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Identity theft affects millions of people every year, with more than 15 million individuals falling victim to identity theft crimes in 2016, resulting in billions of dollars in losses. Statistics show that once you have your identity stolen, you are at greater risk of experiencing future identity theft.

Identity theft involves the perpetrator conducting real estate transactions, opening credit accounts, bank accounts, or other financial or medical accounts in the name of an identity theft victim, and possible committing other acts of criminal identity theft.

Companies that offer identity theft protection provide consumers with services and plans that potentially help protect individuals from identity theft.

One company that provides identity theft protection is GEICO. There are alternatives to GEICO Identity Theft Protection plans for individuals that want to consider other options.

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What is GEICO Identity Theft Protection?

GEICO explains that people sometimes do not realize all the ways their personal information is used, potentially putting individuals at risk of identity theft. The company points to statistics showing that identity theft results in more than $18 billion stolen every year.

GEICO Identity Theft Protection plans feature round the clock coverage, and assists consumers if their identity is compromised while the person is a GEICO Identity Theft Protection customer. GEICO offers a plan for individual identity theft protection, a plan for couples, and a family identity theft protection plan. Choose the identity theft plan that best fits your protection needs.

The GEICO Individual Identity Theft Protection offers 24-hour customer service, identity theft education and resources, and an online data protection suite that operates on your Windows system. The plan features monitoring from all three credit bureaus, credit and activity monitoring with alerts, $1 million identity theft insurance, and a variety of resolutions.

The GEICO plan for couples offers the features in the individual plan, and covers two adults. The family identity theft protection includes up to six children, and offers the features of the individual plan for every family member.

Considerations for GEICO Identity Theft Protection

GEICO provides several protections for their identity theft insurance customers, but there are disadvantages to the GEICO Identity Theft Protection.

The GEICO Identity Theft plans are serviced by Generali Global Assistance, and not GEICO.

Many companies that offer identity theft protection provide different levels of protections for customers, dependent on the plan chosen by the customer. Higher priced plans typically have additional features not offered in the lower priced plans. The only noticeable difference in the GEICO price points is the fact that one plan is for individuals, one for couples, and one for families.

The Online Data Protection Suite runs only on Windows operating systems. The data protection suite is not typically supported on other operating systems. Mac users have to have a Windows partition to use the software.

Site visitors sometimes have to search through several pages or links to find the information they want or need about GEICO identity theft protection.

Alternatives to GEICO Identity Theft Protection

There are several alternatives to the identity theft protection offered by GEICO. Some companies offer outstanding customer service, a variety of protections, monitoring services, alerts, and recovery assistance for their identity theft protection customers.

Identity Guard

When you want a company that offers a variety of plans, and apparently recognizes that identity theft protection is not a one-size fits all solution, Identity Guard is possibly a choice for you.

Identity Guard offers secure credit monitoring, personalized identity theft protection, and credit protection. The company provides comprehensive plans with fast alerts, identity theft recovery services and reimbursement.

Customers have the option of monthly or annual billing when they choose Identity Guard. Consumers have the option of choosing an individual plan or a family plan among each of the three levels of identity theft protection.

The Value Plan includes safe browsing tools, an anti-phishing mobile app, dark web monitoring, and a risk management report.

If you prefer additional protections, perhaps the Total Plan is the ideal choice for you. The Total Plan offers the same features provided in the Value Plan, along with monthly credit score, tax refund alerts, address monitoring, and monitoring by all three credit bureaus.

Choose the most comprehensive Identity Guard Identity Theft Protection with the Premiere Plan. The Premier Plan offers the features provided with the Total Plan, and includes additional features. Customers opting for this plan receive a monthly credit score with credit report, and the Social Insight Report.


LifeLock explains that an individual is at risk of identity theft ‘At every stage of life.’ The company recognizes that children are sometimes identity theft victims, along with adult victims.

LifeLock recently partnered with Norton. The company provides all-in-one identity theft protection.

Choose LifeLock Standard, and receive dark web monitoring, data breach notifications, credit monitoring from one credit bureau, identity and social security number alerts, and up to $25,000 reimbursement for stolen funds.

The Norton 360 with LifeLock Select plan offers additional features, including security for up to five devices, and VPN security for up to five devices.

Opt for the Norton 360 with LifeLock Advantage Plan, and receive additional protections, including bank account and credit card activity alerts, and criminal activity alerts in your name.

Choose the Ultimate Plus Plan and receive features not provided in the other plans, including annual credit reports and credit scores, 401(k) investment activity alerts, and up to $1 million stolen funds reimbursement.


IdentityForce offers identity theft protection with the mission of delivering ‘world-class identity theft protection.’ The company offers two primary plans, along with a new family plan.

Choose the UltraSecure Plan and receive dark web monitoring, social media identity monitoring, change of address monitoring, monitoring for payday loans, and court records. There are a variety of alerts with this plan, including bank and credit card activity alerts, investment account alerts, and fraud alerts reminders. Receive online protection tools, fully managed restoration, and other plan features.

The UltraSecure + Credit includes all UltraSecure plan features, your credit score, credit monitoring from all three credit bureaus, and other features.

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