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What Sets August Apart

The August Lock allows individuals to take control over their door, allowing for keyless access. The simple-to-use device allows you to lock and unlock your door from a distance using nothing more than an app. And, you can even learn who is coming into your home. This app-focused tool is super easy to use and gives you insight into what’s happening at your home when you’re not there.

Key Features

  • Remote Lock & Unlock
  • App Control
  • DIY Installation
  • Bluetooth Lock
  • Home Automation

August Price & Cost

The August Smart Lock is regularly priced at $149. This is a no-frills and no-fuss investment. The company’s lock products do not require any additional costs for installation (DIY installation is easy enough for many people). Additionally, those who wish to buy the August Smart Lock Pro, the upgraded model, the cost is $279.00 at full price. This model comes with the August Smart Lock Pro and the Connect.

August Smart LockAugust Lock CostProduct Type
August Smart Lock Pro + Connect$249Smart Lock
August Smart Lock Pro$249Smart Lock
August Smart Lock + Connect$229Smart Lock
August Smart Lock$149Smart Lock
August Doorbell Cam Pro$199Doorbell Camera
Connect Wi-Fi Bridge$79Wi-Fi Bridge
Smart Keypad$59Keypad
Tapered Deadbolt$39Traditional Lock

Current Deal

August runs sales and discounts from time to time for its products. The August Smart Lock can be priced at a discount. Additionally, individuals can choose the Smart Lock and Connect offer. This special offer allows individuals to purchase the Smart Lock along with the Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. Lastly, August offers Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals during the holidays.

About August Smart Locks

The August Smart Lock and August Smart Lock Pro are two of the most connected tools available for door control, but they are also designed to be very simple and easy to use. The August Smart Lock is the simplest of versions. Less expensive and with just a few features, it is an ideal beginners model. By comparison, the August Smart Lock Pro is one of the more advanced options. It allows for connectivity with smart tools such as Google, Apple, and Amazon’s Alexa. The Pro also offers remote access and comes with the August Connect, a feature allowing the door lock to utilize Wi-Fi.

With options that fit just about any need, the August Smart Door Lock is versatile enough for those who are just getting their feet wet with smart home technology or those who want enhanced connectivity wherever they go. Keep in mind that not all features are available on both the Smart Lock and the Smart Lock Pro. Check out the full review of August here.

Mobile App

The most valuable component of the August Smart Lock is its mobile app. Everything is controlled through this app. It offers activity tracking, guest access, total control to allow individuals to lock and unlock the door remotely, and status updates. These updates, using a feature called DoorSense, lets you check the status of the door. It also tells you if the door is closed and locked.

Two-Layer Encryption

August takes security seriously, which is why it offers this feature. It provides for two-factor authentication. That means that at least two factors of authentication are used to ensure safety. The two-layer encryption uses Bluetooth Energy Technology encryption as well as an additional encryption mode. This gives you peace of mind.

Remote Door Control

With the August Smart Lock, you can lock and unlock the door from any location through the app. Remote access and keyless access are always available. That means that you can open the door for someone who is at your home. And, you can use the DoorSense technology to make sure that the door is locked if you are away. That’s a nice way of knowing you didn’t forget to lock the door behind you.

Keyless Access

This smart locking system offers Auto Unlock. This feature allows the door to react when you walk up to it. Auto Unlock knows when you arrive at the door. As a result, it unlocks the door. You never have to dig to find keys and balance everything in your hands at the same time again.

Apple HomeKit Compatibility

The August Smart Lock is compatible with Apple HomeKit (Siri). If you have this in your home, including through an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, HomePod, Apple TV, or other Apple device, you can use the Smart Lock Pro to open the door.

Alexa Compatibility

Individuals with any type of Alexa-enabled device can use the device to connect with their Smart Lock. This includes the Echo Show and the Fire TV. This makes it easy to lock or unlock the door without even getting up from the couch.

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