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A high-quality and reliable system, Vivint is the type of advanced smart home technology you need to have. The company is one of the oldest home security providers, being founded in 1999, but has invested heavily to ensure it offers the most advanced home security, monitoring, and automation services. You may be attracted to the company for its easy-to-use Sky app, high-end equipment, or its competitive pricing. Yet, the monitoring service it offers is also a highly desirable option.

What Is Vivint Monitoring?

Home monitoring services from Vivint are a way for you to gain protection for your home no matter who is home or who is trying to get in. While your home security cameras and apps allow you to see what is happening, with monitoring, you have a professional available to take action for you, potentially protecting your family and home from intruders.

Vivint Monitoring is a 24/7 service, which means that as long as you arm your system, it can respond to any triggers from sensors or alerts it receives. With it, you can count on a professional monitoring service to be alerted if there is an alarm trigger. The monitoring service from Vivint has received positive reviews from those who have used it. It’s reliable and fast.

Vivint’s 24-hour monitoring service allows for well-trained and certified technicians to log into your home’s cameras if an alarm sounds. Then, those professionals can determine if the authorities need to be called – such as due to someone breaking into a window. They can then alert the police to get to your home faster. At this same time, you are likely to receive an alert on your app or through a text message letting you know of the sensor.

What Does Vivint Monitoring Offer?

The company’s continuous monitoring service is always available. It does require professional installation (though all Vivint systems do) and it is based on cellular connectivity. That’s a good thing because it means that if someone tries to cut communication lines, the system still operates, ensuring that help can get to you if you need it.

The goal of the monitoring service is to provide emergency help when it is necessary – which means they do not respond to every single instance when someone walks in front of your cameras. It also provides for medical alerts. If you need emergency medical help, you can interact with the system and talk to the monitoring department immediately. They can then send help you to right away. The system works through the Vivint SkyControl Panel, which features two-way talk for your ease of use.

With the Vivint monitoring service, you pay a monthly fee based on the type and amount of sensors placed around your home. This is where you get a significant amount of customization. The Smart Security Service and Smart Home Service are the main monitoring solutions.

Vivint Monitoring PlanVivint Monitoring Cost (Monthly)More Details
Smart Security Service$29.99See More
Smart Home Service$39.99See More

Smart Security Service

The Smart Security Service plan from Vivint is the most basic option. It is $29.99 per month. Smart Security Service allows you to protect your home from various risks including fire, theft, and carbon monoxide poisoning. It does this through a series of sensors and detectors you locate throughout your home. It includes the SkyControl Panel and the app, along with customized security equipment options. That may include door and window sensors, glass break sensors and smoke and fire alarms.

Smart Home Service

The Smart Home Service plan is the other option for monitoring. It offers video surveillance (for an additional $5/mo. per camera) as well as local storage for your videos and clips. It costs $39.99 per month. This package offers some of the highest levels of protection for you. It includes the SkyControl Panel, and mobile app as well as a variety of customizable options. Window and door sensors, motion sensors, and glass break sensors can be a part of this protection as well.

One of the key features of the Vivint home security system is that it allows you to add the amount and type of equipment right for your home and the risks you want to protect against. This includes indoor and outdoor cameras, doorbell cameras, smart locks, and much more. You can link your monitoring service to any of these.

Overall, the Vivint monitoring service is a safe solution for those who want a professional monitoring service that can instantly respond to their needs. It is a competitively priced service and one you can use for a wide range of specific threats.