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Sleek and professional grade doorbell camera security.

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What Sets DoorBird Apart

DoorBird focuses their attention on the innovation of entryway security. They provide consumers with doorbell video, voice, and home automation features that provide security for homes, their occupants, and their property.

They pride themselves on individual and group residences with more than just another door intercom system. DoorBird provides video services so that visitors can be seen, two-way voice services that allow visitors to be greeted, and even open the door to allow them entry … all from a smartphone or tablet. When the doorbell button is pressed, a notification is sent to the customer’s smartphone via the DoorBird free app.

As a foreign company, DoorBird does not have a record with consumer watchdog groups that are based in the United States such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Moreover, there are few reviews of their products available online. The few that are available come from Amazon where most of their offerings garner middle of the road reviews at best.

Key Features

The best features of this system

  • DIY Installation
  • Wireless or Hardwired
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Remote Control
  • Home Automation
  • Wi-Fi and 3G Alerts

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DoorBird Price & Packages

DoorBird offers customers a number of options for their IP Video Door Stations. These range in price from $349 for the most basic of video doorbell system to $2275 for their largest station offering multiple buttons. The difference in price depends upon selections such as finish, number of call buttons, and other features like keypads, door slots, and more.

In addition, DoorBird offers add on devices for purchase. These include a wireless door chime, a siren for intrusions, door and window sensors, an I/O Door Controller, and Bird Guard security cameras. Together these components can be added to the DoorBird IP Video Door Station as well as components from outside providers to have a complete home security system.

Shipping is provided to customers in the United States by UPS Express and is listed as taking one to three business days. Customers are responsible for shipping costs and these are dependent upon where in the U.S. the customer lives.

Current Deal

At the time of this writing, there were no deals available via the DoorBird website. Moreover, an extensive search of the internet did not reveal a history of past sales, deals, and discounts as it often does for other security companies.

However, DoorBird can be bought from a number of different retailers and those have shown a history of past sale pricing on their products. In fact, companies such as Amazon, Walmart, and others all have recent discounts on DoorBird IP Video Door Stations for their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

About DoorBird Security

Based in Germany, DoorBird delivered its first doorbell video station in 2009. Since then it has grown to a large company with many different options available to customers to customize their systems. Their products are manufactured in Germany at state of the art facilities. They adhere to the highest quality standards and are comprised of precious metals that are corrosion resistant. Thus, they are built to last for many years to come. Check out the full review of DoorBird here.

Mobile Alerts
Mobile Alerts

Whenever a DoorBird notification button is pushed, the smartphone associated with that button is sent an instant notification that allows the owner to view and speak with whoever is at their door.

Car garage
Remote Garage Control

Using the DoorBird add-on wireless I/O door controller, customers can open and close their garage door with their smartphones.

Wireless Equipment
Wireless Equipment

While the DoorBird stations need to be wired into the home’s wiring to work, many of their other devices are completely wireless. These include sensors, a siren, a chime, and other add-ons.

Surveillance Cameras
Surveillance Cameras

DoorBird offers additional add-on cameras to enhance the DoorBird Video doorbell station. Also, customers can use DoorBird Connect to tie in additional components from more than three dozen partner companies.

Wrench and screwdriver
DIY Installation

Each DoorBird product comes with full instructions on how to install it without needing to pay a professional. There are also directions – some with video walkthroughs – online at the DoorBird website.

Smart Home Options
Smart Home Options

DoorBird offers their customers with the ability to open the door – either to the house or the garage – while they are away from home using their smartphone as a remote control.

Remote Control
Remote Control

The entire DoorBird system and all of its components are designed to be operated and controlled from a distance using Wi-Fi and smartphone notifications, video, audio, and system controls.

Lifetime Warranty

DoorBird offers geofencing services for their customers. It utilizes RFID and/or GPS technology to establish a virtual geographical boundary. This enables the system to arm itself whenever the owner leaves the area as well as triggering the alert whenever another enters into the perimeter.

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