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The Ring Doorbell is one of the most sought-after of all doorbell cameras. It offers some key features that help make it a must-have. With an easy-to-use format and reliable equipment, it’s clear why it is one of the most purchased of all doorbell products. Yet, there are plenty of things that can seem confusing about it. Consider these common questions about the Ring Doorbell.

Which Ring Doorbell Should I Buy?

With several doorbell options available, it can be hard to know which one is right for your needs? The Video Doorbell, the initial model, is a quality product with good features that operate on battery. It is easier to install than other models and tends to be the least expensive option. It also has a 720p HD video for good pictures. The Video Doorbell 2 is the next model. It increases the video resolution to 1080p HD, for clearer images. It also has a quick release battery. Both models are very easy to install yourself. You can also choose the Video Doorbell Pro, a higher-end model that is hardwired into your home. You’ll need to pay an electrician to install it, but it also provides a lasting solution that doesn’t require batteries. It offers a 1080p HD video.

Where Can I Buy a Ring Doorbell?

The good news is you can buy a Ring Doorbell online and through some local distributors. Ring is available at Safe Home for the most competitive prices available. If you are shopping for the latest Ring, be sure to visit our site to learn more about your options. Ring is an Amazon product as well.

How Much a Does Ring Doorbell Cost?

The Ring Doorbell is available in several formats. Prices range based on each one. The Video Doorbell, the original product, is $99. The Video Doorbell 2 is priced at $199. You can also choose the Video Doorbell Pro for $249 or the newest model, the Door View Cam for $199.

Home Much Does It Cost to Install a Ring Doorbell?

Though you can hire a local professional to help you install the Ring Doorbell, you do not have to. That’s because Ring is a do-it-yourself solution. It does not require any hardwiring, which means you do not have to worry about expensive electrical lines. More so, it can be very easy to install on most homes.

Is There a Monthly Fee for Ring?

You do not have to purchase a monthly service package for the Ring to work. However, you can do so through the Ring Video Recording feature. The Basic subscription is $3 per month or $30 for the year per device. Or, choose the Protect option for $10 per month or $100 for a year for all of your Ring cameras. This allows you to store streaming video for up to 60 days as well as download it to local storage.

Is Ring Doorbell Waterproof?

It’s designed to be highly durable. It is designed to be resistant to rain, but it is not waterproof. That is, you shouldn’t submerge it in water.

Is Ring Doorbell Wireless?

You can operate the Ring Doorbell wirelessly. It has a built-in battery to function. You can also connect it to your existing doorbell wiring if you would like a hardwired solution.

Is Ring Doorbell Battery Powered?

Each of the models of Ring Doorbell are available as battery-operated or hardwired. If you do not want to have a Ring that is hardwired, that’s an option due to the built-in, long-life batteries.

Will Ring Doorbell Work Through Glass?

While you can mount your Ring Doorbell to glass, it may not work as well. In order to work, Ring has to be able to detect motion. The glass in front of it may limit this ability. Whether it works depends on the glass type and thickness, with some users reporting it is possible and others stating it is not.

Will Ring Doorbell Work Without Internet?

Yes, you need to have an internet connection to operate the Ring Doorbell. Without it, there is no way for the doorbell to connect to your app to share information. The Ring Doorbell works with many wireless routers including those that run 802.11 B, G, or N and use 2.4 GHz. If you do not have adequate access to an internet connection, you will need to upgrade to access it. Otherwise, it will not connect to be able to provide audio and video data to your devices. Also read: Ring Troubleshooting Guide

Will Ring Doorbell Work with SimpliSafe?

This depends on the type of Ring Doorbell you purchase. One of the models available, the Ring Doorbell Pro, is able to work with your SimpliSafe Security System. When you link the two, you can then use it to detect motion and events and then record them. This does not work with the standard Ring Doorbell, though. It also does not work with the SimpliSafe doorbell cameras. You will need to purchase both systems and set them up to work together. Your security sensors from your SimpliSafe Security System can then trigger the Ring to begin recording. This can enhance the security you have with your system.

Will Ring Doorbell Work with Alexa?

One of the key reasons many people choose the Ring Doorbell is because it can work with Amazon Alexa. If you have other types of Alexa devices in your home, you know they operate a voice assistant tool. You will need to set up your Alexa to detect the Ring to allow this feature to work. Then, once it is set up, your Alexa can notify you of when there is someone at your door. For example, if you are in your living room and do not want to get up, you can ask Alexa to display the person at your door on your Portal or other Alexa-connected device. This makes it very easy for you to manage your doorbell from any location – your app on your phone or on any video display device you have.

Will Ring Doorbell Work with Google Home?

Ring Doorbell has been upgraded to allow it to work with your Google Assistant as well. If you have a Google Home device, which provides a screen that you can use as a voice assistant in your home, you can now link it to your Amazon Alexa account. However, there are limitations. You can link your Ring Doorbell to your Google Home, which allows you to access the device using your voice. However, it does not support the ability to stream the video that comes from your Ring on Chromecast, which may make it limitedly beneficial to many people.

Can Ring Doorbell Record?

The Ring Doorbell works to detect motion outside of your door. When it does, it begins to record what is happening. If you purchase the Ring Basic or Protect subscriptions, you are able to hold onto that recording for a longer period of time. Here’s how it works. When someone triggers the Ring Doorbell – through motion or by pressing the button, this causes the device to send an alert to your app that someone is there. It creates a live stream and allows you to hear, speak, and see what’s happening. Then, if you have Ring Video Recording in place, it can hold onto that video for up to 60 days. There is an additional fee for this.