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Feature-rich smart locks from a trusted name in the residential lock market

Last Updated On: April 25, 2019
SecureScore™: 8.5 /10
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8.5 SecureScore™
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Kwikset Smart Lock Ratings

After 70+ years in business, some companies might sit back and rest on their laurels. Not Kwikset. Determined to keep up with the times, the residential lock company jumped right into the smart lock arena. Their products are easy to install, integrate with smart home platforms, and support up to 30 access codes. Unfortunately, the prices are on the high end, and they currently have limited hardware options. See what our experts say in our Kwikset smart locks review.

  • Strong integration with smart home ecosystems
  • Excellent reputation in the lock market
  • Many finishes available to match your home
  • Kit for retrofitting older locks

  • Some of the priciest residential options on the market
  • Limited hardware options


Kwikset started in 1946 as a residential lock maker, and they use these decades of experience well with their smart lock products. The company is based in Orange County, California and its parent company is Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. While they offer commercial products as well, Kwikset has never lost sight of its commitment to the residential market and making sure that people feel safe. Their experts are always on the lookout for new ways to protect people and property against criminals, thwarting common methods of home intrusion.

Features & Technology

Third Party Smart Home Integration

Use your Kwikset smart lock with a number of home automation technologies, such as Nest, Z-Wave, Android Wear and IFTTT.

Forget About Keys

Do your keys like to disappear on a regular basis? Don’t spend another minute digging through your bags or getting stressed out because you can’t find them. Remotely lock and unlock your door straight from your smartphone.

Set User Codes Remotely

No one must wait on your front porch for you to get home – you can set them right up with an access code. Kwikset supports up to 30 codes.

Get Notifications for Locking and Unlocking

Be aware of everything that goes on at your property through these notifications. A complete history shows who visited, when they came in and when they left.

Scheduled Access Codes

Short-term access for service providers and other guests can easily be set up through your scheduling.

Two-Factor Authentication

No one can access your account without two types of credentials, which keeps you safer against cybercriminals.

Data Encryption

The smart locks are protected by strong data encryption to prevent hackers from reading access codes and other sensitive information.

Master Code Protection

Stop someone else from manipulating your existing access codes.

Automated Locking

The door locks behind you if you forget to do it yourself.

Secure Screen Technology

Stop criminals from reading access codes based on touchscreen fingerprints.

Supports Scenes and Trigger Events

When you integrate Kwikset smart locks with the rest of your home automation products, you can create automated scenes and actions based on trigger events. When you lock or unlock the door, you can activate other smart home devices, such as the thermostat changing the temperature and the security system arming itself.

Ease of Use

Kwikset smart locks are not difficult to install. They’re designed for a quick DIY project that only takes a few minutes. If you can use a screwdriver, you can install this lock and get it set up.

Customer Service

Kwikset offers excellent customer service resources and a knowledgeable team that you can contact via several channels. FAQs, videos, and documents walk you through many aspects of installing and using your new smart lock. You can send in a question or call customer support to get help if you run into trouble.


Kwikset sits at the high end of the market, but the build quality, feature set and user experience make up for it. You don’t need to buy any ongoing subscriptions to use the smart lock products that the company offers.


Kwikset Convert

You don’t need to buy a completely new deadbolt to use smart lock technology. This conversion kit allows you to swap out the interior of the lock you have in place. The Kwikset Convert ends up on the inside of your current lock, and you don’t need to do any wiring. This kit is compatible with single cylinder deadbolts. One advantage to converting your existing lock is that you don’t have to change the style of the lock on the exterior of your home. If you’re worried about a smart lock throwing off the look of your house, you can avoid that problem entirely. It supports remote locking and unlocking, monitoring, scenes, triggers, and integration with smart home systems. This device uses four AA batteries. It uses Z-Wave technology to connect to a third-party smart home hub. Automatic locking gives you more peace of mind when it comes to your home security.

Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Lock $229

This smart lock takes keys entirely out of the equation. Instead, it’s a touch to open lock that works with your smartphone. Your phone communicates with the lock via Bluetooth. You can also send commands to lock and unlock from your phone if you remain within Bluetooth range. If you have a Kevo Plus Hub, Alexa voice commands also work. Set up eKeys with anytime access, 24-hour access for guests and regularly scheduled access for other people who need in your home. This lock integrates with Skybell, IFTTT, Honeywell Thermostats, Nest Thermostats, Ring Video Doorbell, and Android Wear. One interesting feature that this smart lock offers is detecting whether you’re already inside the property. If that’s the case, then it stops someone from trying to gain unauthorized entry into your home.

Kevo Fob $29

This key fob gives you an alternative to unlocking you door with your smartphone. You can use this fob for 25 Kevo smart locks.

Obsidian Touchscreen Smart Lock $229

This smart lock uses Home Connect to integrate with third-party smart home devices. You can check whether the door is locked or unlock, send the commands to open or close it and get notifications if anything changes. The SecureScreen feature stops people from guessing your key code based on fingerprints. It supports ZigBee technology. If someone enters the wrong code three times, an alarm goes off. This smart lock supports up to 30 codes. It can automatically lock after a set period. The Obsidian lock runs on 4 AA batteries and has a 9V option for a backup battery.

Kevo Plus Remote Access $99.99

You can upgrade your smart lock to support remote access for a one-time upgrade fee of $99.99. It also opens the monitoring features so you can track everything that’s going on. This is not a recurring payment, so you only have to worry about the upfront cost.


Kwikset is a pricy and excellent quality smart lock option that offers a solid set of features. While the price might be at the top of the market, they make it worthwhile through a range of features and finishes that should satisfy renters and homeowners alike.

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