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Last Updated On: April 25, 2019
SecureScore™: 9.1 /10
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9.1 SecureScore™
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Yale Smart Lock Ratings

There’s a reason Yale is a global leader in smart locks. Actually, there are several reasons. These powerful devices have elegant backlit touchscreens and allow users to issue and revoke access at the drop of a hat. They integrate with third-party smart home platforms, and offer easy DIY setup in minutes. Sure, they’re pricey. But with millions of happy customers across the globe, Yale is a dependable name you can trust. See what our experts say in our Yale review.

  • Feature-rich smart locks
  • Collaborations with popular third-party smart home services
  • Formidable reputation in the industry

  • Expensive
  • May be difficult to decide between lock options


Yale’s beginnings go all the way back to 1840. Linus Yale Sr had a lock store in Newport, New York. He developed specialized locks for banks looking to protect their funds. They had a major influence in the lock market throughout history. Some of the renowned inventions from this company included the pin tumbler cylinder lock, patented in the 1850s and the Monitor Bank Lock, which was one of the first combination locks. The Yale & Towne company was created in 1868 and had 35 employees. Today, it’s an international business that has 12,000 staff members. The ASSA ABLOY Group bought Yale in 2000.

Yale manufactures locks and related products, such as safes, alarms, and door handles. Millions of people use their locks for residential to commercial applications. It primarily focuses on residential locking solutions.

Features & Technology

Answer Your Door Remotely

Yale smart locks empower you to let guests in without you even needing to be near your home. All you need is access to a device that can connect to the Internet.

Schedule Access

If you have people visiting on a regular basis, you can program these entry patterns into the app itself.

Integrate with Z-Wave Plus

Yale offers Z-Wave Plus and ZigBee network Modules for its Yale Assure smart locks. If your smart home ecosystem uses this technology, then you can integrate it with the rest of your devices and services. Some examples of compatible devices include Amazon Alexa, ADT, Clare Controls, 2Gig, Honeywell, Iris by Lowe’s, Logitech Harmony, Samsung SmartThings, Cor Smart Home, Wink, DSC, Fibaro, Vera, Interlogix, Qolsys, Legrand and Leviton.

Voice Assistant Support

Control your locks with popular voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri and Amazon Alexa.


This technology senses whether a door is in a state of being locked, unlocked, open, or closed.

Backlit Touchscreen

You’re not left in the dark if you need to use an entry code to access your home.

Twist and Go Unlocking

Only unlock your doors when you choose by controlling it through a specific motion on your smartphone.

30-Foot Range

Once you’re within 30 feet, your smartphone enters Bluetooth range. Of course, you can always opt for a completely remote experience.

Revoke Access Keys at Anytime

Has a situation changed and you no longer want someone to have access to your home? You can revoke their key instantly.

Ease of Use

Yale locks replace your current deadbolts, so you can easily swap out your existing lock and replace it. If you run into trouble, it has voice instructions that go over everything with you step by step. Once it’s installed, the app is straightforward and simple to use, whether you use smart locks on their own or as part of a larger smart home ecosystem.

Customer Service

Yale is big on customer service, with experts ready to help you at any point in the process. You can start with the support materials, which include extensive FAQs, installation videos, quick start guides and manuals. A live chat connects you directly to an agent, or you can download an app designed to take you through the installation process.


Yale’s smart lock products are expensive, but if they fit in your budget, then you’re not going to be disappointed. You don’t need any ongoing subscriptions to use these smart home products, and you can customize the accessories, so you have exactly what you need to fit the lock into your connected home ecosystem.


Nest x Yale Lock starts at $279

This collaboration between Nest and Yale uses each company’s strengths. Yale brings their lock experience to the table while Nest adds in the connected technology that they’re known for. This sleek smart lock works with Google Assistant for locking and unlocking the door, monitoring its status, and integrating with any smart home routines that you set up. If you forget to lock it, the device takes care of that for you. It’s an entirely keyless system that’s easy to install, as it simply replaces the deadbolt that you’re already using. If the battery starts to run out, it tells you via the app and the lock itself.

One of the highlights of using this Nest and Yale collaboration is that it integrates seamlessly with the Nest Secure Alarm System. When you unlock the door, you disarm your alarm system. It supports up to 20 entry codes entered through the keypad.

Yale Assure Lock starts at $169

This keyless system uses an interesting mechanism to unlock your door. You rotate your phone horizontally and then take it back to vertical to signal to the door lock that you want to unlock it. This way, you don’t open your door accidentally when you’re in Bluetooth range. It has a touchpad for anyone who doesn’t have access to a smartphone or forgets it when they come to your door. It supports up to 12 codes that you manage through Yale’s app.

The Yale lock doesn’t have a cylinder, so it can’t get picked by a criminal. When the batteries begin to get low on this device, you receive two notifications. The lock itself shows that it has a low battery, and you also receive a message through the app.

Installation is a streamlined process, as it goes in place of your current deadbolt solution. If you need help, it can talk you through it. A gasket stops the weather from having a negative effect on the smart lock, and the battery cover has protections against tampering.

The Assure Lock comes in several models and finishes. They share the same basic functionality but differ in the connectivity options. For example, Yale offers models that have Bluetooth or HomeKit compatibility. You can also choose between different keypad options.

Yale Network Module starts at $50

Connect your Yale Assure smart lock with your home automation systems. You can get Z-Wave Plus, ZigBee and HomeKit modules. Some of the popular third-party smart home integration platforms include SmartThings,, Vera and Iris.

Yale Real Living Look Door Viewer starts at $80

A perfect pairing for your Yale smart lock is the Look Door Viewer. This video doorbell has motion detection technology, so you know exactly who is showing up on your doorstep and when. The two-way audio allows you to speak with your visitors. It integrates with your smart lock, so it’s simple to unlock it if you’re not home when guests arrive.

You get recordings of up to 10-second clips or still images. A 105-degree view gives you better visibility at your door than the typical peephole does. Night vision capabilities allow you to answer everyone day or night without losing out on video quality. It supports a microSD card, so you have plenty of space to store your recordings. Whenever someone presses the doorbell, it automatically begins capturing.

Connected by August $129

Another beneficial collaboration is the one that Yale has with August. The Connected by August kit includes a Wi-Fi bridge that enables you to unlock and lock your home from the August app remotely. You have comprehensive control over access to your home, a full history of your visitors, notifications when people enter and leave, and supports voice assistants. This kit has door sensors, so you also receive updates on whether the door is open or closed.

Assure Lock for Andersen Patio Doors – Price varies based on type of patio door and the Andersen dealer you work with

Many smart lock companies offer solutions for front door entry, but what about your sliding patio doors? If you have Andersen brand doors, then Yale has an Assure smart lock designed to fit. It’s completely keyless, has no cylinders and supports one-touch locking. It also works with Z-Wave home automation devices. If the power is out, a 9V battery is enough to serve as a battery backup. The VeriLock Security Sensors keep you updated on the status of the sliding glass door. You have full control over your door via the Yale Assure App.


Yale has a premium price on their products but they back that up by an industry reputation that can’t be beat and several stellar collaborations. Every part of the experience is user friendly and designed with the utmost thoughtfulness in mind. When you want top of the line quality, Yale has the smart locks that you need.

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