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Vivint has earned a reputation for being one of the leading home security systems. Armorax is currently known primarily for its home security video cameras that offer multiple features on their own.

Both companies offer quality equipment that is reliable and extremely durable. Even though Armorax may be scaling back their equipment offerings, they still have many home security systems in place across the country.

Overview: Vivint vs Armorax

Vivint and the home security systems offered by Armorax in the past were both quite comparable in terms of equipment. Armorax is no longer offering a full-line of home security equipment. Instead, its primary offerings are the indoor/outdoor video camera and the devices that are still being sold as part of their existing systems. While Vivint stands alone and offers nationwide service and professional monitoring, Armorax can be monitored by almost any monitoring service.

  • Vivint offers professional installation and monitoring
  • The indoor/outdoor camera offered by Armorax is completely wireless
  • Both companies offer cameras with two-way voice communication
  • Old Armorax systems can now be used with the Link Interactive system
  • Vivint requires an installation fee

Similarities: Armorax vs Vivint

The similarities between Vivint and Armorax at the current time, only include the indoor/outdoor, fully wireless camera. In the past, Armorax carried many of the same devices as Vivint. Armorax home systems offered many of the same devices as Vivint, including motion and entry sensors. 24/7 professional monitoring is offered by both companies to ensure homeowners receive the most benefit out of their systems.

  • Both companies offer indoor/outdoor video cameras
  • Cameras have two-way voice communication
  • Home automation capabilities
  • Mobile apps for remote access
  • Cellular connectivity

Differences: Armorax vs Vivint

The difference between Vivint and Armorax are extensive. Vivint provides top quality home security features and equipment. Because Armorax no longer offers home security equipment on a comprehensive scale, the comparison will have to be made between Vivint and the packages offered by Armorax in the past. These packages included motion/entry sensor, a keypad, video cameras with two-way voice communication, and smart devices that support Z-wave technology and home automation.

  • Armorax can be monitored by other companies
  • Vivint has multiple plans to choose from
  • Armorax offers DIY installation
  • Vivint offers environmental hazard detection
  • Armorax still has many of its home security systems still in use


Vivint has many features that make it popular with its customers. They include a smart thermometer, voice-activated home automation, video cameras and a video doorbell with two-way voice communication, as well as a remote that can be customized based on the customer's needs.

The main features for Armorax are the wireless, indoor/outdoor video camera. Many of the Armorax packages in the past included Z-wave technology, motion/entry sensors, and an easy to use keypad. A mobile app is also offered that allow for remote access at any time.


Vivint offers multiple contract options but prefers that customers sign a five-year commitment. Customers can avoid the contract option if they can purchase the system outright. The basic system starts out around $700 with the highest-priced package costing approximately $1800.

Armorax does not require a contract. Link Interactive, on the other hand, does require a 3-year contract.


Vivint requires at least a $50 installation for the basic package. The installation fee can go as high as $200 for the most expensive system with additional devices. Packages start between $30 and $40 per month plus the additional cost of leasing the equipment. Prices will increase as more devices are added.

In the past, Armorax offered three main packages. They included the Basic for $35 a month, the Intermediate for $40 a month, and the Advanced for $45 a month. You could start your contract for $99 down or eliminate the contract and buy the system outright for $550.


Vivint offers several pieces of high-quality equipment including motion/entry sensors, environmental hazard sensors, video doorbell and surveillance cameras equipped with two-way voice communication. Vivint also offers devices that support home automation and remote connectivity.

Armorax only offers a wireless camera that can be used indoors or out. It also included the keypad that offered Z-wave technology, entry sensors, motion sensors, and a mobile app that could be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet.


Vivint requires professional installation while Armorax offers easy to understand instructions so the homeowner can install the system on their own.

Emergency Connections

Vivint offers both landline ad cellular connectivity. This ensures that when alerts are received, the proper authorities are notified. Customers and their contacts are also notified.

The cameras offered by Armorax can be self-monitored, but professional monitoring is available. This ensures that all alerts make their way to local authorities and that notifications are sent to the customer.

Summary: Vivint vs Armorax

Vivint is a well-rounded system that offers quality equipment and sound home security. It offers multiple features that are designed to provide the highest level of security. Check out our review of Vivint here and find out more.

Individuals who like the old Armorax system can still rely on it for dependability. They can also add the indoor/outdoor video cameras as well. It's comparable to other home security systems and uses state of the art technology.