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Last Updated On: April 25, 2019
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ULTRALOQ and innovation go hand in hand. Biometric scanning for fingerprint authentication. Crisp and clear OLED touchscreens. And multiple unlocking methods (six to be exact). These are just a few of the features ULTRALOQ brings to the table. Get a smart lock solution for every room in your home, and enjoy seamless pairing with automation platforms. It’s not cheap by any means, but quality comes at a price. See what our experts say in our ULTRALOQ review.

  • Up to 6 keyless entry methods
  • Biometric technology
  • Supports two-factor authentication

  • Pricey
  • Doesn’t have built-in support for some common smart home platforms and technologies


U-tec, the company behind the ULTRALOQ, focuses on whole home smart lock devices that offers a completely keyless experience. They go beyond securing your front door. They also consider other areas of your home that you’d want to secure, such as a private office or a storage area. U-tec handles everything in-house, which allows them to develop new products based on first-hand customer feedback and take a well-rounded look at each launch. They have a history in the smart home industry that spans decades, and hundreds of thousands of people globally use their products.

Features & Technology

Supports Multiple Smart Locks in the Same Home

You can protect multiple doors in your home with ULTRALOQ products and control them each individually.

Full Control Over User Access

Add and revoke user access on a permanent or temporary basis for your guests. You get notifications whenever someone uses the code so you can track who is in your house at all times.

Biometric Scanning

A biometric scanner on the smart lock lever can identify you through your finger print.

OLED Touchscreens

These crisp and clear touchscreens are an excellent addition to the smart locks.

Remote Upgrade Available

A Wi-Fi adapter gives you remote access over the ULTRALOQ devices.

Two Factor Authentication

The UL300 supports two-factor authentication, which needs you to verify your identity with two unlocking options rather than one.

Multiple Unlocking Methods

These devices support up to six keyless methods of unlocking your doors.

Several Integration Partners

Google Home and IFTTT are among the smart home integration partners supported by these devices.

Auto Locking

Set up your lock to automatically activate after you enter your house.

Ease of Use

These devices are designed for DIY installation within a few minutes. Usually you just need to screw the smart lock in place. Add-on parts to accommodate non-standard doors are available in the shop.

Customer Service

The support hub for U-tec offers an excellent self-help experience. You can search for your problem, look through FAQs, read the knowledgebase, review your warranty information, set up a trouble ticket or check on shipping. All your manuals are there, along with video guides to walk you through the installation and features. You can call customer support and email them directly if you prefer. Since everything is handled in-house, you get your inquiries answered quickly and efficiently.


ULTRALOQ devices are innovative and built with high-end touches throughout. They command a high price but when you’re looking for excellent residential smart lock options, they stand out in many ways.



This smart lock is loaded down with bells and whistles. You have six keyless options to unlock it, so you never have to worry about getting stuck outside. The most innovative is the biometric fingerprint ID, and you can also use a Bluetooth smartphone, PIN code, contactless key fob, the Magic Shake feature, or a mechanical key. The Magic Shake allows you to simply shake your smartphone, rather than opening the app, to open the lock.

The biometric scanner works quickly and only takes a maximum of 0.4 seconds to positively identify you. If you enter a code on the keypad, an Anti-peep touchscreen supports masking the actual code within a larger number.

If you have the ULTRALOQ Bridge, you gain remote control over the system via a mobile app. It streamlines issuing eKeys and PIN codes to your guests and shows you the access logs. These codes may be temporary or permanent, depending on the person.

The ULTRALOQ UL300 uses two-factor authentication for access to the property. Once you use one of the unlocking options, you need to go through a second one.

This device uses AA batteries and gets up to one year of power before you need to change them. When it’s time to swap out the batteries, both the smart lock and the app let you know. If it runs completely out of batteries, you can use any external power supply with a micro USB cable to get it back online.

The smart lock is made from stainless steel for durability and strength. It has an OLED touch screen display that makes it easy to add new users or remove old ones. It even has a voice guide to walk you through every step.

You can set it up to automatically relock, use a privacy lockout function, or have free passage.


This smart deadbolt is controlled through the U-tec mobile app, supporting auto unlock and Magic Shake unlocking. It communicates with your phone over Bluetooth. It includes anti-peep technology if you enter in a PIN code on the keypad.

Set up temporary or permanent access for all your guests – they can either get an eKey or a code.

It’s powered with 4 AA batteries that last up to 8,000 uses. For a typical family, this gets you through a year. Once it’s time to replace them, the app sends a notification.

Installation is simple and works with standard US doors.

ULTRALOQ AutoBolt Add-on Smart Deadbolt $179.99

You can add-on a smart deadbolt with your ULTRALOQ UL1. This upgrade gives you two-point locking for greater security. When the UL1 latch gets turned, you can set the deadbolt up to automatically unlock on the interior side. This device is compatible with standard size doors in the US.

ULTRALOQ Bridge Wi-Fi Adapter $99.99

If you prefer control of your ULTRALOQ smart lock remotely, this Wi-Fi adapter connects your ULTRALOQ device to the Wi-Fi network. You can access it via the mobile app to lock, unlock and issue eKeys and codes to your guests. Whenever someone uses one of their codes, you get an instant alert. It supports voice commands through Alexa.

UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lever Lock $319.99

This smart lever lock gives you several keyless ways to get into your home. Fingerprints are scanned in under 0.5 seconds, so you don’t have to wait for long. You can also use a code or a smartphone. Much like the UL300, the UL3 uses anti-peep technology on the OLED touchscreen keypad. If you need to use a mechanical key, the keyhole is hidden under the unit and it comes with three keys.

If you have an iPhone, you can knock on it four times to trigger the door to unlock, rather than opening the app. You can also use a shaking motion on Android to do the same.

This lock uses 3 AA batteries which last up to a year. It has a one-piece zinc alloy body, which makes it waterproof and dustproof.

ULTRALOQ Combo $439.99

This combination of a lever smart lock and a smart deadbolt gives you excellent security for your home. You must unlock each part via their respective security measures, and when you’re opening it up inside, you only need to turn the lever. The lever lock used in this combination is the UL1.

ULTRALOQ Key Fob $4.99

Three contactless key fobs get included with ULTRALOQ UL1s and Combos. It’s waterproof and quickly opens the lock when you get home.

UL1 Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Key Fob Smart Lock $319.99

The UL1 model includes three methods of entry: contactless key fob, fingerprint identification and Bluetooth enabled smartphone. If you have the Wi-Fi adapter, you can control the functionality of this lock remotely.

This device supports one touch access, where you put your finger on the sensor and it activates and allows you to turn the lever. The dual battery system has 2 sets of 2 AA batteries, which run separately. This gives you extra protection against batteries running out unexpectedly.

The zinc alloy casing is weather resistant and designed for interior and exterior doors. You can have the lock automatically relock, have a privacy lockout, or allow for free passage through the door.

Unlike the other ULTRALOQ smart locks, this model does not have an OLED touchscreen. Instead, it has a tri-color LED indicator. It integrates with Amazon Echo and Google Home, as well as IFTTT.


ULTRALOQ is an excellent choice when you’re looking for more ways to unlock your doors. You can get up to six keyless methods, depending on the model you choose, which includes biometric technology. You pay for the innovation, but it’s worth it when you want high-end features.

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