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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Lorex.

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SecureScore™: 9.2/10

Your home and family are important to you, so you want to protect them to the best of your ability. But you don’t always have the time to research every available security system provider on the market and all that they have to offer.

Not to worry. We thoroughly test and dissect the top security systems out there, taking care of the “dirty work” to develop a straightforward and comprehensive review just for you.

This time around, we’ve carefully evaluated two comparable companies — Lorex and Reolink. Both brands work to protect homes and businesses with the latest technology and video surveillance, all with a do-it-yourself model. Which one is better? Let’s find out in this comprehensive Lorex vs. Reolink comparison guide.

Lorex Indoor Camera

Lorex Indoor Camera

Just How Similar Are They?

After testing each system, we discovered a surprising amount of overlap between features and tech. For one thing, both companies offer home security setups that require very little professional service (a win for you DIY, tech-savvy folks). For those who find this daunting, try not to panic! Each system is extremely easy to install and set up, and each is designed to be self-monitored.

You’ll be happy to know that neither company requires a contract or any type of service agreement. While contracts are not necessarily a deal breaker for us, it’s nice to not worry about being locked in to any long-term commitments.

As mentioned, these are both DIY security systems, so they tend to draw like-minded homeowners who prefer to be hands-on. With that said, if you’re not the handy-type, you’ll be relieved to know that both Lorex and Reolink provide detailed instructions for the installation and setup, allowing you to wrap it all up in less than an hour. And remember, you can always phone in that friend who owes you a favor or two.

Reolink Cameras

Reolink Cameras

Note that with these DIY-style systems, Lorex and Reolink don’t provide professional monitoring. They do, however, make it easy for you to monitor the systems on your own. Both offer notifications and mobile apps that allow you to access your system from almost any location. Be warned though, it’s up to you to notify local authorities if a package thief or break-in occurs.

And as far as gadgets go, both companies have you covered. Both Lorex and Reolink offer the following:

  • Motion detection that alerts you every time your system detects motion.
  • Night vision cameras that give you the ability to see all movement and activity, even in the middle of the night.
  • Sharp images in 1080p HD. Both still shots and videos make it easy to review footage and see all objects and people clearly.
  • Cameras with weather-proofing for outdoor use.
  • Apps that allow you to view your home or business from just about anywhere.

Did You Know? The technology of Lorex and Reolink is very user-friendly. You can easily control your security system without constantly requiring assistance from professional technicians.

Ok, you get it. These companies are great for you high tech, DIYers looking for ultra-sharp video quality. Now let’s take a look at what sets them apart so you can better determine which one is right for you.

The Lowdown on Lorex

We discovered that the most compelling differences between these two brands can be found among their features, equipment, and pricing. Both companies are designed for those who prefer to monitor and manage their own security system, as opposed to paying a third-party company for monitoring. But we found that Lorex takes it a step further with features like:

  • Up to 4K image quality: Some Lorex cams offer 4K image quality, which beats the industry standard of 1080p HD. With 4K resolution, you’re more likely to catch the finer details of porch-pirates and burglars.
  • Infrared night vision: LED lights make it easy to see your entire property no matter the time.
  • Thermal motion sensors: The human “heat signature” makes their form shine more radiant than inanimate objects. Lorex has thermal motion sensors that can help you to distinguish between people and passing cars.
  • Security-grade hard drives: Store and protect your video footage for future access. Having everything stored in a security-grade hard drive makes for easy video access and sharing.
  • Push notifications: You’ll receive an instant mobile alert sent straight to your smartphone when your Lorex security camera has been triggered.
  • Custom recording features: You can choose between three types of recordings: continuous, motion-activated, or scheduled.

FYI: Lorex is the company for those who want to install and monitor their entire system on their own. If you want to learn about our full experience with these security cameras, check out our comprehensive Lorex review.

Now, on to our favorite part (*enter sarcasm*): pricing. When it comes to home security products you generally get what you pay for. While it’s important to keep your budget in mind, we advise you to stay away from the “too good to be true,” all-inclusive security package you found on the internet for $1.00. Instead, do your due diligence and check out the prices that Lorex has to offer.

Lorex Outdoor Camera Installed

Lorex Outdoor Camera Installed

Lorex Pricing

Lorex offers security equipment and cameras for as little as $50 (single camera) to over $3,000 (16 cameras with all the trimmings). This may seem a bit pricey, but keep in mind you’re getting quality equipment that can be customized based on your specific needs and budget. Also, their website frequently touts promotional deals and sales for up to 20 percent off. Here’s our latest look at Lorex pricing.

FYI: When you’re creating your own Lorex system, you can choose as many cameras as you want (1, 2, 20, etc.). You can also add devices to meet your personal needs, like baby monitors and temperature sensors.

The Rundown on Reolink

Reolink, on the other hand, sets themselves apart from Lorex with their features and pricing. In addition to many of the features shared with Lorex (which include indoor/outdoor cameras, 1080p HD resolution, night vision, motion sensing, and mobile alerts), Reolink also offers the following gems:

  • Cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity: Even without Wi-Fi you can still access your system and view footage (great for those located in more rural areas).
  • Solar panels. Reolink’s solar panels can power your cameras to help
    cut down on energy costs, while also helping the planet.
  • Night vision options. Reolink offers two different kinds of night vision: starlight and infrared.

To top things off, Reolink is also preparing to offer cloud storage for their customers.

Side note: Lorex only offers battery-operated cameras, so the solar panels Reolink offers appeal to the environmentally-friendly customer who’d prefer not to have the added responsibility of changing out a battery. Lorex also only offers infrared night vision as opposed to Reolink’s infrared and starlight options.

Reolink E1 Outdoor Equipment

Reolink Pricing

Taking a look at Reolink pricing, the company offers the Argus 2 wireless camera for $130 by itself. You can add a solar panel, which brings the cost up to $160 while the Argus Pro starts at $100.

Reolink also sells a line of RLC dome-shaped cameras that range in price from $60 to $250. With Reolink’s prices, you can build an effective security system for around $500 or less, depending on the number of cameras you need. On the higher end of that scale, your camera system can cost as much as $900 or more if you’re going with a multichannel HDR setup. Still, this amount proves cheaper than having to replace valuables after a break-in. And that’s not even to mention the psychological cost incurred.

Take note: Reolink also offers the Go, C1 Pro, and C2 Pro cameras. Their newest security cameras are the E1 Outdoor and the Argus Pro 3. To learn more, read our full Reolink camera review.

Reolink Argus 3 Pro

Reolink Argus 3 Pro

Lorex vs. Reolink: Who to Go With?

So there you have it. Lorex is one of the more advanced systems on the market and provides a load of benefits not seen with other systems. This is an excellent choice for the homeowner who wants to be fully immersed in their security system setup and also prefers high-quality cameras and equipment.

On the flip side, Reolink offers an easy-to-install security setup with pricing comparable to more advanced systems. While their tech may not be top of the line, they still provide quality cameras and at a more affordable price compared to Lorex.

Lorex Cameras

Lorex Cameras

If neither company is quite your cup of tea, don’t miss our reviews on the top DIY systems of 2024. We’ve vetted dozens upon dozens of security companies and products to deliver insider knowledge to help you make your decision.

Protecting your home is a necessity, and it’s imperative that you feel confident in making a well-informed decision so that you and your family can enjoy peace of mind.

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Our pick is Lorex
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