowner in a short period of time

Similarities: SimpliSafe vs Arlo

Here are some similarities that both of these home security companies share:

  • Both are wireless systems
  • Both can be connected to a mobile app that allows you to view what is going on both inside and outside your home
  • Cameras for both are sound and motion activated
  • Both camera systems are weatherproof
  • Easy DIY installation for both SimpliSafe and Arlo cameras

Differences: SimpliSafe vs Arlo

SimpliSafe is a more sophisticated home security system than the Netgear Arlo Pro, but costs approximately the same. Arlo does not offer 24/7 monitoring, but does encourage homeowners to take advantage of the low-cost month to month cloud storage option.

  • Arlo offers an alarm system in addition to the cameras, but it is somewhat limited compared to other home security systems
  • Arlo is more expensive than the SimpliSafe system
  • SimpliSafe offers environmental damage detection where Arlo does not


Arlo cameras include eight infrared LED lights that help to provide night vision up to approximately 25 feet. They also offer a zoom feature.

Both SimpliSafe and Arlo can sync with other devices connected to the same wireless system. They also offer 24/7 connectivity with a mobile app that allows you to monitor your home and property from almost any location.

SimpliSafe includes both motion detectors and window/door sensors.


Neither company requires lengthy contracts, but SimpliSafe does offer month to month, 24/7 offsite monitoring.

Arlo offers free cloud storage. Additional storage can be purchased by the month.


Arlo camera systems, including the hub, ranges from $210 to $250 and up to $420 depending on where you purchase the system. An Arlo camera alone can cost upwards of $200 when purchased directly from the manufacturer

SimpliSafe offers more devices with a starting price of $230, the highest price for the Pro package is approximately $540. SimpliSafe's month to month subscription fee is $14.99, while the Interactive plan costs $24.99 a month.


SimpliSafe manufactures all of the equipment that bears its name as a way of keeping costs low. The Basic package includes the keypad, base unit, one door sensor, one window sensor, and a motion detector.

The Arlo Pro system includes 2 cameras, mounting equipment, rechargeable batteries, the wiring (USB, ethernet cord, etc.) and hub. Arlo cameras are white and mounted with magnetic brackets. If a SmartThings Hub is used, the Arlo system will easily interact with other smart devices throughout the home.


Both SimpliSafe and Netgear Arlo Pro offer DIY installation. Neither system requires a professional installation. Each system can be easily installed in less than 30 minutes to an hour, depending on where the devices are being located.

Arlo cameras are mounted using strong magnetic brackets that are firmly attached to the wall, roof, ceiling or other surfaces.

Emergency Connections

When connected with the SmartThings Hub and a wireless or landline connection, the Arlo system has the ability to connect with emergency responders.

SimpliSafe immediately contacts emergency responders when the alarm is set and the sensors are triggered.

Summary: Arlo vs SimpliSafe

Both SimpliSafe and Arlo are on the lower end when it comes to price. As DIY products, you don't have to opt for professional installation or monitoring. Arlo is much higher priced for the amount of equipment you receive, but the cameras are above par in terms of sharpness and overall quality. Even though the Arlo system is more expensive than SimpliSafe, the quality and integrity of the pictures, plus the available cloud storage option and its ability to connect with other smart systems, bring it more in line affordability wise. Depending on what you are looking for in a home security system and how much you want to spend, both products are worth the investment. The Arlo system does have pieces of equipment that are still being developed, so it's worth keeping an eye on.

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