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Home Security combining Cameras, Artificial Intelligence and Human Intervention.

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What Sets Deep Sentinel Apart?

Deep Sentinel is as futuristic as the name suggests. First off, Jeff Bezos is bankrolling the company (at least in part), so you know they’re up to something good. Deep Sentinel leverages AI to deliver proactive security like never before. It’s the difference between catching a burglar, and catching a burglar before he’s in your home. That’s the power of man and machine working together. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it. See what our experts say in our Deep Sentinel review.

Key Features

  • Wireless Monitoring
  • Intrusion Protection
  • DIY Installation
  • Outdoor Cameras

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Deep Sentinel Pricing & Packages

Deep Sentinel guarantees that their security system will stop crime before it happens and alert the police faster than any other system on the market. Their LiveSentinel program is an integral part of that guarantee.

LiveSentinel is the name given to Deep Sentinel’s professional trained agents who spring into action the instant a potential threat is suspected. These dedicated monitoring agents take immediate steps to engage and deter potential intruders as well as alerting police in real time as the situation unfolds. Generally, in 30 seconds or less.

To provide this exceptional level of monitoring and interaction, Deep Sentinel charges a monthly monitoring fee of $60. While this is higher than ADT – who charges $39.99 per month for their premium monitoring package – the company points to its all in one system that blends predictive local artificial intelligence, real-time human intervention, and next-generation wireless cameras to provide a product and service that goes beyond anything on the market today.

The price of the Deep Sentinel system is $399. The purchase of Deep Sentinel systems also requires the minimum purchase of a one-year commitment to this monthly monitoring. That is an additional $720 for the 12 months of coverage at $60 per month.

The purchase includes:

  • 3 high tech surveillance cameras (with the option to purchase and add a 4th camera)
  • 1 central hub to control everything and store footage
  • 4 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • 3 wall mounts
  • Yard sign
  • Sticker decals for windows and doors

Among the numerous high-tech features offered by the Deep Sentinel security solution are innovations such as:

  • 10-Second Threat Identification: Faster than any other security system on the market, this allows a quicker response.
  • Real-Time Intervention: If something shady happens, Deep Sentinel responds in real-time with speakers that set off a 104-dB siren and two-way communication that allows their human surveillance team (LiveSentinels) to communicate directly with the intruder and the police.
  • 100% Verified Police Escalation: Police are contacted within 20 seconds by someone with direct visual and auditory knowledge of what is happening and classify Deep Sentinel crime in progress calls as a high priority to ensure the fastest possible response time.
  • 1080p (HD) Resolution: Live video and stored footage can be streamed directly to law enforcement and the owner’s smartphone in full HD.
  • Rapid Wakeup and Record: Deep Sentinel cameras go from standby mode to recording in less than 250 milliseconds and intelligent processing wakes device only when needed.
  • Night Vision: Motion detection is possible as far as 35 feet out regardless of whether there is full daylight or pitch darkness with 850nm infrared LED lights.
  • 130° Field of View: The viewing angle of Deep Sentinel surveillance cameras allows for a wide field of view without the warping of vision that often occurs with wider lenses.
  • Long Lasting Battery: With rechargeable batteries that are able to last as long as two months on one charge and a built-in charging station in the Hub, Deep Sentinel security system is always fully charged.
  • Weatherproof: With IP65 housing, Deep Sentinel products are protected from snow and rain and able to weather temps ranging from -4 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Local Storage: The Deep Sentinel hub has 64 GB of built-in flash memory storage and 4 GB of dedicated RAM.
  • On-Site Processor: Deep Sentinel is the only system with an on-site processor – the Snapdragon 820 SoC – which can process ten frames per second.
  • True AI Analysis: This allows the Deep Sentinel system to distinguish between suspicious behavior and ambient movements such as those from swaying branches or pets to minimize the number of false alerts.
Deep Sentinel Package Monthly Plan Cost Equipment Cost
Surveillance Package $60 $399

Current Deal

DeepSentinel offers their $699 equipment at $399, you can also save $100 on the surveillance subscription if you pay the annual subscription upfront.

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About Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel is the brainchild of technological innovators who saw a flooded security solutions market and said, “we can do better.” With the backing of giants such as Jeff Bezos – Amazon CEO – it seems likely that Deep Sentinel will fare well in the competitive field of home security solutions. Read our full review of Deep Sentinel here.

24/7 Monitoring

Deep Sentinel has dedicated surveillance agents based in the United States that watch the perimeters of a protected area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Wireless Equipment

No wires means no chance for intruders to cut the power, video feed, or other connections on a security system. It also makes self-installation a breeze.

Surveillance Cameras

Deep Sentinel provides smart HD cameras that create a virtual perimeter around the property and uses advanced artificial intelligence to distinguish possible intruders.

DIY Installation

With a zero-configuration wireless connection and single screw one step camera mounting, the Deep Sentinel system installs quickly, easily, and without the need for professional assistance.

Voice Response

Deep Sentinel provides a high-quality microphone and audio speakers to allow for two-way communication as well as the ability to intervene should a break-in occur.


Deep Sentinel combines their AI processing hub, smart cameras, and motions sensors to create an intelligent zone of surveillance that extends to the perimeter of one’s property.

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