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Between these two security systems, our favorite is ADT.

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Honeywell and ADT home security systems offer similar features and devices. Honeywell manufactures their system but does not install or monitor them. ADT home security systems are installed and monitored professionally. Both are extremely effective and, as long as third-party monitoring is in place, will notify emergency responders in your area if an alert is triggered.

Overview: Honeywell vs ADT

Honeywell and ADT are well-known throughout the home security industry, but they are known for two different things. Honeywell as a manufacturer and ADT as a bona fide home security system that offers both equipment and services. Both offer systems for businesses as well as residential customers and provide each a similar set of services and features.

  • Honeywell does not monitor or install their systems, authorized dealers do
  • ADT requires a contract
  • Honeywell offers the Z-Wave home automation platform
  • ADT allows for integration with smart home devices
  • Honeywell allows for self-installation if approved by the dealer

Similarities: ADT vs Honeywell

Honeywell and ADT home security systems offer many of the same devices and features. Both offer wireless and hard-wired options that use landlines and cellular service. Both Honeywell and ADT offer home automation options and apps that allow you to control your systems remotely.

  • ADT and Honeywell offer professional installation
  • Remote control through a downloadable app
  • At least partial home automation
  • Both companies use authorized dealers
  • Both offer high-quality equipment that is easy to use

Differences: ADT vs Honeywell

Honeywell only manufactures their equipment. Authorized dealers are responsible for installation, monitoring, and pricing. ADT is a full-service home security system that handles all of its own installing and monitoring. ADT also requires a 3-year contract.

  • ADT has six monitoring centers
  • Honeywell can be monitored by any third-party monitoring company
  • Honeywell offers Z-Wave technology
  • ADT pairs with Alexa and other smart home platforms
  • Honeywell itself does not require a contract although certain monitoring centers might


Honeywell is well-known for its Z-Wave technology. They offer entry sensors, motion sensors, remote entry with the use of a key fob, and motion detectors. Kits also include a Z-Wave and Wi-Fi modules. They also include a touchscreen panel for convenience.

ADT offers indoor/outdoor cameras, motion detectors, entry sensors for windows and doors, and a touchscreen keypad. They also offer the option of a medical alert pendant. ADT allows for the integration of devices from other companies, such as the Ring video doorbell viewer.


Honeywell does not require a contract. Professional monitoring services do require contracts in some cases, so it will depend on which service you choose as to whether or not you have a contract.

ADT requires a 3-year contract.


Honeywell's packages range in price from $250 to $500. The price you pay will vary depending on the dealer. The same is true for the professional monitoring service you choose. Every authorized dealer is different so you will need to shop around to make sure you are getting the most for your money.

ADT charges a $99 installation fee upfront. They offer four basic packages to choose from. The Basic package charges $28 per month. The Basic+Wireless Connect plan costs $49 per month. The ADT Pulse+Video costs $59 per month and the last plan, the ADT Pulse+Smart Home Connect tops out at $60 per month.


Honeywell's equipment includes a base unit, touchscreen keypad, key fob, entry sensors, motion detectors, Wi-Fi module, and a Z-Wave module. Other devices like indoor/outdoor cameras can be included on an a la carte basis.

ADT's equipment includes the base unit, entry sensors for windows and doors, and a keypad. ADT allows for indoor/outdoor cameras, video doorbell viewers with two-way communication, and other devices to be added as desired to each plan for an extra fee.


Honeywell does not install its home security systems. Authorized dealers offer professional installation. You may also be able to install the system yourself, depending on the dealer and their requirements.

ADT requires professional installation and charges a $99 installation fee.

Emergency Connections

Honeywell does not monitor its systems. Authorized dealers offer professional installation options depending on their location. If you purchase a home with a Honeywell system already installed, you can choose your own monitoring center. If a professional monitoring system is in place, alerts will be sent to the monitoring center so that the local authorities will be notified. Alerts will also be sent to the subscriber.

ADT's professional monitoring center will receive alerts as they are triggered. Emergency responders will be immediately notified and notifications will be sent to the subscriber's contact list.

Summary: Honeywell vs ADT

Honeywell offers equipment that is easy to use and ideal for homeowners and businesses who want to work with a local dealer instead of the manufacturer.

ADT is the best choice for homeowners who want a full-service home security company with a tried and true reputation.

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