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Last Updated On: April 21, 2019
SecureScore™: 9.0 /10
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9.0 SecureScore™
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IdentityForce Ratings

IdentityForce brings decades of identity protection to the table. The affordable service includes everything from identity restoration and social monitoring, to lost wallet protection and junk mail opt-out. That’s right, junk mail opt-out. Talk about priceless innovation. The company’s biggest weakness is that basic support is not available on major holidays. Still, IdentityForce is a safe bet for ID protection and fraud monitoring. See what our experts say in our IdentityForce review.

  • Junk mail opt-out
  • Comprehensive monitoring
  • High customer satisfaction
  • 40+ year history
  • Social media monitoring

  • Basic support isn’t available on major holidays
  • No coverage for retirement account monitoring
  • No password management


IdentityForce was founded by Steve Bearak and Judy Bearak Leary, siblings and part of a family known for their work in personal information security. They have an A+ with the Better Business Bureau and high satisfaction with the identity theft protection service they provide. 24/7 coverage and multiple awards show the company’s commitment to its customers and getting their lives back on track following a stolen identity. Millions of people rely on this service for comprehensive protection, and even the U.S. Government is a client.

Features & Services


IdentityForce offers a robust set of monitoring services that protect your credit, identity and privacy. You receive 24/7 monitoring that tries to discover trouble before it directly impacts you. The company looks for illegal selling of your data, suspicious activity with credit report requests, unexpected address changes, court records involving your name, and new accounts showing up that you didn’t sign up for. Additional monitoring services with your plan include dark web, payday loan, sex offender and social media monitoring,

Fast Alerts and Notifications

Receive early warning in the event that your identity might be compromised. You can act quickly when you receive the alerts right to your mobile device or computer. You don’t want to wait around until after they decide to commit a crime with your personal information. Some things that you receive notice of with IdentityForce include:

  • Financial transactions exceeding a set amount
  • Unusual information associated with your social security number
  • New addresses
  • Unexpected court records
  • Personal data for sale on the dark web
  • New data breaches of companies you do business with
  • New payday loans in your name
  • Applications for credit cards, rentals, utilities and other products or services
  • Personal information showing up on the sex offender registry

Gain Total Identity Control

IdentityForce helps you improve your control over your personal information and identity. This service teaches you about your credit report and score, the information that’s available online, and ways that you can protect yourself against common identity theft approaches. You receive credit information from one or three of the agencies. You have the option to simulate your score over time and watch the monthly trend.

IdentityForce helps protect your account via two-factor authentication. You need to enter a verification code alongside your user information.

Help With Lost Wallets

How many cards do you have in your wallet right now? Trying to get in touch with all of the appropriate companies to cancel those cards and issue new ones can be cumbersome. You can get help with that process through IdentityForce.

Opt Out of Junk Mail

Stop criminals from stealing your identity through the mail you throw in the trash. This service streamlines the process for opting out of the mail that you don’t care about.

PC Protection

You have a lot of sensitive data on your personal computer. Identity thieves know this and try to access this information and use it for malicious means. IdentityForce has anti-phishing and anti-keylogging applications that improve your computer’s protection.

Recover Your Lost Identity

IdentityForce uses certified Protection Experts to work on your case 24/7. They do everything from the paperwork to the phone  calls needed to make everything the way it was before someone took your identity. This service has coverage of up to $1 million for this process.

IdentityForce Mobile App

The IdentityForce mobile app is a convenient way to stay on top of new identity theft alerts and information. The company listened to its users to develop an app that meets all of their needs. You get the same experience that you have through the website on your computer so everything is seamless and easy to use. You can see the information that’s being monitored and request credit score updates every three months.

You receive alerts and notifications to your phone. IdentityForce gives full information about what it discovers, and it helps you stay on top of your social media monitoring. Credit tips and identity theft advice are also available through this app.

You can protect this app via TouchID or Facial recognition.

Social Media Identity Monitoring

IdentityForce keeps track of your Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Facebook and Instagram account for posts that are out of character for your feed. For example, violent or discriminatory status updates will result in a notification from the company.

Ease of Use

IdentityForce strives to be user-friendly every step of the way. Whether you’re learning about why it’s important to monitor your credit score or you just want to check-in on an alert, you can easily accomplish this task.

Customer Service

IdentityForce has two categories of support representatives. If you have questions about your service, about identity theft in general, or other basic issues, you can reach out to Member Services Representatives at any time, other than major holidays. If you have suffered from identity theft, IdentityForce connects you with Identity Restoration Specialists who have specialized training and are available after hours when necessary.


You can try out IdentityForce with a free 14-day trial. There are two personal plans available to help you protect your identity.


IdentityForce keeps a close eye on many sources of personal or financial data. For example, change of address forms, court records, the dark web, sex offender registry, social media and payday loan companies are all monitored with this service.

You receive alerts when suspicious bank and credit card activity is detected, giving you the opportunity to catch a thief in the act. Your social security number is particularly well-monitored, as that being misused leads to a lot of frustrating and expensive problems.

One area that identity theft protection services often overlook is the poor security of the physical mail. IdentityForce helps you opt-out of junk mail so there are fewer opportunities for someone to access the information they shouldn’t see.

You also get protection for your personal computer and medical ID. Two-factor authentication for your account reduces the risk that someone can compromise your IdentityForce login and password. If you lose your wallet, IdentityForce will guide you on the right path to fixing the issues that could come up with this situation.

IdentityForce manages the entire restoration process and has up to $1 million in insurance coverage to handle making you whole again. UltraSecure is $17.95 per month or $179.50 per year.

UltraSecure + Credit

You get all of the features of the UltraSecure IdentityForce account, plus credit monitoring that covers reports and scores from the three bureaus. A credit score simulator and tracker help you improve your financial health. UltraSecure + Credit is $23.95 per month or $239.50 per year.


Some children grow up and discover that they have horrible credit and they’re unable to start their adult lives properly because of it. Thieves go after these credit scores because they’re likely to find ones that are entirely unused. IdentityForce allows you to add ChildWatch to your existing account so you can keep an eye out for suspicious activity relating to your child’s personal information.

Child Identity Theft is a Growing Problem

Children are increasingly victims of identity theft. Thieves are interested in children’s social security numbers because they are blank slates, i.e., they don’t have credit histories. This makes them prime targets for criminals looking to open new credit cards, bank accounts, and even utility accounts using their personal information.


IdentityForce provides excellent coverage and affordable pricing for its customers. You don’t need to pick and choose between the types of monitoring that you think you might need. Nearly everything comes with the base level tier, and the only major plan difference is that you get more credit report and monitoring features when you upgrade.

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    Does it cost $179. Per married couple? Or both included in that price?

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      Hi Sharee – see for pricing on IdentityForce.

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