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Travis Goodreau
7.7 SecureScore™
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Protection One Ratings

Protection 1 offers several comprehensive home security and home automation plans, leveraging ADT’s security hardware and their own stellar services to provide homeowners with high-quality protection. All of their plans fall under a 36-month contract and have the equipment included in this cost. You do pay extra for the installation and any add-on equipment that you wish to incorporate into your home security and automation system. Professional monitoring is also included in these services.

  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Plans include equipment
  • Add-on equipment provides a wide range of home security and home automation customization
  • Installation technicians are highly trained
  • No automated telephone lines
  • Geo-fencing features
  • Wireless device connectivity

  • Lack of transparency with add-on equipment pricing
  • Additional cost for professional installation
  • High early termination fee
  • Amount of options can be overwhelming


Protection 1 has an excellent reputation in the home security market, with a 97 percent customer satisfaction score and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. This full-service security company is the merger of ADT and Protection 1, which is why you see ADT’s hardware powering all of the plans available through this provider.

The plans offered by Protection 1 are best suited for homeowners, as the equipment is typically installed by a professional and you have 24/7 monitoring. While they do have both hardwired and wireless hardware available, renters may find that this system is too much for their needs.

The extensive configurations can be expanded for security and home automation requirements. Everyone you talk to is highly knowledgeable about home security matters, whether you’re discussing an issue with your hardware or you’re responding to an employee contacting you about a detected alarm.

They focus on making the complete experience, from usage to support, as seamless and high-quality as possible. Protection 1 plans have a 3-year contract associated with them, so you’ll want to make sure that this is the right home security provider for the long-haul. If you happen to move during this contract period, you do have an option to move your service with you.

Features and Technology

Geo-Services is one of the most interesting features of the Protection 1 home security packages that include home automation. Your system tracks the location of your smartphone and adjusts devices based on this information. For example, if you’re at work, then the thermostat gets turned down, the lights turn off, and the system gets armed. It’s a seamless and intuitive system that is user-friendly.

Automated Alerts

Configure the alert types that get forwarded to your phone or warrant a response from the monitoring service.

Pet-Friendly Motion Sensors

Skip the false alarms caused by pets. If your beloved companion is under 40 lbs, you won’t have to worry about it.

Wireless Technology

You don’t need a landline with this home security system. Everything uses wireless technology to communicate with the central hub, so you’re covered.

Weather Warnings

Another great home security feature that you don’t typically see is the built-in severe weather warnings. If the system receives a notification of severe weather from the National Weather Service, it notifies you so you can prepare.

24/7 Monitoring

All of the Protection 1 packages have professional monitoring so you can have peace of mind, even when you’re away from the house or asleep. They will notify the appropriate emergency agency if a problem happens or your alarm goes off.

Full Remote Control

Don’t worry about whether you turned off the lights or armed the security system. You can double check on that with the help of the Protection 1 app.

Medical Alerts

Another feature that you don’t typically see from a home security company is the medical alert functionality. The medical alert device offers a convenient way to quickly get assistance from Protection 1’s professional monitoring team. They can help get medical staff to your home as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency.

SecureMove Program

A three-year contract term may be longer than you intend on staying at your current home. You can get a credit of $150 towards activating a security system at that property alongside a residential monitoring contract.

Ease of Use

A DIY installation option is available, but the sheer amount of equipment options available can make it overwhelming to navigate. The professional installation option is performed by experienced technicians who have gone through a lot of training and even background checks before they get cleared to put in security systems.

The devices themselves are easy to use with the high tech central control panel or the mobile and web app that lets you check-in on the system remotely. If you have any problems, you get a lot of help from the available customer service channels.

Customer Service

The customer service is exemplary, with highly trained professionals who thoroughly understand the products and services offered at Protection 1. These specialists assist you in finding the answers to your problems via live chat and phone, as well as an extensive resource section with guides and video walkthroughs. Protection 1 particularly stands out due to a lack of automated telephone systems. When you call in, you’re talking to an actual person quickly.


Protection 1 offers several home security and automation plans with a 36-month contract and included equipment. The installation fee for these plans is $99, and you may have additional fees associated with a cellular backup option. You also have the opportunity to switch an existing security system over to Protection 1.

Secure – $34.99/month

This basic home security plan is an excellent value if you want a solid starter plan that covers most bases. You get 24/7 monitoring of fire and carbon monoxide, intrusions, flooding, leaks, medical alerts, and extreme temperatures. This plan includes all of the equipment you need to cover these features, and you have the option to add more on for a custom plan.

Secure+ – $44.99/month

This plan offers an upgrade to Secure. It adds on 2-way voice functionality so you can talk to people over your home security hardware, as well as cellular backup if your network goes down.

Smart Control – $49.99/month

The Smart Control plan is the first tier to add home automation features into the mix. You gain the ability to control the devices in the system with your smartphone or computer, have a camera integrated motion detector so you receive photo texts whenever it gets set off, and the plan includes all the features of the Secure+ option.

