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A simple and affordable smart lock with just enough features

Last Updated On: April 25, 2019
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8.2 SecureScore™
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Lockitron Smart Lock Ratings

Not to be confused with your favorite Transformers character, Lockitron is a simple and reliable smart lock solution. The Lockitron Bolt, while bare-bones and basic, offers just enough for most users’ needs. It includes a nifty Sense Proximity Unlock feature and app-based controls. Upgrade to get the Bridge, and you’ll have remote unlock features and full WiFi connectivity. It’s an affordable solution if you can do without the bells and whistles and home automation. See what our experts say in our Lockitron review.

  • Affordably priced smart lock
  • Reliable, easy-to-use
  • Lets users unlock doors without a key
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to install

  • No home automation connections
  • Needs Wi-Fi bridge feature
  • Does not automatically lock


The Lockitron Bolt is a straightforward tool for providing control for a door. It does not offer all of the features of other systems but tends to be a more affordable option overall. The Lockitron Bolt offers nice features including an easy-to-use mobile app, auto unlock, and keyless access. Overall, the system’s best features include Sense Notifications and Sense Proximity Unlock. It can also work well as a device for business access control.

Features and Technology

The Lockitron Bolt is a reliable tool to have. Its features help make it a stand out solution for nearly all homes. Here are a few of the most valuable features it has to offer.

Bluetooth Low Energy

To work, Lockitron Bolt uses Bluetooth Low Energy. This allows the system to continue to work on an ongoing and consistent basis. It also works even when there are power outages or when the internet goes down. This type of flexibility is important in many areas.

Lockitron App

All of the features of the Lockitron Bolt are managed through an app. It is easy to use on any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. The app itself is pretty straightforward to make accessing the door easy to do.

Keyless Entry

Lockitron Sense is the company’s keyless entry feature. In short, it allows for the door to unlock itself when it senses you are home (due to the proximity of the app as long as the user is logged into the app while they are approaching the door). This feature is called Lockitron’s Sense Proximity Unlock feature.

Sense Notifications

Sense Notifications allows users to set up instances in which the doors unlock. For example, it is possible to program the system to recognize a child that is coming home from school, therefore automatically unlocking the door when the child approaches. No keys are necessary, and the door can lock behind itself to keep that child safe.


Bridge is an add-on feature. Using this feature, it is possible to lock and unlock the door from any location. It works to provide the smart lock with WiFi connectivity, allowing it to work more effectively.

Business Applications

One of the company’s strongest selling points is the Lockitron for business benefit. With it, it is possible to provide individuals access to the property for the amount of time desired. It is possible to use the Access hardware to allow for Lockitron to integrated into just about any electrified lock system. This works well for most companies, apartment buildings and even when providing co-working space.

Key Match

Key Match is another feature to consider. It allows for users to invest in a Lockitron Bolt but still allows the old keys to work. As a result, those who may have an old key, such as the property’s owner in a rental scenario, has access when necessary, but the family living in the home gains the peace of mind of the Lockitron system.

Ease of Use

Overall, Lockitron Bolt is easy enough to use. It does not take long to install and, once in place, works well to provide access to the home from the app. The system uses four AA batteries to work, which can last for up to six months. It even alerts you when the batteries need to be changed. Once in place, users can connect to the internet using the Bridge (which is a must-have add-on for most people). This allows for notifications and control to be accessed from any area around the world. The company states its system is a do-it-yourself installation, though there are a few limitations in some homes.

Customer Service

Lockitron is a smaller company than most competitors, but still maintains a positive level of customer service across the board. However, it does not have the most effective rating with the Better Business Bureau. At this time, it has 15 complaints that have yet to be answered equating to an F BBB rating. Complaints range from difficulty with installation, problems with Bridge connectivity, as well as problems associated with reaching customer service. Some concerns related to product defects are also present.

Aside from those complaints, Lockitron offers numerous tools to help consumers use their products. There is a full help and FAQ tool on its website. The company also has a community forum to use to ask questions – which is fairly heavily used. For those who need additional help, there is help available through contacting the company. Spotty results are evident from using this service as some people struggle to get help fast enough.


Though the Lockitron Bolt is inexpensive at $99, most people will need to upgrade their system to also include the Bridge. The company sells the Bolt and Bridge together for $179. Users can also purchase the Bolt and a keypad for $149. This is ideal for those who want to be able to provide customized key access codes to people visiting the home, such as for Airbnb guests.


The Lockitron Bolt is a bit larger than a standard deadbolt. It works using Bluetooth Low Energy. There is no camera on this system. Users can access the door’s lock using an iOS or Android phone app (limited options exist for any other connectivity).


For those seeking a basic level of smart lock control, the Lockitron Bolt works well. It is less expensive and designed to be reliable, but does not feature some of the most innovative features. Nevertheless, it can unlock when users approach with an armful of boxes and allow users to control it from a distance. It’s a solid investment from a startup that has a promising future.

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