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A smart lock system offered by true innovators and pioneers in home security

Last Updated On: April 25, 2019
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9.0 SecureScore™
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Schlage Smart Lock Ratings

Way back when bread cost only a nickel, Mr. Walter Schlage was hard at work making locks to keep folks safe. Fast forward 100+ years and his company is now at the forefront of the smart lock game. Schlage smart locks offer integration with smart home devices, come in a variety of styles, and deliver features you’d expect from a long-time innovator. The prices are on the high end, but you’re backed by a trusted name. See what our experts say in our Schlage review.

  • Smart locks backed by the company’s powerful reputation and commitment to its customers
  • Integration with Z-Wave and ZigBee smart home devices
  • Broad range of finishes and styles to match your existing interior and exterior design

  • Prices high for the features included
  • May be difficult to select between different models due to slight variations


Schlage started with Walter Schlage. He got his first patent in 1909 for a door lock that could also turn lights on and off. In 1920, he opened the Schlage lock shop. In 1921, he invented a cylindrical pin-tumbler lock that used a push button lock. It was only two years later that the company started full-scale production of its products.

Schlage started expanding in the 1950s through a series of acquisitions involving other lock companies. The hardware that they brought into the organization helped it to grow its skill set and product catalogs. In the 1970s, Schlage ended up getting acquired by Ingersoll Rand Door Hardware Group. Following this acquisition, Schlage expanded into the global market in 1975. One of the most recent significant moves happened in 2013. Schlage and its parent company joined 22 other brands under the Allegion label. This positioned Allegion as one of the top manufacturers of safety and security solutions.

Features & Technology

Keyless Entry

Embrace minimalism in your life by ditching your keys and using your smartphone with the Schlage smart locks.

Z-Wave and ZigBee Compatibility

Do you have Z-Wave home automation products? You can integrate your smart locks into the ecosystem. These smart locks support a wide range of third-party devices.

Voice Commands

You can use Amazon Alexa to instruct compatible Schlage locks to unlock and lock.

Built-in Alarm

If the Schlage smart lock detects someone trying to tamper with the lock, it has an audible alarm and sends you a notification.

Supports up to 30 Access Codes

You can give friends, family, and services access to your home on an as-needed basis with this many codes.

Many Styles and Finishes

You won’t have a problem matching your interior and exterior home décor, as these smart locks come in countless finishes.

Remote Access

You can expand your access to the smart lock by adding the Wi-Fi adapter to your network.

Ease of Use

The installation process for most of the smart locks is straightforward, especially if you’ve swapped out a lock before. Once you get it installed, the app makes it easy to set up access keys, lock and unlock your door, and connect it to your smart home network.

Customer Service

You can call and email Schlage customer service to get a knowledgeable and helpful person on the line. If you like to do your own problem solving to start out, you have access to many valuable resources. The How-To Center is your first stop, and you should also check out the Security Center and FAQs.


Schlage has a solid set of features and its product pricing is at the middle to upper range. The compatibility with many third-party home automation systems is one of its most significant selling points, as well as being able to leverage all Schlage’s lock and security expertise, so you know that you’re adequately protected.


Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt starts at $229

This smart lock has a touchscreen keypad for access codes and you can also pair your smartphone with it via a Bluetooth connection. Instead of digging for keys, you use the app to get entry to your home. You can easily give access to friends, family, and other people. Control everything through the Schlage Sense application. It also supports integration with home automation systems.

Connected Keypads

You can skip the key and have your locks controlled via a smartphone. Traditional access code entry is supported on these locks, but they’re also equipped with Z-Wave technology. Integrating it with other home automation products is an effortless process. You can pull out your phone and let people in, which is particularly useful for vacation rental properties that you own. You can store 19 access codes through these keypads.

The keypads have a straightforward installation process that doesn’t need any wires. It takes 30 minutes to swap out the lock.

Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter $69

Want to add remote access to your Smart Deadbolts? The Wi-Fi adapt enables remote locking and unlocking with the Schlage Sense application. The locks connect to your Wi-Fi network via the adapter, and each adapter can connect two locks to the Internet. Once you pair your iOS or Android mobile device with the smart deadbolt, you can control your lock no matter where you’re at.

Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt Z-Wave or Zigbee starts at $199

This connected deadbolt comes in two models, Z-Wave and Zigbee. If you want to integrate your smart lock with the rest of your home automation ecosystem, double check the technology that the devices use prior to making a purchase. You can check your lock and control it via your smartphone. It also supports 30 access codes for everyone who needs entry. A built-in alarm alerts you if someone tries to take the lock apart or otherwise tamper with it. Support for Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Key, HomeKit, Nexia, Iris by Lowe’s, Wink and Google Assistant vary based on whether you choose Z-Wave or Zigbee. The broad support for third-party home automation systems make it an excellent choice when you’re trying to achieve a fully connected home.


Schlage is a leader in the lock industry, and their expertise shines through with their smart lock products. Mid to high-range pricing

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