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Identity Guard® is a well-known company providing identity theft protection. While many people know of its individual policies, which cover a single user, many can also benefit from family plans. These plans provide the same type of extensive protection, but instead of covering just one person, they cover the number you desire. Here’s a closer look at some of the key details of these plans.

What Are the Identity Guard® Plan Options?

To get started, the primary member must sign up for an individual plan. There are several options to select from based on the type of monitoring and protection you would like to have. From there, you can choose to enhance the membership by adding more people to it. Here are a few options offered by Identity Guard.

  • The Couple Plan covers two adults. Both adults must live within the same household to obtain the plan.
  • Parent and Children Plan covers one adult as well as any of the minor children who live in the home with that parent.
  • The Family Plan is more extensive. It provides coverage for up to two adults and the minor children living in the home.

The primary member of the plan has to choose his or her identification coverage level. The company offers the Value Plan, Total Plan, and Premier Plan from which the primary member can select. These plans range in price from $11.99 per month up to $27.99 per month. The individual member pays the applicable membership fee each month to keep the plan active.

Then, an added member can be invited by the primary member. The added member gets the same type of services as the primary member. This member does not pay a separate fee for the service. By adding the family plan, there is no additional charge for each member.

What Does the Family Plan Membership Include?

There are various types of coverages available based on the level of plan selected. Here is a closer look at what each of the plans offer to anyone included in the Family Plan.

The Value Family Plan

This membership provides for the most important features from Identity Guard for identification protection. Among the features are:

IBM® Watson™ Artificial Intelligence

Identity Guard’s highest level of protection and what makes it so unique is its partnership with IBM® Watson™. This true AI scans the web for any signs of your personal identification material. Because it is able to process billions of pieces of information so quickly, it can provide more insight and better management over the threats you have. You learn about risks sooner so you can take action faster.

Risk Management Score

This score is a numerological representation of the amount of risk you have. It allows you to see what actions you can take to improve your threat level and better protect your identity.

Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web is the hardest to manage aspects of the internet and the place where your personal information is likely to be sold. This service works to monitor for your credit card numbers, social security number, financial account numbers, and other details on the dark web.

Child Identity Protection

The Identity Guard Value Family Plan includes protection for your child’s personal information. Just as it does for adults, it monitors the dark web for any risk factors for your children.

Total Family Plan

This plan includes everything that is present in the Value Plan. It also offers additional protections including:

3 Bureau Credit Monitoring

If there is a significant change to your credit accounts, this service picks that up and alerts you. This includes new credit inquiries, public records, or other notifications.

Checking and Savings Account Applications

If someone tries to use your information, or that of any member of your family, to open a checking or savings account, this service will pick that up and alert you. It also monitors for bank account takeovers, such as when someone adds their name or information to your account.

Premier Family Plan

As noted, this service includes all of the Value and Total Family Plan coverage along with additional protections. This includes:

Credit Score and Report

You will receive a monthly Vantage 3.0 credit score that comes from your TransUnion data. You also receive an annual credit report from each of the three credit bureaus.

$1 Million in Stolen Funds Reimbursement

If someone steals money from you as a result of identity theft, this plan offers coverage with a $1 million reimbursement plan.

Social Insights Report

It also provides a tool to help monitor your presence on social media. For example, it monitors your Facebook timeline to find any instances in which your image or other information is stolen online.

Identity Guard’s Family Plans are an excellent way to protect everyone’s details within your family. This is a far less expensive option compared to purchasing individual plans for each member but offers the same level of protection.

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