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What Sets Kwikset Apart

Kwikset is one of the most well-known and respected lock companies, which makes the Kwikset Smart Door Lock a product that has plenty to offer. With it, users can easily replace their existing deadbolt lock with a wireless system to remotely lock and unlock their door right from a cell phone app. Home Connect Technology from Kwikset is an excellent choice overall.

Key Features

The best features of this system

  • Remote Lock & Unlock
  • DIY Installation
  • Security System Integration
  • Home Automation
  • Keypad Lock

Kwikset Price & Packages

With a large number of options to choose from, Kwikset’s prices range widely. The lowest costing options include the Kwikset Convert Smart Lock conversion kits which are priced around $129. These contain Z-Wave technology. One of the most advanced versions, the Kwikset Premis Touchscreen Smart Lock costs about $200.

Current Deal

Kwikset sells its smart locking systems through third-party retailers. This means prices can range widely. The company doesn’t have very strict pricing, but that means numerous retailers can discount the systems at any given time. Also, you can find Kwikset Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales during the holiday season.

About Kwikset Security

What makes Kwikset stand out from the other smart door lock companies is that they have a wide range of products to offer. Some of the most diverse and tech-advanced options include the Kevo systems, which feature Touch-to-Open smart locking features, the Kevo Plus, which offers remote access, and the Premis line, which allows for compatibility with Apple HomeKit and Alexa. For those who want to use something very simple and straightforward, the Traditional Deadbolt with Home connect is an option. It allows for Z-wave enabled technology but is also very easy to install in a traditional deadbolt.

The company breaks down their two systems by electronic locks (which offer features like keyless entry and personalized access codes) and electronic smart locks. Their electronic smart locks are the most tech-advanced with features including Home Connect Technology, Z-Wave and Zigbee, and wireless communication with other devices. Home connect allows for users to monitor and control their door from any location with an integrated Home Connect wireless device.

Many of these smart locks look and function just like a traditional lock. Kwikset also allows for numerous styles, colors, and material options among their products. Check out the full review of Kwikset here.

Apple HomeKit Compatibility

Several of the Kwikset smart door locks offer Apple HomeKit compatibility. That means individuals who have an Apple device can communicate with their lock through it. This includes through voice commands using Siri. The Kwikset Premis, for example, connects with the Apple HomePod to allow control and management of the system using the smart home technology.

Alexa Compatibility

Those who have an Alexa-enabled device can also use some of the Kwikset smart door locks. This allows users to ask Alexa to lock and unlock the door. This type of voice command technique can be used with any of Amazon’s smart voice assistants.

Keyless Access

Most of the Kwikset smart door locks offer keyless access. Individuals can use a personal code to access the door on the simplest of models. The company’s systems use SmartKey Security Technology with BumpGuard.

Remote Access

The Kwikset SmartCode with Home Connect lock allows for remote access. This means users can lock and unlock the door from any location. They can also check to see if they remembered to lock the door. This control is possible through a smartphone app, tablet, or any other internet-connected device. It is possible to control and monitor lock status with most smart locks.

Mobile App

The company provides a mobile app for interactions with the device. This allows for remote locking and unlocking, but also allows for monitoring the lock status from any location. This is done using the Kwikset Kevo app. It is also possible to manage eKeys using the app.

Voice Control

Those who have an Alexa- or Siri-enabled smart door lock from Kwikset can use voice control to lock and unlock doors. This process is very efficient especially if you do not want to get up to answer the door. Voice control can also check the status of any lock at any time.

Two-Layer Encryption

Several of the Kwikset smart door locks offer two-layer encryption or better. For example, the smart locks feature Bluetooth wireless technology with military-grade PKI encryption. This is available on most Kevo smart locks from the company.

One Touch Opening

Some of the Kwikset devices offer one touch locking and unlocking. The Kevo models, which use Bluetooth technology, feature Touch-to-Open smart technology. No key is necessary to open these. They are designed to make life easier.

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