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What Sets Nest Apart

The Nest Hello, which is Nest’s doorbell camera, is a full-featured, easy to install and use security tool. It provides good quality video and excellent round-the-clock monitoring of what is happening outside your front door. It also offers a three-hour snapshot history so you can see what happened. It offers some key features such as 160-degree field of view and HDR.

Key Features

The best features of this system

  • Wireless Monitoring
  • Hardwired
  • Professional Installation
  • Home Automation

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Nest Price & Packages

The Nest Hello is a hard-wired doorbell camera, which is available with professional installation or without. For those who purchase the version without installation, the cost is $229 for the unit alone. However, you can purchase the professional installation alongside it for $329, which tends to be less expensive than hiring someone to come to the home on your own.

It is also possible to upgrade to the Nest Aware feature, which provides cloud recording of what is happening outside of the camera. It is possible to prepay for the type of monitoring you desire. For those who want 5-day monitoring, which maintains the recordings for five days at a time, the cost is $5 per month or $50 for the year if prepaid in full, providing a $10 savings. You can extend this to a 10-day long video history at a price of $10 per month or $100 for the year if paid in full, which saves you $20. You can extend this further with the 30-day video history. This costs $30 a month or $300 a year if paid in full. That provides a $60 savings.

Current Deal

Nest offers a variety of discounts and deals from time-to-time. It is very common for the company to offer Nest Hello components with other Nest tools, which can enhance the security and home automation of your home.

About Nest Security

There are a few fantastic features about the Nest Hello, a doorbell camera designed to work for security and ease-of-use. First, the device provides 24/7 streaming and gives you a 3-hour snapshot history to see what happened. You can extend this and maintain recordings for up to 30 days by purchasing an inexpensive cloud monitoring bundle.

The system also provides quality videos and images. It features a 1/3 inch camera that is a 3-megapixel color sensor and 8x digital zoom camera. It provides HD UXGA 1600 x 1200 for up to 30 frames per second and H.264 encoding. This HRD video quality is excellent, which means images are quite clear and reliable. It also features 850 nm infrared LEDs for night vision and an RGB light ring and status light. The HRD video provides nice detailing even when the light conditions are very bright or very dark. That makes your home security a bit better.

The entire system works with your Wi-Fi for connectivity and two-level encryption is provided. Users will need to have a wired doorbell and chime in order to use the Nest Hello properly.

With things like prerecorded responses and showing people from head-to-toe, the Nest Hello can provide for many of the features users need. It is a reliable, well-designed system that works with your other smart home applications and tools with ample consistency. Check out the full review of Nest Hello here.

Mobile Alerts
Mobile Alerts

When there is a detection of something in the 160-degree field of view, the Nest Hello reacts. It sends a message directly to the Nest app to inform you of the presence of the individual. You can then communicate through the app and the system with the person outside your door. The app is available for smartphones or any Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

24/7 Monitoring
24/7 Monitoring

The Nest Hello provides an effective tool for monitoring the space outside your front door. It is always on, that means it monitors the area and reports detections. With 24/7 streaming, you can easily log into the camera at any time to pick up on what is happening at any time. It uses person, motion and sound alerts to detect visitors.

Power Outage Protection
Hardwired Security

To work, the Nest Hello requires individuals to replace their existing doorbell with the new device. It is hardwired in. While some handy individuals may find it possible to do this installation on their own, others may want to hire a professional to do so.

Smart Home Options
Smart Home Options

The Nest Hello works with other smart home systems. It is possible to link it to your Google Assistant devices, such as the Google Home Hub an Amazon Alexa devices. This allows you to use voice controls on these devices to communicate with your Nest Hello. They can also pull up the camera feed so that you can see what is happening outside of your door.

Surveillance Cameras
Surveillance Cameras

Though the Nest Hello is a doorbell camera, it actually works very well as a security camera. It offers 24/7 streaming and has a large field of view to monitor. This always-on connection makes it the perfect option for home surveillance. It also allows you to set up some nice features, such as personal alerts. You can set it up to recognize family and friends. When it spots these individuals, it sends you a special alert. On the other hand, it also offers 4:3 HD video to show a person from head-to-toe, which is an excellent tool for security.

Voice Response
Voice Response

There are several ways you can respond through your Nest Hello. For example, you can set it up to have prerecorded quick responses. You do not always have to answer the doorbell. It also allows you to communicate with the other person through the app. With HD Talk and Listen and noise and echo cancellation, communication is very clear. As noted, you can also communicate through smart home systems using voice controls.

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