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Between these two security systems, our favorite is ADT.

SecureScore™: 8.7/10

ADT and Smith Thompson are security companies that excel when it comes to the level of security they offer to their customers. While Smith Thompson is limited in both number of devices and service area, ADT offers a comprehensive list of features, services, and equipment to a nationwide customer base.

Overview: ADT vs Smith Thompson

ADT and Smith Thompson home security systems fall at both end of the spectrum in terms of affordability, level of sophistication, and service area. Both offer top of the line equipment, with the main difference being the types of features and devices offered.

  1. ADT offers nationwide service
  2. Smith Thompson only serves Texas residents
  3. ADT requires a long-term contract with the option to relocate if necessary
  4. Smith Thompson isn't equipped to offer home automation
  5. ADT offers indoor/outdoor, high-resolution video cameras and a doorbell viewer with 2-way communication

Similarities: Smith Thompson vs ADT

ADT and Smith Thompson have few similarities aside from cellular monitoring and apps that allow you to monitor your system from a smartphone or tablet.

  • Cellular monitoring
  • Adequate customer service response
  • Upfront fees
  • Long-term contract (optional with Smith Thompson)
  • Mobile app for smartphone and tablet use
  • Both companies offer 24/7 monitoring to third-party security systems

Differences: Smith Thompson vs ADT

ADT is a much larger company that offers nationwide service with a full list of features, services, and devices. Smith Thompson is approximately 40 years old but hasn't broadened its horizons outside the state of Texas or expanded on its equipment line and services offered.

  • Smith Thompson offers an optional contract monitoring package
  • ADT offers home automation w/voice recognition and environmental hazard detection
  • Smith Thompson offers do it yourself installation
  • ADT has a variety of packages to choose from and several different devices that can be added to each one
  • ADT offers both cellular and landline connections
  • Smith Thompson customers own their equipment


ADT packages can include environmental sensors, full home automation w/voice recognition, indoor/outdoor video surveillance, medical alert pendants w/GPS, and motion sensors that won't be set off by smaller pets. They offer the option to add features and services throughout the course of your contract.

Smith Thompson offers burglary and fire monitoring. No phone lines are required and the alarm can be attached to an existing security system. They also offer a mobile app for a set monthly fee that allows you to control your system while you are away.


ADT requires a 3-year contract but will relocate with you if you move, even if it's across the country.

Smith Thompson offers both options. They offer a “no contract” option that allows you to monitor the system yourself, as well as a 3-year contract option for a set monthly fee.


ADT offers several packages ranging from $29 to $56 per month. Each package requires an upfront fee of $125 to start the contract and schedule installation. Additional equipment can be added to each package for a fee.

Smith Thompson charges $17 a month with a $7 a month fee for their smartphone app. With the cost of the equipment, activation, and upfront costs, a customer who chooses the no-contract option can expect to pay between $375 and $400 to begin service.


All of ADT's packages start with the basic system and build on it. The basic system includes a choice of control panels, a keyfob remote, 3 door/window/entry sensors, a motion sensor, siren, battery (backup), and signage for your yard and home.

Smith Thompson offers a converter that converts the regular alarm to a cellular alarm/notification. The company also includes standard sensors.


ADT requires professional installation for all packages.

Smith Thompson is a do-it-yourself system that is easy to install and monitor on your own.

Emergency Connections

ADT offers three different types of connectivity that includes cellular, Wi-Fi, and landline options. All three offer notifications to numbers on the customer's contact list and local authorities.

Smith Thompson only uses cellular connectivity which involves an additional charge every month. Alarm notifications are sent to the mobile app if you are a subscriber to that feature. Local authorities are notified if you subscribe to their Smith Monitoring 24/7 service.

Summary: ADT vs Smith Thompson

ADT offers a full line of state of the art devices, accompanied by 24/7 monitoring and the option for home automation. It's a great choice for homeowners who want a top of the line security and are willing to commit to a 3-year contract.

Smith Thompson is only available to Texas residents. It's a fair option for individuals who are interested in having a basic security system without a lot of extras.

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