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Editor's Note: IPVanish is currently running a promotion that lets you pick up a one-year subscription for $3.75 a month. That’s a 65-percent savings compared to the regular monthly price.

With the growing threat of cyberattacks and online privacy becoming a major concern, the use of virtual private networks is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, according to a recent study, approximately 68 percent of adults in the U.S. say they have — at some point — used a VPN either for personal or professional use — an estimated 142 million people.1

Today we’re giving you a detailed breakdown of the pricing and services of a popular VPN brand — IPVanish. Here you’ll get a look at some of their key functions, and an analysis of their pricing and features. For more information on this service, take a look at our full IPVanish review.

IPVanish Log In

IPVanish Log In

IPVanish Overview

IPVanish has been a player in the VPN game for nearly a decade. Founded in 2012 by Mudhook Media, the service has grown from a windows-only client with 32 servers to over 1,600 servers accessible on most major platforms.2

Did You Know: A VPN works by establishing a secure, encrypted connection between two computers through the internet. This prevents internet service providers from throttling your speed, streaming services from using geo-restrictions, governments from interfering in your traffic, and bad actors from getting their hands on your data.3

Before we get into the pricing breakdown, let’s take a look at some of IPVanish’s unique features that will definitely make you want to give them some serious consideration.

IPVanish VPN Key Features

  • Kill Switch
  • Scramble Feature
  • Works for Torrenting
  • Split-Tunneling
  • Mobile App

IPVanish Plans and Pricing

IPVanish costs $10.99 per month, $15.96 for the quarterly plan, or $47.88 for the annual plan. Note that the quarterly and the annual price is for the first term only. They automatically renew to $29.99 per quarter and $89.99 per year, respectively.

As far as VPNs go, IPVanish is on the pricey side, but that still means you’re only going to be paying around $10 per month after your discount period expires. For context, if you check out our guide to NordVPN’s pricing and services — an industry-standard service — you’ll find their month to month costs are similar, but slightly higher. Something a little closer to IPVanish would be Encrypt.me’s costs. They’re a comparable VPN service with a similar price structure.

IPVanish Cost Breakdown

IPVanish Plan Cost Per Month Cost Per Quarter Cost Per Year
VPN $10.99 $15.96* $47.88**

*For the first quarter only. $29.99 per quarter after.
**For the first year. $89.99 per year after.

You should also know if you purchase an annual plan, it’s fully refundable for up to 30 days. So you can purchase either IPVanish package, use it for a month, and then decide if it’s right for you. If the answer is no, no worries! We really like the flexibility of this 30-day money-back guarantee, almost as much as we liked the free version we found reviewing ProtonVPN.

Keep in mind though, IPVanish has a variable price structure, depending on which plan you choose. Once the initial term is up they’ll revert back to their regular prices, so be sure to check the fine print. Variable price structures aren’t our favorite, but even at full price it’s not too bad for the protections and bonuses offered by IPVanish, especially bearing in mind that the annual plan comes with free access to antivirus software. This antivirus software is courtesy of VIPRE, a $70 value if purchased separately.

Did You Know: There are two types of IP addresses that currently coexist online. IPv4 and IPv6. Version four addresses are 32 bits long, and version 6 IP addresses are 128 bits.4

And speaking of those protections and bonuses – let’s take a look at IPVanish’s quick hits list.

IPVanish’s Key Features

IPVanish Kill Switch

IPVanish is in the minority of VPNs here, offering kill switch functionality. This means that if your VPN service is ever interrupted, your internet connection will also disconnect. This prevents your true IP address from ever becoming exposed.

IPVanish Scramble

Just like we saw when we tested Surfshark, another great VPN for world travelers, IPVanish’s Scramble function prevents governments or ISPs from recognizing OpenVPN protocol traffic. Great for folks who travel abroad often.

IPVanish Split Tunneling

Split Tunneling is a relatively new technology that allows you to tell your VPN which traffic you want routed through it, and which traffic you want routed through your regular ISP. Great for keeping speeds up — you can use a server halfway around the world for one particular download while browsing social media locally.

IPVanish Mobile

IPVanish is available on all of the major mobile platforms including iOS and Android. They also offer connect-on-demand functionality where the VPN kicks into gear whenever the device tries to connect to an unsecured, unrecognized WiFi network.

IPVanish On Demand

IPVanish On Demand

Did You Know: Unsecured WiFi networks are a treasure trove for identity thieves and hackers. If you’re on an unsecured network without any protection, your most personal data is extremely vulnerable.

What We Like About IPVanish

First of all, we really love how user-friendly IPVanish is. It seems like a lot of folks are intimidated by VPNs — they think you need to be a computer expert to properly deploy one. That couldn’t be further from the truth with IPVanish VPN. In our experience, we found their user-friendly setup and interface to be extremely simple to use and understand.

IPVanish Dashboard

IPVanish Dashboard

We also love how seriously IPVanish takes their user’s privacy. Since 2017 they’ve been what’s known as a zero-log service provider, meaning they do not keep track of their users’ traffic or activity. This has been proven true by an independent privacy audit performed by the Leviathan Security Group. Simply put — even if the company wanted to violate your privacy, they couldn’t.5 There’s simply no record of your use. Torrenters — breathe easy.

Pro Tip: If you’re still a little fuzzy on VPNs, we’d suggest looking at our roundup of the best VPNs available, or you can head over to our VPN breakdown to learn all about how these services work.

IPVanish Overall Value, Our Final Verdict

At the end of the day, we think IPVanish offers a great bang for your buck. There certainly are cheaper VPNs out there, but you’re not going to be getting those features that make IPVanish really unique, and you certainly won’t be getting the bonus options you’re getting with IPVanish’s VPN+Storage package. Overall, we think this is a great service, and well worth the cost of entry.

IPVanish FAQs

How much does IPVanish cost?

For VPN access alone, IPVanish costs $10.99 monthly, $15.96 for the first quarter, and $47.88 for the first year. Renewal prices are different, though. The quarterly plan renews at $29.99 per quarter, while the yearly plan renews at $89.99. Also keep in mind that the yearly plan comes with free antivirus software, courtesy of VIPRE Advanced Security.

Does IPVanish offer any discounts?

Yes, right now, the quarterly and annual plan are 54- and 65-percent off the regular monthly price.

Does IPVanish offer refunds if I’m not satisfied?

Yes, IPVanish offers full refunds for 30 days, but only on their annual packages.

Is IPVanish affordable?

Yes, in our experience IPVanish offers their services at a more than reasonable price.

Does IPVanish record my traffic?

No, IPVanish is a zero-log service provider.

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