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What Sets Yale Apart

Yale smart locks range widely in terms of functionality and features. Its Real Living line of products offers features such as Digital Door Viewers and Assure Lock. From touchscreens to push button designs, a wide range of options exist for users.

Key Features

The best features of this system

  • DIY Installation
  • Remote Lock & Unlock
  • Keypad
  • Home Automation
  • App Control

Yale Price & Packages

Yale’s smart locks range in price from $150 for the Yale Assure Lock touchscreen model to over $450 for the interconnected systems. A popular option, the Nest Yale Lock costs $279.

Current Deal

The company’s smart door locks are sold through third-parties. That means discounts and promotional offers may be available at any given time. Yale does not sell directly to the consumer on its website, but third-parties may offer discounts such as savings offers or upgrades. The addition of lever handles, for example, tends to be a good upgrade option. You can find Yale Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales running during the holiday season.

About Yale Security

Yale smart door locks come in several forms. Individuals can choose the type of security they need and want. The simplest models replace an existing deadbolt with a keypad that allows users to remotely control the lock. It also allows for assigning of codes remotely.

Perhaps one of the most advanced systems is the Nest Z Yale Lock. This device works with Google Assistant. That means users can lock and unlock their doors using any Google Assistant-enabled device they own. It can also integrate with Routines. This smart lock can lock itself, be locked or unlocked from an app, and even unlocks with a quick tap.

The company’s smart locks come with a wide range of technology options. The Digital Door Viewers feature on some of the apps allows users to see who is at the door using a smartphone connected app and an LCD screen. Assure Lock is perhaps the most advanced of the company’s smart locking features. It allows for both touchscreen and push-button deadbolt options. For those who want a system that meshes well with their smart home, the B1L and T1L lock are some of the best. They also offer enhanced security.

A variety of lock options are available here, including products with different colors and material options. The Yale Real Living and Nest x Yale locks are designed to be easy to use with keyless entry without any compromising of the traditional lock style. Most of its products are easy to install, too. Check out the full review of Yale here.

Apple HomeKit Compatibility

For those who wish to link their smart door lock to their smart home technology, the Yale Assure Lock offers this type of connectivity. Any of the company’s systems featuring the Yale iM1 Network Module can do this. This allows users to communicate through Siri on their iPhone or iPad, or other Apple-connected devices. Siri voice commands can lock or unlock the door.

Alexa Compatibility

Those using Alexa smart home technology can use several of the Yale smart locks. It is possible to connect Yale systems to Amazon’s Alexa using SmartThings technology. Those smart locks with B1L with Z-wave, T1L with Z-wave, and Assure Locks with Z-wave offer this type of connectivity. The lock can pair with Amazon’s Alexa devices including the Echo, Dot or Tap.

Mobile App

Several of the Yale products allow for mobile app control. Users can download the app to their smartphone or tablet to easily communicate with their smart lock on the go. The company also allows users to use the app to establish new pin codes for family and friends. This allows those individuals to have keyless entry into the home.

Remote Door Control

There are two ways to get remote door control using the Yale smart locks. The first is by providing personalized access codes for users. Individuals who elect to purchase a keypad-version of the Yale smart locks can use the mobile app to assign (or remove) codes for access to individuals. Additionally, using the app, users can lock and unlock doors within seconds and from any location.

Two-Layer Encryption

The Assure Lock system from Yale provides the best level of encryption available. The system uses Bluetooth technology. That technology is built with multiple levels of encryption to ensure the security of all digital keys.

Auto Lock & Unlock

With most of the Yale smart locks, users can log into the mobile app to lock and unlock the doors to their home. This allows for keyless entry for those who need to let someone into the home from a distance or the couch.  

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