The image motion sensor is the only new piece of hardware included by default, but you can add a wide range of smart home devices to your plan.

Video – $54.99

This top-tier plan offers a comprehensive home security and home automation system. It includes everything from the previous packages and adds in video surveillance. You also get an indoor night vision camera added to the equipment load out.

You can save money by choosing to do a self-installation option, which is primarily focused on the renter market. This plan eliminates the $99 base installation fee, although  Protection 1 may request a longer contract term.

If you choose to cancel your service before your contract term is up, you get charged for the remainder of your contract.

The home security and home automation plans include a limited warranty for the included equipment. During the first three months, Protection 1 will repair or replace nonfunctional equipment for free. Costs may apply if you need equipment repair or replacement after this period.

You also have an extended service plan available. This plan covers your equipment while you’re actively subscribed to this package. It renews every month, and you have the option of opting into this plan after you sign up.

Safety Net Warranty

This warranty covers your losses in the event of a burglary up to $1,000. You receive reimbursement for the payment of your homeowner’s insurance deductible. This coverage also extends to a loss caused by fire, if you have smoke or heat sensors installed in your home.


The base equipment package is the same across all of the plan tiers.

  1. Intrusion Protection Keypad – This control panel is touchscreen and provides you with a centralized panel for working with your home security and home automation devices. You also have mobile control with higher-tier plans. This powerful panel supports cellular, Wi-Fi and Z-Wave connectivity. It coordinates communication between all of the devices on your system.
  2. 3 Door and Window Sensors – These wireless sensors let you know if someone opens a door or a window when the system is armed.
  3. Motion Detector – Keep a close eye on your home with the help of this motion detector.
  4. Smoke Alarm – Fires don’t wait to start when it’s convenient for you. This monitored alarm helps you get the help you need quickly.
  5. Carbon Monoxide Alarm – This deadly gas can cause many problems if a leak isn’t detected. The alarm keeps your family safe.
  6. Panic Button – In the event of a medical or household emergency, you don’t always have time to get to the phone. This panic button alerts the monitoring professionals at Protection 1.
  7. Environmental Alarm – Water leaks and flooding can cause serious issues with your house. Get early warning with this device.
  8. Keychain Remote – You don’t always want to punch in a code on the control panel. Use this remote to control your security and home automation system.

The Smart Control and Video plans include an Image Motion Sensor, which takes pictures whenever the sensor is triggered. The Video plan includes an indoor night vision camera that shows you exactly what’s going on in your home 24/7.

Add-on Equipment

Protection 1 has more than enough equipment to help you customize your home security system for your specific needs. Their smart home product range is also extensive. Protection 1 will give you a custom quote for your plan based on the hardware you decide on, and you can choose to add more equipment during your contract.

  • Remote Thermostat – This smart thermostat helps you keep your home comfortable and saves you money in the long-run. You can use the Protection 1 app to change your thermostat settings or program it for a particular range.
  • Remote Door Lock – You eliminate a lot of problems that come with a keyed lock, such as losing the keys and being unable to let someone into your home remotely. You can operate the locks and confirm that your house is locked up through the mobile app.
  • Video Cameras – The top tier home security and automation package has support for several video cameras. The Indoor Wireless Security Camera and Outdoor Wireless Security Camera have motion detection and show you what’s going on in high-quality The Pan and Tilt Wireless Security Camera can move around so you can focus on areas of interest. You can also set up motion detection that will turn on the alarm.
  • Remote Lighting – Indoor and outdoor smart lights are controlled via the central hub or the app on your phone.
  • Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detectors – You can add more detectors to your house for full monitoring coverage.
  • Remote Doorbell – Check who’s at your door and communicate with them if necessary.
  • Remote Garage Door – Open and close your garage door remotely.


Protection 1 has decades of expertise in the home security industry, and it shows. When they joined forces with ADT, they put themselves in a position where they could offer a top-quality home security and home automation package. You have a wide range of hardware to choose from, and the three-year contracts are balanced out by not having to pay for the equipment upfront.

Reviewed By
Travis Goodreau
Safety and Security Advisor
Travis is a retired Burglary Detective, having tallied 5,000+ burglary and theft cases throughout his career. He also served as an Arson Investigator, where he cracked the case of a serial arsonist, and made the arrest and prosecuted the would-be bomber of ABC-7 Studio in LA. We couldn’t be happier to have him as a Safety and Security Advisor. Learn more about Travis here
Written By
Andrew Garcia
Lead Security Editor
As Lead Security Editor, Andrew strategically guides SafeHome and the resources we publish. He holds a BA in business, and has 10+ years of experience in content development. Today, Andrew edits and publishes articles, guides, and other resources to meet our rigorous standards. Learn more about Andrew here

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