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What Sets Sesame Apart

With an affordable price point and an easy-to-install design, Sesame is an excellent smart door lock option. A few innovative features help it stand out from others, but its reliability is also spot on. Sesame, from Candy House, is a playful version of smart door locks.

Key Features

The best features of this system

  • DIY Installation
  • Remote Lock & Unlock
  • App Control

Sesame Price & Packages

One of the reasons to invest in the Sesame is because it is so affordable. The product’s standard price is $149.99. In addition to this, individuals may wish to purchase the Wi-Fi Access Point. This does not come with the product, but it allows individuals to connect to the smart door lock from any other location. Without it, it can be difficult to use many of the services the product offers.

Current Deal

Pricing on the Sesame stays pretty steady. It is available through third-parties as well as the company directly, which could present opportunities for savings at some point.

About Sesame Security

The Sesame is a reliable, but simplified version of a smart door lock. The company’s design allows it to be easily installed (as long as the dimensions of your deadbolt match the company’s product). The company bills the product as being an ideal solution for those who provide home-sharing services or want to provide temporary access to people visiting for a party or to deliver a product.

Users can access the remote knock feature. For those who have an iOS smartphone, it is possible to simply knock on the phone, and the app goes to work to lock and unlock the door. However, for others, it also allows for auto lock and unlocking features for those who approach the door with their app logged in.

The door comes with a long-life battery setup featuring Panasonic CR123A batteries. The second generation allows for integration with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT (previous versions did not offer this). For those who wish to be able to see who has accessed their door and receive real-time notifications of access, the Sesame Smart Lock works well. It is a low-cost solution with limited features, but reliable performance for most people. Check out the full review of Sesame here.

Alexa Compatibility

The Sesame Smart Lock, 2nd gen version, offers Alexa compatibility. For those who wish to be able to link Amazon’s Alexa with their smart lock, this system works pretty effortlessly. Once in place, users can ask any Alexa-enabled device to lock or unlock the doors within that home. To use this service, individuals need to purchase the Wi-Fi Access Point separately.

Apple HomeKit Compatibility

Those who have an Apple device can connect to the Sesame using voice controls if they have a Wi-Fi Access connect upgrade. This allows the device to integrate with other smart home applications, enabling voice control over the doors in the home.

Mobile App

To work, the Sesame smart lock relies on an app. Users can download the app to a phone or tablet. With it, they can lock and unlock their doors, view a history log to know who has opened the door, and allows users to add new people to access the door. For example, for those who are home-sharing hosts or offering short-term rentals, the Sesame allows users to add the email address of a person who you wish to grant access. You can revoke it the same way using the app.

Auto Lock & Unlock

What makes this device a bit more unique than others is its auto lock and unlock features. You can use the app to do this. However, you can also lock and unlock the door as you approach with your recognized phone. The device unlocks the door as a person approaches and locks it behind them as well.

Two-Layer Encryption

The Sesame smart lock offers two-layer encryption or better. More specifically, the system is AES-256-GCM and TLS 1.2 encrypted. This helps to keep unwanted visitors from gaining access.

Door Access History

A user can log into the app to monitor access to the door. It also allows users to view the history of the access from the door for the length of time that the user is logged into the app.

Door Activity Alerts

Individuals logged into the Sesame Smart Lock can receive instant notifications to their app about access to the door. Anytime someone locks or unlocks the door, the app automatically alerts. This includes any access through a manual application or through the app itself.

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