Kwikset is one of the leading providers of smart locks and door security available today. The company, known as one of the most respected names in residential and commercial door locks, launched a large line of smart door options for property owners as well. The Smart Security from Kwikset offers everything from wireless technology to its line of Kevo brand locks. Options here include the Smartcode Deadbolt, Smartcode Lever, Powerbold, and the Kevo that allows users to unlock their door lock with their smartphone.

While some of the Kwikset products are competitively priced, saving money on them is always something consumers want. One time to do this is around the holidays. In previous years, Kwikset Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals created an opportunity to purchase these cutting-edge locks at a discounted price.

What Are the Black Friday Deals on Kwikset Locks?

At the time of this writing, the latest deals and sales on Kwikset locks and smart home features were not released for this year. Most of the time, companies do not release their discounts planned for Black Friday or Cyber Monday until right before those holidays occur. That is because they do not want to alert the media or their competitors to their plans.

Most of the time, you will learn about available sales and discounts on Kwikset in the days before Black Friday. Sometimes, discounts will not be revealed for Cyber Monday, the Monday after the Thanksgiving Day holiday, until the actual day.

What Are Previous Deals and Sales on Kwikset Smart Locks?

One option we do have to prepare for the Black Friday deals on Kwikset is to look at back at previous years. Though there is no way to know what type of deal this year will hold, we may get some clues from considering the previous year’s discounts.

One of the discounts offered was for the Kwikset Touchscreen Deadbolt, one of the company’s more popular products. In 2017, the company dropped the price of this product to $49.88. That offered a nice discount for those purchasing around this time. It is also common to find a per-item discount. That is the amount of the discount depends on the item. Sales for 10 to 30 percent off may occur.

How to Get Black Friday Deals on Kwikset?

To get the best deals on Kwikset locks and products on Black Friday, check back here for the latest updates. It is always our goal to keep the most up to date information available on Black Friday deals here. It is most likely that this information will be released in the days leading up to Black Friday. In the past, the company has not released information about discounts or promo codes until Cyber Monday as well. For this reason, it is important to stay up to date on the changes within the company, sign up for the email list from them, or to simply monitor the company’s Black Friday ad release.

How to Stay Up to Date on Deals and Sales from Kwikset

It may or may not be possible to get a discount on Kwikset during the holiday. However, the company does offer sales and other savings options throughout the year. It is possible to learn more about these savings options by visiting this page. We update it to reflect the current pricing of all Kwikset products available, making it easy for you to watch for those big savings opportunities. Kwikset sales and discounts will vary from time to time, and Black Friday deals may be nothing like previous offerings. Check back here to find out what they are.