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What Sets Lockitron Apart

The Lockitron bolt is a unique type of smart door lock designed to be very easy to use. It is a Bluetooth-enabled lock that is controlled with an app on your phone. It works with Amazon’s Alexa smart home system and can be one of the best ways to provide access to the home from a distance. Easy to use and with a sensing feature to automatically unlock the bolt hands-free, it is an easy solution for many homes.

Key Features

The best features of this system

  • DIY Installation
  • Remote Unlock
  • Bluetooth Lock
  • Home Automation
  • App Control

Lockitron Price & Packages

The Lockitron is a rather low-priced option for a smart lock solution. It is available on its own for $99 (at full price) or it can be purchased alongside other features. This includes the Bolt and Bridge for $179 or the Bolt and Keypad for $149. Bridge is a feature that allows users to lock the door from any location around the globe. It tends to be a necessary investment for those who want to control their smart lock at a distance.

Lockitron Door LockLockitron CostPieces of Equipment
Bolt + Keypad$1492
Bolt + Bridge$1792
Bolt + Bridge + Keypad$2283

Current Deal

The company does not have any current discounts and sales on the Lockitron, but it is an Amazon product. Sales and discounts may become available at some point in the future. Be sure to check back for deals.

About Lockitron Security

There are numerous things that make the Lockitron Bolt an ideal smart door lock. First, the lock allows users to share access to a door using the iOS or Android app. This allows individuals to automatically let someone is who has been given access. The Keyless Entry by Sense is the nice beautiful of this smart door lock system. It allows users to approach the door – hands full – and it will automatically unlock the door to provide access.

Another nice feature about the Lockitron is the Key Match component. It is possible to get a new Lockitron Bolt added to an existing door. However, it is still possible to keep your older keys. This makes it an excellent option for those who rent the property and still want to ensure you have a key to enter into the property if you need to do so.

It also works well for business needs. It can be used at any type of business but works well in apartments and co-working spaces where access may be necessary even when a key is not available.

To get the most out of the Lockitron, it tends to be better to use it along with the Bridge component. This allows for the device to connect over the internet and lets it talk to smart home features like Amazon Alexa.

Other key benefits of it include its smart design that is still quite easy to manage with just four AA batteries powering it for up to six months. It also is very customizable using API endpoints. This allows for the future integration of the Bolt into other devices and apps being used in the home. Check out the full review of Lockitron here.

Alexa Compatibility

The Lockitron works with Alexa, Amazon’s smart assistant. When connected, Alexa can lock and unlock the door using the Lockitron smart lock. This allows users to easily control the device with their voice. To use it with Alexa, users will need to purchase the Bridge component.

Auto Unlock

Once in place, it is possible to control the door lock from any location. It connects to the Internet with the Bridge component. Once online, it is possible to lock and unlock the door from any location. This includes through the app, a tablet, or another internet connection. This type of control allows users to open and unlock the door from a distance – even across the world – with ease.

Mobile App

Most of the control for the Lockitron is done through the company’s mobile app. The app is available for iOS and Android. For those who want more control beyond the app, the Bridge component becomes necessary. The app is easy to use and designed to be intuitive.

Keyless Access

The Lockitron features Sense. This type of technology allows for the door to lock and unlock without any keys. Users can select between the Sense Proximity Unlock or Sense Notification feature. In the Proximity Unlock component, the door automatically unlocks when someone approaches it with the app on. The Sense Notifications will not automatically unlock the door but will send notifications of the individual’s presence at the door.

Voice Control

Users who use the Bridge component and have Amazon Alexa can use the voice control component of this device. This allows for the doors to be locked or unlocked using a simple voice command through the smart assistant.

Door Activity Alerts

It is possible to set up the Lockitron system to automatically send alerts to the app when the door is unlocked. For example, if a child is home alone and unlocks the door to open it, the smart lock detects this and automatically sends a notice to the app to let the homeowner know.


  1. Avatar Antony Miller says:

    Hello will this device open my intercom door as well

    1. Avatar Editor says:

      Hi Antony,
      Other people have reported connecting Lockitron to their intercom, but it’s not a simple process. It requires extra steps and equipment.

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