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Between these two security systems, our favorite is ADT.

SecureScore™: 8.7/10

Home security systems offered by ADT and SafeTouch are considered to be a higher grade simply because of the professional services you get with each one. Professional installation and monitoring are required and relocating both can be somewhat of a challenge. ADT has a slightly higher price tag, but also has the brand name and over 140 years of service to back it up. The major difference is in the coverage area. SafeTouch only serves homeowners who live in Georgia and Florida, while ADT offers nationwide coverage.

Overview: ADT vs SafeTouch

Both ADT and SafeTouch offer effective and reliable home security systems. Each one makes professional service a priority by requiring equipment to be installed by a technician from the company. Home automation and environmental sensors help homeowners to manage every aspect of their home from energy conservation to minimizing damage from water, fire, and smoke. Traditional devices are offered by each company that protects against glass break intrusions and other types of unauthorized entry.

  • ADT offers services to residents across the nationwide
  • SafeTouch only serves residents in Georgia and Florida
  • Landline and cellular connectivity are offered by both
  • Multiple package options for both equipment and monitoring
  • ADT offers 6-months money back guarantee with certain restrictions

Similarities: ADT vs SafeTouch

Because both companies offer financing options for their equipment, kits do not have to be purchased prior to having the system installed. ADT and SafeTouch offer many of the same features. Systems are easily managed by remote access through a convenient, downloadable app that can be added to your smartphone or tablet. Both offer return policies, the only difference being the length of time allowed to return the equipment.

  • Contracts are required
  • Professional installation by a company tech is required
  • Home automation features
  • Uses both landline and cellular service for connectivity
  • Both wireless and hardwiring are available

Differences: ADT vs SafeTouch

The biggest difference between ADT and SafeTouch is the service area. ADT boasts nationwide service, while SafeTouch only covers the southeast region that includes Florida and Georgia. The other major difference is in the trial periods offered by each company. SafeTouch offers a limited 30-day return period. ADT offers a six-month return window (also with some restrictions). SafeTouch also offers cloud storage for videos.

  • Coverage areas (Nationwide vs Florida/Georgia)
  • Length of time in business (ADT – 140 years vs SafeTouch – 30 years)
  • BBB rating (ADT – A+ vs SafeTouch – B)
  • SafeTouch offers a lifetime warranty
  • ADT's installation fee can be as high as $199


ADT offers many of the most popular, high-tech features available. In addition to home automation, ADT offers a mobile app that allows you to interact with your security system, no matter where you are. Video surveillance from both cameras and a video doorbell viewer are also available. Leaks, water damage, and fire hazard detection are offered as well.

SafeTouch's features include cloud storage options, two-way communication, motion sensors, glass-break sensors, and home automation are just a few of the popular features. A mobile app is offered so that you can connect with your home whenever you feel the need. With their professional monitoring capabilities, SafeTouch offers effective home security for homeowners in Georgia and Florida.


Both companies require a long-term commitment. ADT requires a 3-year contract, while SafeTouch customers can be locked in for 3- to 5-years.


ADT's pricing includes a $99 to $199 installation fee. The company offers 5 monitoring plans. The Basic Security plan starts at $27.99 a month, while the most expensive can cost as much as $58.99 a month.

SafeTouch also requires an installation fee of at least $99. Multiple monitoring plans are also available with $29.99 being the least amount possible per month. SafeTouch lacks transparency in pricing making it difficult to determine just how much a system will cost.


Equipment offers for ADT include a video doorbell viewer, hub, keypad, surveillance cameras, motion and entry sensors, environmental sensors, and smart devices that allow for home automation. Packages can be customized to meet your specific needs.

SafeTouch offers devices that are equipped with two-way communication, smart devices for full home automation, video surveillance, glass-break sensors, entry sensors, and motion detectors. They also offer environmental and energy saving devices.


Both ADT and SafeTouch require professional installation and setup for their systems.

Emergency Connections

Both ADT and SafeTouch rely on cellular service to maintain connectivity. Text message and notifications are used to let the homeowner know when an alert is triggered. Law enforcement and EMS personnel are also notified when alerts are verified.

Summary: ADT vs SafeTouch

ADT is often the most popular choice for homeowners who want a reputable brand with a proven track record of efficiency. These are often the same people who look for the contract and professional installation as a sign of top of the line service. Read our ADT review to find out more.

SafeTouch is a great choice for homeowners who live in Florida or Georgia and are looking for the best in professional home security offerings.